My breast size is small?

My breast size is small? Topic: D case size
June 16, 2019 / By Meed
Question: Im about to turn 16, im 5'2", i weigh 137. I hear&have realized that chunky girls are usually the ones with the bigger breasts. Buhh ive also noticed that these girls that look like twigs are huge in breast size also. I am a 34B. even though this may seem a little big, my dream size is to be a DD-DDD. ALL of my female family members are DD-DDD. my cousin that is 2 years younger than me&is super skinny has bigger breasts than me. I am literally the only "small" in my whole family. Why in the world am I like this? I have a HUGE butt tho? I look pretty funky..thick body, big butt, no chest? I have an amazing boyfriend who loves everything about me, buhh in this case, its what I think. so dont tell me "not all guys care about that stuff". I want this for ME. Soo... 1.What do I do to help breast size increase? 2.Why am I the only one in my WHOLE FAMILY that has a small chest? 3. Any other tips/information is helpful.
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Johnnie Johnnie | 2 days ago
If my g/f was an A cup I'd love her. She's a 2XF and I love her no more or less. I wish you women would accept and be proud of what God gave you. Sorry to be nasty, but if a guys love and attention is based on your cup size. You need to keep on looking...
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Johnnie Originally Answered: What will my breast size be?
I'm 16 and my mom's like a 36-34C and my sister was a 34B but That's before she got pregnant. I'm 5"3 -5'2 and 99 pounds so I'm about the same "dimensions" as you only a lil older. My dad's side has A's and my mom's B's and Cs. I'm a 32C. Everyone is different!(: My guess from comparing my situation to yours is you might be an A or B, no way to really tell which one. Don't worry about it tho, my ex loved my small boobs. So if it's guys you're worried about, don't. Another thing is proportion. I'm petite and slim therefore my boobs although small, look larger in proportion to my body. Hope I helped!

Habakkuk Habakkuk
your boobs will grow, especially if your family DD or DDD. they will probably progress later. Butts are better anyway and 34B is not small especially if you have rocking nipples. you are not chunky by the way either. Don't worry about your boobs. Just don't, it will eat up your time and psyche, so just be happy with what you have. Things will pan out.
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Dyson Dyson
This is gonna sound mean. but oh shut up!!! I'm still a A size and you're B!!! You're lucky to be out of the A size
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You have to work backwards. The point estimate is the midpoint between the lower and upper bounds of your interval: 20.15 Therefore, the sample mean is 20.15 The margin of error is the difference between each of the bounds and the point estimate: 4.95 Since the margin of error = Critical Value * Standard Error, we have to know the critical value. I will assume your population is normally distributed but only you know that. If I am correct, your critical value is 1.96. And standard error = standard deviation / sqrt (sample size). Thus, standard deviation = (margin of error) * sqrt(sample size) / (critical value). So, stddev = (4.95)(sqrt(11))/(1.96) = 8.38. ----------------- Re Guillermo's answer...he is assuming the population standard deviation is not known. That is often a correct assumption. In that case, one must use the student t's distribution. For the t-distribution, the critical values are larger (for small n) than the z-distribution. Only you know how your problem was defined, so make sure you know which distribution you are supposed to be using.

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