Is the letter of a dying woman from Spain true?

Is the letter of a dying woman from Spain true? Topic: All nigeria papers
July 17, 2019 / By Lakisha
Question: I receive a email from a dying woman and she said that we wonted me to be power of attorney over her account that she has pounds in a Iberico Reverse account, to care out her dying wish in giving to charity.The doctor sent me the power of attorney paper work and the deposit certificate, who is this ?
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Jennica Jennica | 1 day ago
Of course not! It's a scam to get you to wire some con artist money. Ask yourself if it really makes any sense. They're giving you free money to do some death wish thing for someone you've never met and all they need is an initial wire transfer of a small amount in comparison to the tons of free money you'll make. Does this really sound at all realistic to you? This is a re-do of the Nigerian Prince scam (http://www.snopes.com/crime/fraud/nigeri... that's been going around for years. Don't give them a dime! Just delete all contact with "her." Here is the anti-fraud site description. Sound familiar? http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?...
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Jennica Originally Answered: How would you feel being the woman this letter was sent to?
It seens to start well but then get overly obsessed with death. Most people think they will live and don't talk of death that much. Bull Run was misspelled. But overall I thought it sounded alright. I wouldn't have torn it up,

Fiona Fiona
Don't ever get involved with any such scam.. if you don't know that woman in Spain who is supposedly dying it's a scam and probably meant for you to fall a victim to it .. in the end you have to pay.. like some guy.. some woman wrote to him and said she was his mother and that she lived abroad in poverty.. and the poor fool sent her $ 50.000 .. and of course the woman was not his mother at all and the money is lost forever .. all his life savings.. so I would stay the hell away from such scams.. and not respond at all... nothing.. not even to the solicitor.. if you do not know the name of this woman.. why on earth should she want her solicitor to contact you.. she must have some family.. and why from Spain of all places.. ? Definitely don't get involved or you will live to regret this.. this is a clever scam.. there is no dying woman just a sceming woman or a sceming solicitor who wants to get money out of you.. or make you the scapegoat of some illegal scheme..
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Cyrilla Cyrilla
No, I get these all the time. Usually from S. Africa though. Its an e-mail sceme for laundering money, or get your personal info.
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Bijou Bijou
Those type of things are always floating around, and they are never true. It is sad that people would take advantage of you like that, but they will.
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Kick him out the door before he graduates. What kind of life is that, living with a man who has one foot out the door. Shove him the rest of the way out. You are worth more than the way he is treating you. Start thinking like they have been physical. It will be easier to let go. Confront her or not, "If he found out"? Why is his happiness more important than yours? Put all that extra energy caring for that beautiful baby. At least he did that right. Your son will have everything he needs from his father, but that other woman will benefit from that degree and you will be out in the cold. Your reward for putting him first.

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