June 16, 2019 / By Darcie
Question: Like 6 months ago, I asked a question here, telling how I was 15 and had never retracted my penis, because I didn't even know that it was supposed to (embarrassing I know)... I said that my foreskin was very tight and would hardly pull back at all... I was told to do the 'stretching' technique every day, and so I've been doing it... Sometimes I went weeks at a time without doing it because it's the sort of thing where I have to get into the routine to keep doing it... but I've been able to pull it further and further back. I'm now 16, and yesterday, I was just pulling it back and not even looking (it wasn't hurting), looked down and it seemed to be all the way back. I let go, and it just stayed there (my penis was not erect). I tried pushing it back up, and it goes up a little bit and then just goes straight back to behind the head... I have read things about if the foreskin gets stuck behind the head when it is erect and you have a tight foreskin, it can get badly stuck and can end up being a serious problem... This was the main reason I was scared about trying to get it to retract, but I asked the question on here; is this possible to happen when your penis is flaccid? I was told that it is only possible when erect... so obviously I was very scared when mine wouldn't go back up... Usually, my foreskin covers my whole penis head, but normally, after retracting my foreskin for a bit, when I stop, the foreskin doesn't go all the way up again, it usually stops just before the top, so a bit of the head is still visible. However, when I go to sleep, the next day, it's back to normal again. Therefore, after I spent a while trying to get my foreskin back above the head, I just thought maybe if I went to sleep (it was late) it'd be back to normal in the morning... I wake up in the morning and it's exactly the same... and then I get another worry - it started getting hard... and I remembered that if it gets hard, it can suffocate the head so I tried to stop it, but it managed to get to a semi-hard state, and I tried pulling the foreskin up and it still wouldn't go very far up, and just came back down again, which definitely isn't right... Anyway, I managed to get it flaccid again and now I'm here typing this... Also, there's the problem that the penis head is very sensitive. There's only a little bit of it I can touch without it hurting, and even that hurts if I touch it too much. Even it touching my clothes or my bed hurts, but I've heard that this goes away after a while... I'm also terrified to go to the toilet because normally, when I've retracted my penis for a bit, and as I said before, a little bit of the head is still visible, the urine doesn't go in a straight line... probably because I misaligned the foreskin by pulling it back... I've never been before without having any foreskin there to stop it, so I'm trying to put it off for as long as possible... So my questions: 1) I think I know the answer to this but it's worth a try - Is it normal to get stuck behind the head? 2) What can I do to get it back up again? 3) Is it a problem? 4) If my penis gets erect, is that a problem? 5) If the answer to 4) is yes, what can I do to help if it happens? 6) Is my penis head's sensitivity normal? 7) What can I do to stop it? Hmm... that's all the questions I can think of, but if you read my description above the questions, the questions are pretty obvious - I just need advice really... Please respond! I'm kinda panicking... I'd be grateful if you actually gave me an answer, not just some silly picture... I'm also hoping for no 'Go to your doctor' questions... You understand how embarrassing that would be? I'm 16, and I'm like 'oh yeah Mum I'm off to go to the doctors because I have a problem with my penis'... no no no please help me here I went doctors and my appointment isn't until monday... DONE IT!!! YES!! Oh wow I was petrified... I put loads of water on it and just pushed and pushed and it worked! I'm never going to retract it again! I'm just going to live and die with a penis that I don't/can't retract - but who cares, at least it isn't being chopped off like it would have been if I couldn't sort this out... How do I give someone 'top answer'?
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Azarael Azarael | 9 days ago
1. No, it is NOT normal to get stuck behind the head - this is called Paraphimosis, and it can "strangulate" the head. 2. Just stretch it - don't use force, just gentle manual stretching. 3. Of course! 4. Definitely yes. It usually gets stuck in the shaft and that would be a major problem because your penis will remain erect because blood can't flow back to the body and it'll hurt a lot. 5. Cases like this are managed by doctors who put anesthetic creams and gently stretch it back to the foreskin. 6. Not quite. Even uncircumcised males will not have that kind of sensitivity, because the foreskin usually is NOT tight and it can roll up and down. For some uncirc males with long foreskins, it is NORMAL. 7. This is Phimosis (if the foreskin can't be pulled down) and Paraphimosis (if the foreskin can't be pulled back to the unerect state). There are some treatment options here that you can study before opting circumcision or preputioplasty: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phimosis#Tr...
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Azarael Originally Answered: Is having sex with a penis whose foreskin doesnt retract almost at all painful or unsafe?
You can stretch it or use a cream, thanks to modern medicine. I once had this and it hasn't been a problem ever since. I posted the following on another question, but it should be the same information you need: Some may say that circumcision will fix it, but circumcision's risks include reduction in sensitivity and pleasure, and making masturbation more difficult according to studies (including a few new ones from a few months ago). Oddly enough that's how it was promoted in the USA since masturbation was bad, haha. There's a reason why the USA is the last remaining advanced nation still doing it, and even so, it's getting a lot less popular (it's now as low as 14% in some states). Save that as a last resort, as you're doing. That's only one of the few risks, there's more listed here, in addition to the studies and statistics: http://forums.govteen.com/showpost.php?p... I was the same when I was younger, and now it slides fine with no problems whatsoever. Just pull back your foreskin when you shower the most you can without forcing it, and rub the head. That should encourage it to separate from the head. This is probably all you have to do, since this is common especially with teens. You just haven't 'used' it enough, as in masturbation and washing it. The same goes for sensitivity; the more your rub it the less sensitive it'll get (start using water when you shower then rub a little more each day). And if its rather tight, you can get a cream that works in almost 95% of cases. It's 0.05% betamethasone or betamethasone dipropionate. And unlike circumcision it is very cheap ($12 in the USA), painless, and you don't risk decreasing sensitivity/pleasure and making masturbation more difficult. http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?pid=S167... http://www.drugstore.com/pharmacy/prices... Try that cream. It works. Doctors often just mention circumcision since its a surgery that brings a lot of money to them, especially in the USA. If you have questions, e-mail me from my profile since I've gone through this. I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Wendi Wendi
Hi! It's me - the person who asked this question! I made that account really quickly to ask the question, and forgot both the user name and the password, as well as the secret question answers... Doesn't matter though, I just want to thank everyone for their responses! I'm very grateful for all your advice and I'm going to try the method of being able to retract my foreskin without actually pulling it back, by just inserting my index finger in and stretching it. Without any form of lubricant on my penis head, I still can hardly pull the foreskin down - only a bit of the head becomes visible, and I'm definitely not going to try pulling it all the way down again with any form of lubricant (not proper lubricant, I only ever used, for example, water from the bath) for a while... although I wonder why I spent so long trying to pinch my foreskin and pull it up over the head when it wouldn't go back up... It wasn't that long after I tried pushing my penis head down and the foreskin up that the problem was resolved... I found the answer about not actually having to retract my penis very interesting... I take your advice really seriously, especially since you're a top contributor and have 'Dr' in your name... but are you sure? I had the feeling that during sex it would pull the foreskin all the way back? Obviously, this would be very painful... I can masturbate fine without a retractable foreskin, but I didn't think sex would be possible... Obviously, after my foreskin got stuck and the panic and utter horror that brought around, the idea of never having to retract it seems good but I don't know if it would work, and also, it'd look kinda strange wouldn't it? I mean, there can't be many people who can't retract their foreskin... On the topic of circumcision - this is very uncommon in the UK where I live and even if it wasn't, I really don't want to do that... I don't have to cancel my Doctor's appointment for tomorrow (Monday) either (the one I made in panic about my foreskin being stuck) because I have some fungal thing on my toenail so all is good :). Thanks for your advice everyone!
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Shaquila Shaquila
1. It may stay open as in behind the head unless you give it a push to close it again. Yours might be a bit tight yet and require a little pushing to close it again. 2.Using an oil like olive oil that makes it slippery would help a bit at your stage of stretching. It sounds like your almost good, so don't get discouraged. While your soft, put some oil around the head and foreskin, gently squeeze the head to flatten it a little and at the same time, push the foreskin with your finger of your other hand, toward the closing position. 3. 6. 7. You want to keep the foreskin closed when you aren't washing or having sex because it protects the nerve ending in the head of your penis. You don't want the head to get desensitized because of contact rubbing on clothing, bedding etc. The extremely high sensitivity is what will give you the awesome feelings during sex when wet and slippery. When slippery, that painful sharp sensitivity becomes the most beautiful feelings of feel good instead of pain or discomfort. Aside from the tip and the closed side of the foreskin having all kinds of feelings, it closes over the head to protect those acute feelings points. You want to preserve the complete sensitivity as much as possible. It's normal and it's good. The last thing that you want to do is change or stop it. Any contact with the penis head like if you masturbate should be through your foreskin, meaning with your foreskin between you hand and the head of your penis. You can do really light direct contact to the head if you use a slippery lube as in KY liquid jell, Astroglide, hand lotion or hair conditioner. If it feels too strong then cut back on the pressure or quit. Completely rinse any product off after. 4. 5. If your penis head gets erect, it's more difficult to retract the foreskin until it goes soft again. If you feel it's going to go hard, close the foreskin and do any activity through the foreskin. Once your done stretching it enough, it won't matter if you completely retract the foreskin during an erection. It won't get stuck behind the head and you will be able to push it closed. I'm giving you detailed exercise instructions here and should help lots. Check my answer on this link. It's too much to put here. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AkDBX7xeL1wOt3a5875HxDDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090604211554AAvN1kM&show=7#profile-info-pUsGZHKTaa Your going to be OK Man, and don't get discouraged. Just do the exercises more often and carefully. If it goes hard, you know how to make it all better, lol. don't fully retract it in that state until the exercises have made the opening large enough so that it's safe. Glad your smart enough to know that your parts all matter and getting circumcised would be a loss in feel good. I don't really need the extra points. lol. Take care Dude. Me! :- )
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Orlagh Orlagh
You can easily stretch the foreskin opening wider by not pulling back on it, you can insert your index (or little fingers) into the foreskin opening when flaccid to widen the opening, stretching it gently and gradually daily, and not risk retraction again until the foreskin opening is wide enough for easy retraction and mobility of the foreskin. Should you have this problem again, make an "O" with the index finger and thumb of your right hand, compress the corona (the wides point of the glans) and with the other hand push the foreskin back to cover the glans again. And of course your glans will be hypersensitive at first from not being exposed. Once you have ease of retraction, you can retract daily for about ten minutes per session, and just the simple exposure to the air will reduce the hypersensitivity to a normal level. Your sexual feeling will be enhanced, once you can normally retract and the foreskin can move freely. If you have some swelling, which is likely after your foreskin being trapped, a little ice in a wash cloth should help reduce it and make it more comfortable until everything returns to normal. You don't have phimosis, your foreskin is a little tight, and you can resolve this easily, it just takes a little time and gentle stretching to accomplish. Don't give up at this point. Circumcision is the worst hoax ever perpetrated on the male sex. A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright. ERIC
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Malach Malach
Hi, glad to hear you got that sorted - it must have been scary. You may follow my advice below which doesn't involve forcibly retracting: A tight foreskin can be due to certain masturbation techniques. The average age for the foreskin to retract is 10 years of age. For some boys though it doesn't become retractable until the early teenage years. This page shows what normal retraction looks like: http://geocities.com/painfulquestioning/naturalresources Certain masturbation techniques that differ from the normal up and down motion mimicking sex can be damaging to the foreskin and also to the the 3 delicate spongy arteries within the penis. See this diagram which shows the inside structure of the penis: http://dic.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/265769 Examples of damaging masturbation techniques: *Rubbing the penis head through clothes. This often comprises pushing down with some pressure on the penis. Many boys/men do this watching porn. *Thrusting against the bed. Using these techniques (especially the first one) does 2 things. Firstly, rubbing the top of the foreskin and exerting unnatural forces on it can create scar tissue - especially if you use "rubbing techniques" a lot. This scar tissue is less elastic that normal foreskin tissue. Normal foreskin tissue is pliable making the foreskin easy to retract. Secondly, if you are applying large pressure to the penis through your masturbation technique, the 3 spongy arteries that make up the penis will become damaged (see diagram above). Consequently, the penis doesn't fill up with blood properly and doesn't stretch the skin from the inside-out like it would normally do. Check for signs of damage: * The glans (the head underneath) can be sensitive. * Each side of the pee-hole is red. So, do you do any of these techniques? I'd be interested to know. Presuming you do, a few things you need to do to cure the unretractable foreskin. Initially, give your penis time to repair the spongy arteries that may have been damaged. Repair happens when the penis isn't in use. So I'd advise you to masturbate as little as possible initially. You can start doing it again after a while - but don't do it too frequently. When you start masturbating again, you will need to change to a masturbation technique which isn't damaging. This is the one most people use: Lightly grip the shaft and move the foreskin up and down, applying as little pressure as possible. Stop any 'rubbing' masturbation techniques. I'm pretty sure if you stick with this advice, it will retract. It may take some time though. If you go to the doctors , he might offer you circumcision. However, if you follow the above advice you will likely not need it. Circumcision is bad for several reasons. The foreskin contains many specialized nerves on it's underside. When the foreskin is moved up and down it is very pleasurable. Circumcised men have lost this ability to masturbate easily as there is no gliding effect. Circumcised men often have to resort to artificial lubrication in masturbation and sex. See here for the function of the foreskin: http://geocities.com/painfulquestioning/naturalresources Without the foreskin protecting the glans, circumcised men lose further sensitivity. The glans (head of the penis) dries out. It also brushes on underwear causing the skin to toughen. See here for the full damage done: http://www.noharmm.org/IDcirc.htm There are good reasons to believe that sex is better for the woman as well, if the man has his foreskin intact: http://xrl.us/foreskinfunctions Circumcision is also a risky procedure with a lot of complications: http://www.circumstitions.com/Complic.html --------------------------------------... It just goes to show the stupidity of pro circumcises like "NoAnteaters". He chooses a ridiculing name as that is his only method of persuasion. He obviously can't rely on facts alone to convince people; he needs to invoke a logical fallacy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_emotion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_ridicule http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argumentum_ad_populum Then he says: "Go get circumcised, it won't get better by itself." In doing so he proposes a radical irreversible intervention on another human being when it may not be the simplest option. In this case it clearly wasn't required. Clearly pro-circumcisers have no common sense or just sense in general.
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Kiley Kiley
Look, I am not going to go on about things here. You do need to see your doctor on Monday if you have not been able to sort this out before then. Paraphimosis is very uncomfortable. You should not have even tried to push your foreskin back like that in the first place - it was bad advice from someone. Some foreskins are supposed to roll back, some are not. If yours is not supposed to retract, then just leave the thing alone. You do not have to do what everyone else seems to want to tell you. The foreskin and the penis work together as a perfect team, whether the foreskin retracts or not. If it is uncomfortable to retract (as yours most surely must be) then leave it alone.
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Kiley Originally Answered: Foreskin stuck can some one help?
if you can pull the skin back then everything is fine. If your foreskin is tight you just need to stretch the forskin over time. Just pull it back a little more each day and over a month or so it should loosen up. pull it back as far as you can till you feel the stretch but not pain. Do this a few times a day and it will loosen up. If you cant pull it back then you cant wash it properly. You should be pulling it back everyday to wash and also to urinate. Let me know if you have any questions. You dont need to be circumcised,I have never had any issues at all in my 38 years. I say if an adult male wants it done then good for him but why take that choice away from him as a baby? Some reasons why people say a male should be circumcised. 1-- Its cleaner to be cut. I wash everyday and have no problem with smegma or smell. Does that mean cut guys don't have to wash? Mine takes a whole 5 seconds to wash in the shower. Not really a big deal. 2-- It helps prevent HIV being spread. While this "may" be true (I don't think it is) then why is the AIDS rate in the USA so high when the circ rate is still high for adult men, but Europe the AIDS rate is lower where the vast majority of men are uncut. the same goes for cervical cancer on their partners. Also what is wrong with wearing a condom? Not only stops pregnancy but many other STD's as well. 3-- Looks better to be cut. So just because "some" people think it looks better does that mean everyone must be cut? If one person likes large breasts does that mean all women need a breast implant? Plus how can a large scar line around the shaft of your penis be attractive? And shouldn't you love the person you are having sex with for who they are and not the shape/size of their penis? 4-- Stops the male getting phismosis. So because "some" men "may" have this issue all men should be cut? Doesn't make sense to me even more so when phismosis can be treated without circumcision. Plus we keep our tonsils and appendix when some people have problems with them. 5-- He may get picked on at school. I never did when a lot of the other guys at school were cut. Why are other guys looking at my penis anyway? Plus I never had a sexual partner say they didn't want to have sex with me because of my foreskin. 6-- So he looks like dad. My step father was circumcised as was my step brother. I never had an issue that mine was different because I knew I was intact and they were not. My mother taught me why mine was not the same as them and I never had an issue with it. 7-- Its my choice as a parent. Is it your right to remove a part of your child's body for any of the above reasons when it does not need to be removed? Why not let the boy make the choice as informed adult what he wants done to his body.

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