Questions regarding Visas in regards to traveling outside the US?

Questions regarding Visas in regards to traveling outside the US? Topic: Visa research
June 16, 2019 / By Charleen
Question: Alright.. I'm doing some research on Visas because I have little to no understanding of them. And its really hard to do research when I don't know what I don't know.. if you follow.. Alright.. so if I am a citizen of the United States..And want to travel to a foreign country for an extended period of time.. I know visas are involved. Is that based on the country I am entering, or does the United States have a say as well? If I was looking to work with a non profit organization in a foreign country for an extended period of time, do I need a specific visa to go along with this.. as I am working.. but not for pay. What is duel residency and how does this effect visas and so forth? How do you renew your visa, if say you have a visa that is good for 3 months, do you need to step foot on US soil and after doing so re enter the other country to renew it? Or can you travel to a neighboring country and back to renew? Ummmm I guess that's all my questions for now. Thank you for your help.
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Aretha Aretha | 2 days ago
The U.S. doesn't care what you do, when you leave, or if you ever return. All you are required to do as a US citizen is file an annual income tax return, even if you live with the penguins in Antarctica. Visa requirement are solely depending on the "other" country you are trying to visit. Any non-profit organization such as the Peace Corp will assist you with the process. For the most part, volunteering is working without being paid, and most countries will not allow you to work anyway. But since you didn't mention the country or countries you are interested in, this is where we can't really help you more.
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Aretha Originally Answered: How do we get work visas for six month in europe?
As you do not mention where you are from, it is very hard to give a to the point answer to this question. In many cases you can not get a six month visa for any European country unless you come to study or, in a few cases, to work. Volunteer work is not going to get you work visa. If you are from Australia, Canada or a few more countries you can get working holiday visa for some European countries, but always just for one country. Americans can not get those, or only for Ireland if the rumor is true, but Ireland is having problems with the economy and will not have jobs for you. People from many countries are able to travel in the Schengen zone for 90 days out of each 180 with little or no problems, but you can not work. I do not know whether volunteering at a farm is counted as work in that case. The UK and Ireland fall outside that zone, so you can spend time there, depending on where you come from, also 90 or even 180 days, again, you will not be able to work. You can check whether you need visa here: http://www.skyteam.com/about/travelhelp/... Contrary to popular believe there is no one Schengen long stay visa. If you need long stay visa, you will have to apply at the embassy or consulate of the country you want to stay, in a few cases you need to apply with a commercial agency, but the site of said country will have that info for you. If you ask again, please add more info, needed are your nationality, the country or countries you want to stay, (Europe is too big, too many different options) and your age, as that may make a difference in working holiday visa.
Aretha Originally Answered: How do we get work visas for six month in europe?
Sounds like you need a Schengen area visa. You need to apply at the Embassy of either the country where you will arrive or where you will spend the bulk of your stay. Remember that not all of the European countries are signatories. If you wish to travel to the non Schengen countries you need to apply to each country individually. The UK is not a signatory which might affect your flight plans. Have fun Ian M

Zak Zak
rules are different for very country .you would to decide on a country first the organization you work for may help with visas .. there will be a time limit
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Shylock Shylock
The regulation presents carrying on with authorization to work for H-1B employees whilst a petition soliciting for extension is pending. H-1B staff may continue work with out ready for USCIS to approve an extension so long as the extension used to be filed on time.
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Shylock Originally Answered: Traveling with my pet cat?
You need - Health certificate , another letter within 10 days of flight from Vet saying cat is healthy to fly - Must be within 10 days of flight. The cat will be needing a micro chip for most airlines . It an airline rule not Mexico. It getting hot and some airlines will not fly pets in hot weather - Check ! The cat hes to be current on all shots. Immigration Will check ! Go to Delta and Continentals web sites as they have the best info for pet travel. If you have questions and need a person call Continental , Deltas people are hard to get a hold of . Airline rules dont vary that much beteewn carriers, they are pretty standard beteen all. Even if the cat is going on the plane in a cage below your seat , you will still have to clear customs and immigration and its a pain...................You probably will have about $200 in some crappy fees they charge. Check and make sure the special pet/animal customs officers will be on duty at the time you land. Chance are past 5 pm they will be off work and closed and your screwed. This is not an ease task. Homework...............Do your homework. Link over to me and give me your e mail if you need and more help.

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