Is anyone else fed up with people asking where to read book for free online?

Is anyone else fed up with people asking where to read book for free online? Topic: Homework movie online free
July 21, 2019 / By Hervey
Question: I'm getting really fed up with all the questions about where to read this or that book for free online. Whatever happened to going to the library and checking the book out? Authors work really hard to write books and it isn't right to try get a free copy online any more that it's write to download music, movies, etc. without paying for it. So my question is this, is anyone else fed up with it? And is there anyway to start reporting these questions to Y!A because I swear there's at least one a day. It's bad enough when you come on here and see kids asking for you to do their homework for them.
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Elliot Elliot | 6 days ago
Babs: Authors do *not* make plenty of money. Only the most successful authors are able to even live off of their royalties and advances. I completely agree that people need to quit asking. Authors work very hard, and as I previously stated, need every single penny in most cases. I'm all about the free dissemination of information and literature, but I really think that's what libraries are for. And libraries *buy* their copies.
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Elliot Originally Answered: Where can i read free books online?
Nicholas Sparks is not giving away his books. He writes to earn a living. Respect that. If the author wants you to read his book for free, LEGALLY, he will post the book on his website or his publishers website. Books that someone scanned and put on a file sharing site are stealing from the author. The person that uploaded can earn jail time and fines of $150,000. Think about it. How would you like to spend more than a year working on writing a book only to have people read it for free.

Christopher Christopher
I often avoid those questions... Yet sometimes I put in my bit about illegal sites (for free dowload of copyrighted work) and how a reader that uses them either will not get to read the entire book (the sites leave pages out to avoid prosecution) and/or will pick up 'bugs' that hang out around those sites. I do that because I am a strong believer in the greatness of libraries. I also do that because I can't find any guideline against this type of question, and don't believe there is any way to report them as against guidelines. The asker would have to state that they 'don't care if it's illegal'... Then the question can be reported as asking for an 'illegal' thing. Most people who ask these questions everyday just don't know any better. The Internet is all they know to look at for answers to everything. They don't even know they can call their local library and ask if that library downloads books for card-holders (and probably a fee; I don't know since my library doesn't do it, and I haven't called others. I love to go to the library), or knows of a branch that will. It is only a severe lack of knowledge that you see on or in any medium from time to time each day, and I'm including TV, radio, magazines and even lots of books. Not everyone is even 13 on this site, as you probably know. Some slip up and say they are 11, but most muddle on with questions showing their age and/or ignorance of certain facts.
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Amery Amery
Amen, sister. It's really frustrating to know that so many people won't take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to stop by the library or a local Barnes and Noble. Anyone who has any respect for authors - and their work - should be offended by this. I can understand looking for a piece of classic literature - there are sites devoted to the study of these works, and sites that offer people an opportunity to read them without purchasing them. That's what the site is for - that's fine by me. However, going out and illegally getting chapters of novels or whole novels, for that matter, drives me nuts. Do these people even realize how hard authors, among others, work to produce these books? I'm not positive, but I would assume that you can report these questions as illegal if they intend on downloading a novel without payment or permission, or in other words, if it is a form of copyright infringement. In any case, we should be able to report them for just being ignorant. And oh man, I hate those questions. "I have a ??? about To Kill a Mockingbird!?" Oh, yeah, because you're randomly going to be interested in the "themes and symbols" of TKAM. We can't see through that at all... Those books are meant to be read for a reason. We know you don't like to learn, but for your own sake - do your friggin' homework!
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Tilda Tilda
YES!! You can report them to Y!A for abuse, but be careful about answering them. I answered one, telling them they were asking someone to help them violate federal and international copyright laws, and they reported ME for abuse and got my answer deleted. And when I appealed, Yahoo took about ten minutes to tell me the deletion would stand as my answer "did not answer the question". So yeah, I was quite angry, especially as I'm a writer and I've been pirated. These people are stealing from ME. Oh, and Babs? How much do you make at your job? Would you like it if I decided you made plenty of money and therefore you should work for me, for free, several hours a week? Or if someone tried to not pay you for work you'd done, and I told you you had enough money and didn't deserve more? Would you like that, and think it was fair? Yeah. I didn't think so. Sorry if I'm being a little harsh here, but I think your comment was pretty harsh too. I have children to feed; I have bills to pay. Why should I work for free? Do you have any idea how much writers pay in taxes? How little the majority of us earn to begin with? Why shouldn't we be paid for the hard work we do, just like everyone else?
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Roxane Roxane
omg i have perfect books for you there not cheesy they are ridiculous they have scandals, hot boys/sexy girls, and much more these books are very interesting they are so intriguing you dont ever want to put the books down. i would definatly start with the Private series (listed by best) The Private Series By kate Brian Private Invitation Only Untouchable Confessions Inner Circle Legacy Ambition Revelation Paradise Lost Suspicion (Sep. 2009) The Private series is not just about rich girls and scandals it has twists and turns you would never believe it is like mystery most of the time and just pure amazing you have to read it. There is also another book that has to do with private series but its a book on what happens before this girl named Reed comes to there boarding school and is in a different characters point of veiw Its called Last Christmas Then there is a spin off of Private Series also by Kate Brain called Privilege Series Privilege Beautiful Disaster (June 2009) Perfect Mistake (October 2009) A girl that was one of the main charcters in the series Private gets charged with murder and gets sent to a place for crazy people. she wants out and she will do anything to get out. Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn Midnight Sun (possibly author doesnt no if she is going to finish the book) Twilight series is about a average girl falling in love with a vampire. but this vampire name Edward is the most deadly vampire to her out of all of them. Her blood sent to Edward is stronger than any other blood he as ever smelled before. Edwards love her. She love Him. This go wrong since its a human with a bunch of vampires that drink blood. defiantly a twisted love story but amazing The A-List Series by Zoey Dean The A-list Girls on Film Blonde Ambition Tall Cool One Back in Black Some Like it Hot American Beauty Heart of Glass Beautiful Stranger California Dreaming Then there is a new generation of the the list which the first book is out called The A-list: Hollywood Royalty The alist is a fablous series so intriguing. first two books where amazing. it gets a little borning for the 3 and 4 book but then it picks right back up and is better then ever. a must read! Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shephard Pretty Little Liars Flawless Perfect Unbeivleable Wicked Killer (June 2009) Pretty little liars is a great book if you like a mystery this is the book to read. 4 girls have a horrible past they decided to forget about it and never bring it up again untill this anonymous person texts the girls and knows all there secrets and is threatening to tell eveyone The person always signs he notes/texts -A. they all think it was there best friend that disappeared along tome ago but then they discover her dead body in the ground. -A knows there past secrets but is also finding out there current secrets one girl likes girls, another is dating her english teacher, another has a family secret, and the last discovers something that will change all of there lifes forever. The Clique Series By Lisi Harrison The Clique Best Friends for Never Revange of the Wannabes Invasion of the Boy Snatchers The Pretty Committee Strikes Back Dial L for Loser Its Not Easy Being Mean Sealed With a Diss Bratfest at Tiffanys P.S. I loathe you Boys R Us(July 2009) Good Fun Read. High social class girls figuring out life and getting explelled from school do what they want whenever they want boy problems and much more. THe girls in the clique are the coolest in there school until this new girl comes to school and changes it up is the clique going to break or add a new member? The Clique also had this summer series they were really short and were named after each girl in the clique, Massie, Dylan, Alicia, Kristen, and Claire. some also good series that i havent read but heard was amazing Gossip Girl Series by Cecily von Ziegesar The It Girl Series by Cecily von Ziegesar Princess Diaires by Meg Cabot hope that helps read private
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Roxane Originally Answered: How do i read books online for free?
Nicholas Sparks writes books for a living. Respect that. If you can't afford to buy the book, use the public library. Anyone putting a copy of Nicholas Sparks books on the internet is guilty of piracy and can earn jail time and fines of up to $150,000.

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