I NEED ADVICE! Boyfriend Advice Please! Does he want to be more than friends?

I NEED ADVICE! Boyfriend Advice Please! Does he want to be more than friends? Topic: Turn in homework on ipad
June 16, 2019 / By Glenna
Question: Okay, I need help! Here's the situation: I think my best friend's brother likes me. See, I've been getting closer and closer to my best friend's brother and we just got a little closer today. So at school, I was doing my math homework and he was playing a game on my iPad. I turned to see what he has built and he didn't want me to look. After a few minutes, I snatched the iPad – as a joke, and he understood it – and looked. Then, he tried to pull me over, but he failed. Was he trying to find an excuse to touch me??? After, I noticed that he was in my little space bubble and his legs, knees, chest, and face were faced towards me. Does he have interest for me??? Before I left school, I usually don't see him, but he must've known I was around the cafeteria. Then, I saw him. Does he follow me around??? Earlier at lunch, I was looking to see what the lunch choices were and then he must've tapped me or something – IDK – and he said, "Hi." He looked a bit fidgety and sweaty. Plus, he kind of ran his words together and turned his head as he went to go somewhere. Was this another excuse to touch me??? We have our first class together and I decided to ask him if he wanted an icebreaker (mint). I handed one over right when the bell was about to ring. Then he cracked a joke and I laughed. Was he trying to prove that he was fun to be with??? Plus, if this all is true, how should we break it to my best friend? (We think she's falling for another guy too.) I don't want it to be awkward or anything. I need help!!!
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Desirae Desirae | 1 day ago
well, if you dont have feelings for him, then dont worry about it. but if you do: if hes just now talking/flirting with you and didnt used to talk to you or anything like that, hes probably got a thing for you. just. flirt. back. thats the best way to get to know him and soon you'll both realize you've got a thing. text him, play 20 questions or something like that, & eventually bring up this subject. good luck girl :)
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Desirae Originally Answered: Advice on why my daughter has no friends?
I wish I had an easy answer. Confidence is usually at the root of many of these types of problems, but you may have to actually work with her to help her in her interactions with friends. You might want to look in to a seminar on how to attune yourself to folks, and gain rapport. It actually is a skill that can be practiced. Getting your daughter to buy in to this idea will be hard, but she sounds smart and pretty, so I'm betting with some work she could at least get better at meeting and conversing with folks. Other than this, keeping her involved in new things will expand the scope of her knowledge, conversation, and experience. Most of all try to get her to relax. My daughter is in the same awkward age. I have asked her the following question at times: "Honey, do you know who is really cool at your school?"... (pause) "No one, there are just some who think they are" The rest of the strategy is that "Being Cool" isn't the objective, having fun is. If you go do something with folks, focus on having fun and you can't lose. Other than that, I just try to help them learn and develop and hope they don't get too banged up along the way . Not sure if this helps, but good luck.
Desirae Originally Answered: Advice on why my daughter has no friends?
I don't mean to be rude, but I want to make sure if it's real that she has no friends at all, because she does belong to church and school... right? Especially, the people in church are friendly. I know some are not tho. I know some classmates in my old school that they couldn't make friends at all, because they're so quiet and are really really shy to talk with people. So many people around her was thinking that she is creepy. I don't think she is necessary just like you! She is not 100% like you, right? You described yourself "attractive" which was describing about your daughter too...Isn't attractive people have a lot of friends? I wonder how did you figure out that she doesn't have friends at all? She must have friends at least a little. If she really needs friends that she wants to talk to, I can be her friend. I sometime feel lonly, so I understand what you mean. I'm serious...
Desirae Originally Answered: Advice on why my daughter has no friends?
I had her problem. My mom put me into stuff like girl scouts and just little clubs that I would make friends. My heart goes out to your daughter because I know personally how she feels and it's not a good feeling. This is a transition period. Be her friend until she finds some. Take her out (like a girls night out )maybe once or twice a week. She'll love you for it, and when she finds friends at her new school, she won't forget that you're her first friend. As for what the little girl said to her...if she told your daughter she hated her, the next time she says it, tell your daughter to tell her "well, you may hate me, but Jesus loves you and so do I!" and walk away. One thing I've learned, bullies can't stand it when you beat them at their own game and they don't like it when you aren't affected by their words or actions.

Camille Camille
You know, you have the best source for a 100% correct answer sitting right in front of you. Tell your friend to ask her brother if he likes you.
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Aw, well just try to talk to people. I've been through the same thing and while it's certainly hard to change schools, it is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself. The most important thing is to talk to people, even if it's not something you normally do. Talk to the people in your classes--get there early, that is when a lot of chitchat happens. Don't worry about fitting in, just try to take a genuine interest in other people and they will be attracted to you. Don't be scared to put yourself out there a little bit too -- that's how I went from being more of a loner to someone with a decent social circle. Ask a classmate for their email so you can find out about assignments if you miss class. Tell them you want to start a study group. Getting a job is a great way to make friends--I recommend applying at places like cafes or clothing stores where the employees seem to be around the same age. I've always made a lot of strong friendships at work. And add everyone nice you meet to your Facebook Video Chat Rounds and say hola when you seem them online. :)
Camille Originally Answered: I'm having trouble making friends in college, any advice?
i kinda laughed at what you learn above. lol i believe you're humorous. yea ppl who do homeowork on a friday night time are on the whole no longer that a laugh to hang around with. nevertheless they may be able to be probably the most risk-free peers additionally. the ones ppl are precise and clever and feature a well persona. if you do not discover them gorgeous sufficient, why do not you become a member of a membership in university? if you happen to can not discover any, you'll additionally seem for a category that your the city presents. ( ie. wine tasting magnificence, cooking magnificence, yoga, pilatis, anime, ) you'll meet new ppl who've the equal curiosity as you that means. if you happen to believe you're unpleasant, no less than you'll take a look at your pleasant to seem blank and pleasant. ensure your coiffure is fine, cloths are blank and pleasant, and smile is usually a colossal key to draw others.

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