How can Mormons believe a religion that has been so thoroughly disproven by science and rational thought?

How can Mormons believe a religion that has been so thoroughly disproven by science and rational thought? Topic: Case smith books
June 17, 2019 / By Merlyn
Question: I'm not saying their IDEAS are wrong, just that their facts are way off base in most cases. Would any of you ever vote for a Mormon candidate for president (i.e., Romney)? Personally, even though Romney may be a great guy, the Latter-Day Saints Church is scary crazy and I could not place my trust in anyone who bought into their propaganda. No offense against any Mormons out there. But the LDS Church literally brainwashes its members from birth to automatically reject ANY contradiction of the Mormon faith, no matter how factual it may be. For example, the Mormon holy book called the Pearl of Great Price is largely based on Joseph Smith's "interpretation" of some ancient Egyptian papyri. Later on, a real translation of those papyri was done, and suffice it to say that Smith's version was absolute gobbledeygook. Just one example. Just curious what everyone else thinks - I grew up in a VERY Mormon town, and as the outsider looking in, it was easy to see through all the crazy stuff.
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Jophiel Jophiel | 5 days ago
I would like to add to the other excellent answers by other LDS here. First, the only scary crazy things are the stuff that the anti-Mormons SAY we believe. Our children are as brainwashed as other Christian children, maybe less so. And there are more adult members who are converts than are raised in teh church, especially outside of Utah. As for being brainwashed, I find more overt brainwashing going on in those evangelical/pentecostal churches. The LDS church has given me a much greater understanding of Jesus Christ, enabling me to feel the love of God more in my life than I ever felt before. And the person who answered before was right when she said that other Christian church teachings leave more questions than answers. I prefer answers. As for the Book of Abraham, we know from recorded journals of others that we don't even have half of the papyri that Joseph Smith had.
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Hamish Hamish
I don't know where you got your facts, but you have been misinformed. The Mormons are now "way off base" in any case. Science has not disproved any of the Bible. As a matter of fact, science has proved the Bible. I don't know how Mormons could be "scary crazy", but I doubt you could even give one example of what you mean by that. They aren't scary or crazy. They are devout in their beliefs, and believe the family comes first. There is no propaganda or brainwashing in the Church. We are taught to think for ourselves. The Mormon "holy book" is the Bible, the same Bible used by Christians the world over. Do you not believe in the Bible? I'd like to see the "real translation" of the Egyptian papyri that you claim has disproved the Pearl of Great Price. The Church has never been presented with this so-called "proof". As far as the world is concerned, the translation Joseph Smith did was accurate, and has never been disproved. I am sorry that you feel this way, but that is your choice. I just ask that you get the REAL facts before you open your mouth. sabapsych, I've not been a member since I was 5. I joined in my 20's. I am not brainwashed, nor am I a cultist. I've done my own research -- I don't rely solely on the Church to tell me about Church history. I've never found any reference that the original papyri has ever been found. I know the Church has been looking for it, and has never been able to find it. The papyri have been missing for a century or more. I'll do more research on it. By the way, sabapsych, I've never born my testimony in church, and never "forced" my children to do so. I am too shy to do so. I bear my testimony in my actions, not in my words.
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Ed Ed
First of all, gob, i admire your bravery at asking this obvious question, bravery because there is probably not a group of people more close-minded to criticism of their beliefs than the LDS. Beginning at an early age when they can barely talk, the LDS are taught to 'bear their testimony' in front of the congregation at testimony meeting. You haven't seen brainwashing until you see a 5 year old shyly repeating, with mommy coaching what to say, "I know that the church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know that Gordon B. Hinkley is a prophet of God," etc. From that time forward they are taught to bear their testimony to each other ad infinitum. It's reinforcement theory in practice, so of course they really, REALLY believe it. Seekingtoad, like most very young LDS, thinks that all 'anti-mormon propaganda' (which includes ANYthing that isn't 100% glowing about the church) has been answered by the church brethren. Yeah, right. He and nymormon haven't heard that the original Joseph Smith Papyri were found in the 1960s and translated by real egyptologists, even LDS ones, and turned out to be a common pagan Book of Breathings. Whatever, say the LDS. The church has 'answered' that and that's all we cultists need to know. And besides, we've all been bearing our testimonies since we were 5 or so, so why confuse the issue with facts and contradictions? It's backward logic for sure (yes, like all other religions and firmly held belief systems): what I believe is true, so you CAN'T disprove it with mere facts or logic. Finally, wouldn't it be nice in this often confusing and frightening world to believe that you had all the answers and that it all makes sense? And that good will win in the end and bad will be punished? Freud pointed out that religion is simply an extention of the all-knowing, all-powerful loving parent into the sky. John Lennon said whatever gets you through the night is all right, it's all right. So we should take it easy on our Mormon brothers and sisters. They're deluded but it helps them cope. Just don't try to get them to apply reason, science or fact to their beliefs. If they did, many of them would leave the LDS church, as many do. Then what? So, on a light note, let's watch all the young LDS answer this with a flurry of thumbs-downs. It's actually funny to watch.
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Calder Calder
You may have grown up in a Mormon town, but you obviously do not know much accurate information about our beliefs, no offense. Romney's religion should not be a driving factor in the Presidential race, but rather his political, economical, and ethical views should help us decide if he would be a good candidate. Unfortunately, religion will probably have a major impact which will be a sad statement about the country. Your comments about brainwashing are also ridiculous. So many members in our day are converts to the church, like myself. I am an educated person. No one has duped me into becoming a member or to automatically reject any supposed contradictions about our beliefs. We believe the Gospel because it is true. We study, live our religion, pray for a witness of truth from the Holy Ghost. A better question is: How can you, who are obviously basing this question of heresay, personal opinion, and anti-mormon propoganda, doubt the sincerity of the beliefs of others and not see through your own crazy arguments?
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