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Bridget - Sisterhood of Traveling Pants Movie Question? Topic: Bridget in the sisterhood of the traveling pants
July 21, 2019 / By Tanner
Question: How do people know that Bridget lost her virginity to Eric in the movie? I am watching it right now and I can't see how people know this.
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Rika Rika | 10 days ago
While I loved the movie, I'd recommend the books. The actresses in the movie were wonderful, especially Alexis Bledell. Even so, the books give you details about the story line and the characters that the movie has to gloss over. Watch the scenes at the sports camp again and you will notice the finer details you may have missed on first viewing.
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Rika Originally Answered: In the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, how does Bridget's mom die?
it is not stated how she kills herself just that she does when bee is 12. yes that is her mothers grave she is running from.

Mira Mira
I read the book. But you're right if I hadn't I probably wouldn't have caught on if I wasn't paying attention. They sort of imply it when she's writing that letter to Lena warning her not to rush into anything. Plus she comes home wanting her mother back and feeling extremely down and out (most girls sort of feel a sense of loss after they lose it). It's obvious she did something that she would have felt better being comforted by her mother instead of her father.
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Lillian Lillian
If you look carefully, you see her button up the pants. And having sex on a beach is a classic cliche. Also her emotion afterwards and how she falls into a deep sadness infers the loss of her virginity.
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Kaelea Kaelea
There is the scene where she is kissing the guy on the beach, and then later on she says it in a roundabout fashion that she did it.
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Kaelea Originally Answered: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, film. Question in description.?
They don't ever actually explain it, but it's not significant except with regards to understanding her character. Tibby is very much into drama, theater, and the arts. It's why she's always filming things in the first movie and I believe she is going to school to become a director. Anyway, her wearing the wig in the movie is just her expressing her creativity and/or personal style. Like I said though, it's only important in regards to how she chooses to express herself, not in regards to the plot. :)

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