Boyfriend accidentally hit me?

Boyfriend accidentally hit me? Topic: too much homework facts
June 17, 2019 / By Dotty
Question: My boyfriend was trying to show me some band on my laptop and I said no because I have so much homework that I need to be doing so he slammed the laptop (I'm surprised he didn't break it) and swung his hand around and hit me in the face. My eyes started tearing up and he didn't apologize or seem sorry, he just yelled and left the room.. Then I could hear him mimicking me from the other room. Then about 15 mins later he came out and said (insincerely) "sorry my hand swung around. You can't be mad at me!" Then he grabbed his keys and left. It's not even the fact that he hurt me it's the fact that he didn't seem to care at all.. And I don't understand why he got so angry in the first place. Am I wrong for being upset?
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