I have been talking to this guy online from one of those dating sites?

I have been talking to this guy online from one of those dating sites? Topic: How to write a good first email on match
July 21, 2019 / By Orrin
Question: I left him a real nice email Thursday, and even offered my phone number to him. Didnt give it to him yet. Any way this was Thursday. I have seen him on and off the dating site all day today. How come he all of a sudden hasnt responded to me? We have been emailing eachother every day this past week. Now, he acts like he is ignoring me. I didnt do or say anything wrong, so what gives? Am I reading to fast into anything, or guys like that, like to take their time? by the way I am 27
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Lemuel Lemuel | 7 days ago
Hmmm...on those sites, you virtually have nothing to lose as long as you haven't met in person, so go ahead and send him another short, friendly e-mail if you really are interested in him. A really good way to get answers is to ask questions that you KNOW they will want to talk about. With guys this can be hard, but try to find things they are interested in and then ask them to expound on the subject. Letters that just say "What's up?" don't really require an answer. Don't worry about it, if he doesn't contact you again...there are so many more out there. I speak from experience. I was writing to 15 different guys on Match.com, until my husband-to-be winked at me. A week later, I was letting all the others go, since we met and fell in love and I wasn't interested in writing to anyone else, ever! Perhaps this guy has already found someone...it happens. Don't give up, and have fun!
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Lemuel Originally Answered: Ladies: How to post a profile on online dating sites?
I don't understand what you mean by objectifying women.... or do you mean being an arrogant prick? Yes, that'll help on online dating. If she means being nice and sweet, flattering to women, that won't work. But I've been doing research for this for a while now for a book I'm writing. I just created a Google Group that I'm inviting select people who don't have experience online dating to help me testing out some of the stuff I've concluded. I'd be willing to let you in...as long as you don't go selling my methods ;P It's basically a simple guide on setting up a profile and writing messages. It may help you out. The only thing that I ask, if you do choose to join, please provide me with as much feedback as possible so I know how these methods are working. I'd also be willing to give advice one-on-one/coaching, and answer any other questions. All you need to do is shoot me an e-mail to [email protected], just give me a run-down on what you want to achieve, and any problems you may be facing. I'll send you an invite. Thanks, Ryan

Jahleel Jahleel
More than likely he is either married, or has lied to you about the majority of the things you too talked about. A friend of mine was in your situation and continued to press the issue of meeting the guy and when she did he was unemployed emailing her from the public library, no car, living with relatives. Not at all the successful Marketing Executive for walmart that grad from Troy state, that she thought he was. So I think you should move on. Try eharmony, usually sites that people have to pay money to join are better for meeting serious guys...
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Flint Flint
Just give it time. What did you do differently the day he stopped talking to you. Once you figure this out, don't do it again and everything will be fine. BTW you can contact me anytime for advice about online dating. It's a hoot and you get four or five dates a week. Hard to believe. Even harder to keep up. No pun intended.
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Darren Darren
First things first, this guy you're talking to on a DATING SITE, is a freaking wimp. Why would somebody pay to find a date? Because he's to lame or to social retared to met someone at the grocery store, a gas station or whatever. Trust me this guy is a chump, you're better off going to a military town and picking up some chump marine or something.
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Babe Babe
Isn't the internet a wonderfull place? We can be whatever, or whoever we want to be as long as nobody calls us on our bluff. I think you crossed the line, when you tried to make it real & bring him into the light. Then like a cockroach, he headed back into the dark place he comes from. Keep trying sweetie. When you put yourself out there, you have to find a lot of trash lying on the ground before you can start picking up quarters. :)
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Winifred Winifred
He is probably talking to others and yes you may be reading too much and too quickly if you have only been talking that brief of a time frame. It is best you don't give your number to him or to any others that you talk to. At least not until you really get to know them and that takes time.
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