What band/music makes you feel much better when your down?

What band/music makes you feel much better when your down? Topic: How to write a sad rock song
July 20, 2019 / By Topsy
Question: soo yeh maybe some ideas on music to make me feel better..anything! maybe something with meaningful lyrics about going through tough times, i think you get the idea =]
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Best Answers: What band/music makes you feel much better when your down?

Ryanne Ryanne | 7 days ago
I'm one of those people who needs to listen to a sad song when I'm sad. If it's a really good rock band that writes deep meaningful music, I feel better knowing that somebody relates to how I'm feeling. If you really want a song that will make you feel better, listen to that one song that makes you forget about all your problems.
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Nena Nena
Personally, I would love to listen to something upbeat and fun when I'm done. More because if I'm down, I don't want to listen to sad music. Yanno? But that's just my opinion. For your case, I would listen to Quietdrive. Their amazing, and have good lyrics. (:
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Luann Luann
mint car - the cure my first, my last, my everything - barry white walkin on sunshine- katrina and the waves impossible to be upset during those songs
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