I need advice on what advice to give to a young girl?

I need advice on what advice to give to a young girl? Topic: Who is the sister of megan young
June 16, 2019 / By Corey
Question: I have a thirteen year old sister who has a lot of friends who know me. A few of these friends of hers (the less annoying ones) communicate with me through my space. One of them got very upset last night because some boy threatened her that she was going to lose her virginity that night. Now I don't know how young girls think, but that sounds like a stupid thing to get upset about. But it made her really upset. She was even crying and puking and all afterward. She wrote me a long message on my space explaining it all to me. (For some reason, many of my sister's friends come to me for advice. I guess I just radiate wisdom). Nearly all of her friends have huge crushes on me (I honestly don't see why. I'm just a goof ball, pretty much). They just think I'm the coolest thing. But I kind of wanted to use this to kind of build her up, and reinforce her beliefs. Her virtues are solid. She wants to remain a virgin until marriage. If she could see that I'm still waiting out on my viginity until marriage, perhaps that would be something powerful to her: seeing this 22 year old college student, whom she pictures as Mr. Homecoming King Stud guy--seeing that he's still a virgin and is LOVING HIS WIFE WHEN HE HASN'T EVEN MET HER YET. I was just wondering what a young girl like this should hear from me. Any random advice would help. I don't want to just sound cheesy, so I reckoned to consult the wisdom that is yahoo answers. Thanks guys.
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Arthur Arthur | 1 day ago
I would just tell her that everything will be alright and that there is nothing to worry about. Just comfort her in anyway that you can. If she can or needs to tell her to stand up to him and tell him that she doesn't want to lose her virginity at all because she isn't ready and she wants to wait till marriage. If she believes in being a virgin, more power to her. The reason that she looks up to you is because you are an adult figure to her and you are someone that she can trust when she needs help. Like I said earlier just be there to comfort her and tell her to stand up to him, because the only thing he wants is sex and if he wants it he can go somewhere else instead of to this young girl who has high standards or virtues. I hope that this helped. Megan
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Uriella Uriella
Actually I would tell her what you said here - that you are waiting and you respect her decision - if she looks up to you, she will want to emulate you, and hopefully make good choices. That was not a stupid thing for her to get upset about though - it sounds a bit like a threat of rape, which is a serious deal. If this boy who threatened her really did threaten her, someone (authorities) need to talk to him and she needs to stay away from him. Don't use her crush on you to build her up - that is a bit like leading her on (or she may think it is, even if you aren't meaning it that way) - make sure you reinforce that you are too old for her, and you are only a friend to her - but you wanted to give her this advice. Good luck - I think you are doing a good thing.
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Read as much as you can and write as much as you can. If there are any particular genres that you want to write, try and read anything you can get your hands on in that genre (a library card comes in handy here!). Also, books on writing are fantastic. I have a huge addiction to them. Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott are two favorites, no matter what you want to write. On Writing Well by William Zinsser is a great resource for nonfiction (which would be helpful for you getting through school). Ursula LeGuin, Stephen King, and Orson Scott Card also all have books on writing which were interesting reads. Write something every day. Maybe poetry, maybe you'll work on a short story or novel, maybe just some journaling-- it doesn't matter, just get words down on the page every day. Like any skill, it takes practice. Be determined. It is a hard road, and even the most talented writers of our time have piles of rejection slips from when they were first starting out. Don't let that get you down! You'll continue to learn and grow and your work will be published in exactly the right place if you are persistant. When you're ready to submit your works, check out the book Writer's Market or their website writersmarket.com. They have a huge database of publishers, magazines, and websites that accept all kinds of writing. Do you have any stories or poems now? Someday could be sooner than you think! It is a little pricey to buy the book, so I'd recommend looking for it at the library (or maybe asking for it for the next gift-giving holiday in your life). If you have a desire to write novels, check out NaNoWriMo at www.nanowrimo.org-- it's a novel writing competition where the goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. It's intense, but an amazing feeling when you accomplish it! Just remember that it takes a lot of hard work, but if this is what you want to do then you CAN and WILL succeed! Good luck, and always keep writing.
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Several tips come to mind. 1. Find the booklet, "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and Williams. It contains a wealth of information for novice and professional writers alike. 2. Follow the rules of punctuation and grammar. Use a good spell check and watch for words spelling differently, but pronounced the same way. 3. Trim and cut away the fat of the manuscript. Delete unnecessary words and phrases that only clutter the plot and the movement of the story. At first it hurts to cut away what you believe is superb writing, but it could be fat that you don't want. 4. Write realistic dialogue. Avoid exchanges about the weather and introductions of characters. They slow down the story. Each character has a different way of speaking; concentrate on the differences that your characters have and employ them in the dialogue. 5. Start your story with an action scene; i.e., blood on the floor, the parachute harness slipping away, the rifle's sights dead center on the victim--anything that creates instant tenseness. 6. Do not use a lot of backstory at the beginning of your story and shun the use of the words, remember, recall, noticed, such as "When I noticed her hair I remembered my first wife." Tell what is necessary. 7. Read a lot and study other authors' style in narrative and dialogue. 8. Edit your story continually and have disinterested people help you. Never trust a close friend or relative to give you the truth about your writing abilities. 9. Practice good penmanship everywhere: on this site, on the message boards, in your letters and e-mails. By writing well everytime your fingers touch the keyboard it provides the avenue toward perfection. These and more are simply part of what can get you going in the enjoyment and task of writing. When you suffer from writer's block--as we all do--take the time and edit what you've written. Good luck.

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