What makes a good blog?

What makes a good blog? Topic: How to write a blog post for seo
July 20, 2019 / By Leeroy
Question: What makes a good blog? I'd like to make a blog for my writing but what makes a blog good? I'd like to be a bit funny and quirky but i want it to be very relateble and interesting. how would i get views or followers? do i need to post everyday? vlogs? tons of pictures? personal? how do i get my blog known?
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Jade Jade | 2 days ago
You need to post articles to it regularly - if you think about it, if you only wrote one article and left it at that, people would only find the blog based on the narrow content of that one article, and even they wouldn't come back once they'd read it. With regular updates, you increase the range information people are likely to be looking for and so snag more of them - plus the regular updates keep them coming back. You don't want all text, and you don't want all pictures. You need to find a balance. Quirky is good - but don't overdo it. If someone is looking for an answer to a question, "quirky" can drive them mad! (Think about when you ask a question on here and someone tries to be funny - it's annoying). You need to choose a design and a method of implementing the blog. I use Wordpress and a theme I designed myself, but my blog attracts people mainly because of the content (it provides advice and help on various topics, though it has funny articles as well). There are lots of free themes to choose from, and Wordpress is also free. Once the blog is running, you just need to do a few things to make sure it is "found" by the search engines, then it will start showing up. Ignore anyone who tries to make out that SEO (search engine optimisation) is some kind of specialist subject - it isn't. Basically, if you provide the food, then let people know it's there, they'll come and start nibbling! Sharing your link with others is good, but again don't overdo it - it's you you're marketing, after all. Your blog needs to contain things that match with what people are searching for, remember, so once you achieve that the visitors will start to increase.
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Even though the blog doesn't say the material is copyrighted, the ethical thing to do is to send the writer an email asking for permission to reprint the content. The author may want it reprinted exactly as written with credit given to him or her. This would give the author increased exposure. Or the answer could be no. Either way, it only takes a couple of seconds to send the email.
Jade Originally Answered: Do I need copyright permission to reprint something from a blog if the blog doesn't say it is copyrighted?
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Finnbar Finnbar
You can use wordpress. When you write an article for your blog. You should use google adword toll for search a good keyword. If you search keyword and write article. After backlink, bookmarking i think it will be good for blog. No need to post everyday. You can write a post in a week.
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Darian Darian
I recommend using blogger. you don't need tons of pictures, but make them fairly big and good quality. make sure your font is readable. you don't need to post everyday--post whenever YOU want to or otherwise, you will lose inspiration quickly. get your blog known by following other blogs and adding options in your sidebars for other people to follow via email or google friend connect. good luck!
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Yahoo 360 isn't like IM or chat, you won't see immediate responses. The best definition is by Yahoo. What is a Blog Blog is short for "web log." Basically, a blog is an online journal. You can write or post about whatever you like: updates of your life, political opinions, a great trip, favorite recipes, what music you're listening to -- anything that strikes your fancy. Your blog can include words, photos, or both. Yahoo! 360° publishes and saves all your blog entries for easy access as time goes by. You decide how private or public to make your blog by setting your permission preferences. Blogs are usually composed of one or more blog entries. Each entry can have its own title and always says the date and time you published it. Blogs show the last entry first, and you can scroll down to read earlier entries. So it's like a reverse diary. You can easily add a photo to your blog entry if you want. You can also make bold text, change colors and backgrounds, format your text, or add emoticons and even web links. If you know HTML, you can make even more changes, if you want. But your blog will look great even if you don't use any of these extras.

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