What do you know or believe makes a sucessful marriage?

What do you know or believe makes a sucessful marriage? Topic: What is a research action plan
July 20, 2019 / By Laurel
Question: What makes my marriage successful and without fighting, arguing or disagreeing is... "Communication" we talk about everything and anything. If we feel we have a difference on something we talk it out and work out ways to have a little of both of our ideas work. We don't keep things from each other. "Trust" We both trust each other completely and have no reason to doubt the others words or actions. "Love" Love and loving each other with out doubt, regret and knowing that love holds the communication and trust together.. All 3 of these have made my marriage as great as it is. In all my life I have never met anyone that has ever made me feel so comfortable and safe and loved and cared for. What makes your marriage strong and successful everyday? Great information Natalie. No marriage is ever perfect, not even mine as good as it is. I've had a few people not belive that in 3 years we have never had a fight or argument. We can disagree but talking it out works great and communication makes living together and being happy so much easier and fun.. Great answers everyone.. To be honest when I met my husband it took alot to get use to because he is so kind and gentle and easy to get along with. I told him that I wasnt use to not being told what to do when to do it and how and where to do it, guess I was use to being in controlling relationships and being the controlled one, that I wasnt used to such kindness that he showed me. I was in a couple of abusive relationships and really wasnt use to being treated so well. I asked myself outloud what did i do to deserve this and him, he overheard me and said.. because you truly deserve it. For once I was completely speechless. He said something to me that no one ever said before.. "I deserved it ". I still pinch myself to make sure im not dreaming that hes real and as good to me as he is.. and everytime I pinch myself I feel it lol
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Jill Jill | 5 days ago
in an intimate relationship class I took in the psych dept of college, I learned that love is made up of 3 things: lust, intimacy, & commitment. Not all have an equal effect on a relationship, and the amount of each is constantly changing. ROMANCE or lust is about attraction, romance, and the "butterflies". It's strongest in the beginning of relationships. INTIMACY is about how well you know your partner, that they're your best friend COMMITMENT is about sticking with each other even when times are hard. Committed couples don't think about breaking up when times are rough, or during arguments. . . couples that play together, stay together! there's actually been research on this. doing novel activities with your partner keeps love strong. There did an experiment where they separated couples into 2 groups. Group A had their ankles & wrists tied to their partner while completing an obstacle course, while group B slowly rolled a ball back & forth. Afterwards, the couples had to plan a vacation. Couples in group A reported greater marital satisfaction, & talked to each other nicer & were more likely to compromise than group B. . . People today don't realize that relationships TAKE WORK. they think true love is perfect, and any disagreements is a sign they aren't meant for each other, so they break up. . . the most important thing is: YOUR PARTER SHOULD BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!
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Frankie Frankie
I guess friendship and love. Just like your best friend you dont get along all the time or even have the same views, but as long as at the end of the day you still have love then you will be together for a long time.
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Darcie Darcie
Trust each other, give and take, share everything,get through every good and bad times together ..and..never let any empty space for "third person "come into the marriage.
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Brandi Brandi
Honesty Forgiveness Being Faithful Putting Effort into the relationship Compramise Oh and LOVE of course haha
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