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This makes no sense? Topic: How to do an article review
June 25, 2019 / By Lyndsey
Question: I have a "review project" due for physics class, but im not sure what im supposed to do. It says i have to find an "article" and write a review? So.. does that mean that i have to write an review? like my-opinion-on-somethig review? And plus, what is an article and how can it be "science related"? Basically, i have to write a review on an article. What does that mean?
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Kaylynn Kaylynn | 3 days ago
An article is a nonfiction story about some topic or event published in a newspaper or a magazine. To review the article means that you read it, then analyze it, and say what you think about it: not whether you like it, but whether it was well-organized or confusing; whether or not it presented the data accurately, completely, and clearly; whether or not the conclusions the writer drew from the data were plausible, that sort of thing. Since this review is for your physics class, it needs to be an article about physics or something that affects the field of physics, such as astronomy, perhaps. You might find something in a general purpose magazine such as "Newsweek" or "Time" if some big breakthrough has just made the news, but you'll probably do better looking in something like "Scientific American" or "Science News" or some other popular science magazine. Your school librarian should be able to help you find some.
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Ida Ida
Surely you were given a subject/topic in your physics class as to what the article should be about. If you don't know what the article should be about...contact someone in your class who was ACTUALLY LISTENING he he just kidding. It may mean an article from a Science Journal which'll mean you need to get to the REFERENCE ONLY section at the library. It may not mean a newspaper article. Get online and check the format for writing a review. As you know when a critic gives a review of a restaurant or show it is usually a CRITICISM and OBSERVATION and ANALYSIS. Don't write the review til you understand the correct format. Generally teachers give exact formats, or your tutorials provide them. You will be marked down considerably if you format it wrong. Good Luck :)
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Edyth Edyth
Your opinion of the article from a professional point of view. My favorite thing to do is pick an article you completely disagree with and have fun bashing it!
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Charmaine Charmaine
bubbles ur funnyy hahahah no thats not funny sorry grow up i think u get a article read it and then write urn opinion on it and a summery at the same time if that makes any sense
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Arin Arin
google ":science article" and after you read one, summarize it. in your summary include if u liked it or not/ agree or disagree and why
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