My ex-friend makes fun of me :(?

My ex-friend makes fun of me :(? Topic: How to write an email to invite a friend
June 17, 2019 / By Amminadab
Question: Hey i live in Apartment. Me and my friend have been friends (2009-2011) and one day there was some new kid "Korean boy" and my friend asked a lot of questions. The next day they started walking and chatting at first i though my friend was just wanted to know him BUT I WAS WRONG!. Few days later they started making FUN OF ME!!! i got so mad that i wanted to punch them in the head but i didn't. Even his new friend MADE FUN OF ME but he wasn't good at making fun of me but my friend HELPED him out (He has British accent) one time i was spying and i heard his mother say do you want to invite him (me). He yelled "NNNNOOOOOOO". Then it was Field day practice we had Tuggle War we won his class and then he said "well on Field day you will be like that" and he showed how will i be on Tuggle War he fell and said "This is How you will be like WEAK." by the way my ex-friend is weak. i told my mom all about it she just told me to ignore him. if i will: i will get embarrassed. my mom is not helping me. Please is theirs any way to get FRIEND-SHIP BACK no telling just don't be friends with him. By the way my ex friend is Korean. I need to speak up but how leave answer below. I'm a boy.
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Tiphanie Tiphanie | 6 days ago
Just talk to him directly. I am on so much medication right now, so I can't think. Okay, so why would you want to be friends with someone who made fun of you? Don't ask your mom about your friends. I keep my family out of my personal life. My mom always has no clue who I'm talking about, and she doesn't remember names. She actually doesn't remember anything I say unless I repeat it like 10 times. Write him an email.
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Roz Roz
Well, sweetie, I have to say that it doesn't sound like he dserves to have you as a friend. If he is just going to turn against you and drop you for someone new like that, you know what I mean? That is not a real friend. My best and honest advice is to just forget about him, he is not worth it. But, since this does seem important to you, and for some reason you feel he is worth the pain and betrayal, then I say just try to talk to him, one on one, just you and him. I will "edit" my answer with more advice later, okay? brb.
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