Wayne Rooney is so overrated it makes me mad?

Wayne Rooney is so overrated it makes me mad? Topic: Elements of essay and its meaning
July 20, 2019 / By Abbie
Question: I don't know about everybody else but Wayne Rooney as far as Im concerned has been living off a reputation for too long. The guy hasn't delivered for years now yet people keep on banging on about him. No matter how average his season he always gets a mention in the top players of the year. On one football website they had him in the premier league team of the year. I mean he's just above average as far as Im concerned. 14 goals in 43 england games is a poor return for any international striker. Even at manchester united his strike rate is poor considering they consistently score more goals than any other team. I mean he's never short of supply to get goals. Ok my rant is over, but what do you guys think. To be honest If I were a Man utd fan I'd prefer a torres/Villa/Luis Fabiano etc. James T your points are valid but everybody has said Henry had a **** season, not too many have said that about Rooney's season and Henry still managed to bag 19 goals. If Christiano Ronaldo can score over 30 from his position then you could expect wayne rooney to get something similar if he was good enough. Put simply the guy is out of his depth at Man Utd. They could afford better and quite frankly I don't know why they haven't!! Good point Pacion but then again Berbatov has as many assists but he scored more goals, Anelka likewise. Nicky Shorey from Reading had one assist less that Rooney this season-is he world class? Reading couldn't score to save their lives this season. Rooney only had to play simple passes to Ronaldo, Tevez, Nani for these guys to score goals. Its alot easier look good when your surrounded by world class! players to Maybe Im just holding a grudge because as an Irishman I hold Robbie Keane in high regard and despite the fact that he has outscored Rooney three seasons in a row he never gets a mention when it comes to premier league 11 and world class players. I mean he wasn't nominated in the fifa 50 players and Rooney was despite quite an indifferent season. Keane also creates plenty of assists and makes excellent runs to creat space etc. This is probably why I feel he is over-rated!
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Stacy Stacy | 9 days ago
I could not disagree more... the player is world class. How can you just state the goal tally and claim this, this year he had a completely different role with the likes of Tevez and Ronaldo working off him... which also explains why he had the third highest amount of assists in the Premiership despite the lack of appearances. Similarly to you I have used fact to prove my point but take a closer look and see the importance he had on both Man U winning the Premiership and Champions League. People like Torres and Villa can offer goals but this isn't the only role players of Rooney's caliber brings to a team. which in a way shows why Liverpool finished fourth despite the goal power Torres brought. Believe me I see where you would make this point, but I'm not going into an essay to show you the difference in quality between Rooney and the likes of Shorey. So instead I suggest looking back on games and watching the evidence and I assure you will feel silly for saying Rooney's overrated. Eventually you will see elements of his vision, work rate and understanding of the game when applied with technical attributes... he is a football genius. Yes he has world class players around him but then you have to look back on his Everton days at just the age of 16 when he had a last minute moment of brilliance by stopping an unbeaten Arsenal team . i couldn't agree more about Keane which is why he played for Inter and Leeds when they were a top four team, the problem is how can you place a player in a top 11 team when his own team is failing to its capabilities.
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Othniel Othniel
I think he offers the team a lot, and is a key elemnt in why we won the league. He has a perfect understanding with players such as Ronaldo, Tevez and Giggs, though i can see why you may think he is overrated Its hard when Ronaldo is always taking the praise He scores many goals though not consistently, but he will learn, he's fair young. He probably just feels annoyed at the lack of attenmtion he is getting and got into a rut... I do miss his long shot goals though... far too much chipping attempts these days
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Lesley Lesley
im an arsenal fan but i dont think rooney is over rated. far from it actually. he got 12 goals and 10 assists this season which isnt bad. he is an incredible talent so dont ever say he is over rated. plus u shouldnt base everything on how many goals he doesnt score for england etc. there is much much more to come from him dont u worry. arsenal are still gona win the league next year though!!
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Jamie Jamie
Some players are playmakers and others are scorers. Even though he doesnt get the primary assists even, rooney is a very instrumental part of opening up many plays. And i HATE manchester united, so this is out of pure respect.
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France France
He is not the same player he use to be and you have a point when you say his goalscoring record is not great but his workrate and his overall game has improved over the past couple of years. I agree that he is greatly over rated by a lot of people
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Dax Dax
Your clear dislike of him, just as clearly clouds your judgment. If you just judge a player on goalscoring stats, then take into that the fact that he missed 16 or so matches. His stats would have been far better if not for injury and the fact that many players had their games altered to suit Ronaldo.
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Barnaby Barnaby
Wow! ur clearly not a man u fan... Wayne Rooney has been playing outa position every since Saha got injured last season.... Since then he has been standing up front, unable to win headers and can't play OFF any1... The only reason he continued to do this, this season is coz he is better than Tevez so finds it easier to adapt (which allows Tevez to play in Rooneys natural position) Fact!!! ...Do you think there is a reason why arguably the best player in the world (for a few years) Thierry Henry has had a **** season at Barca>.???.. Coz hes bin playin out wide..not in his position.. o ye thats anutha thing rooneys bin doin...fergie plays him on the wing (coz he CAN defend) and he never complains.. 99% Man U fan will agree with this...and Rooneys a loyal legend already....(unlike ronaldo) Also, you say he is **** now, but for someone who offers much more than scoring (i.e he is not a natural finisher>>>) hes scored more than 1 in 3 this season...!! ROONEY!!ROONEY!!!ROONEY!!! ALSO IN RESPONSE TO THE GIRL ABOVE BOUT ANUTHA STRIKER... I swear on my mothers life that fans don't want anutha striker incase Wayne isn't firing...(waye will be in first 11 till hes 300 if anything its so that a NATURAL FRONTMAN.... i.e huntelar/berbatov/ashton or that idiot saha.... can allow wayne to drop back in the hole and become world class again... Also CAN ANYONE NAME A PERIOD OF TIME WHEN HES PLAYED IN "HIS POSITION" (hole/droped off) WHERE HE HAS NOT BEEN WORLD CLASS dont think so.... case closed....if you need a second opinion go to you tube and type in PELE....or CANTONA (with rooneys name) just to hear those legends speak of waynes talents/.... FINALLY...villa or torres etc...YES EXACTLY Rooney playing off/behind TORRES would be the best strike force in world football....>>>> >>>>the key would be how they would compliment each other and be EFFECTIVE ... >>rooney+upfront in 4-5-1 is one of the biggest wastes of talent i have ever seen..... (even tho i love him,,, you have to blame tevez)
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Yiesha Yiesha
long story short Rooney was hyped when he was younger but really never lived up to expectations he will be sold from United in time to come i think he never hit 30 plus goals he seems injury prone he doesn't have a level head he is so overrated i think but people are beginning to see he isn't all he is cracked up to be i think
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