Traveling to France & Spain.mid may.?

Traveling to France & Spain.mid may.? Topic: Gifted research articles
June 16, 2019 / By Allastir
Question: I'm a college student....what should I wear? Any sites that help lend trends....also what shoes? ....flats? Pastries to try? Food to try? Gifts to buy? Just gathering extra advice as well as research :) Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Tawnie Tawnie | 8 days ago
You do not say where in France and Spain you are going, or how long for. Temperatures in the North of France and the South of Spain are vastly different. Since you will be visiting a lot of touristic sights, you need shoes in which you will be comfortable . Bear in mind that some of the streets in ancient cities are cobbled so, yes, ballerina type shoes are recommendable, but can have a flat heel for support. Keep high heels for evening wear if you go to a smart restaurant for instance. Clothes should be things in which you will be comfortable too and that you can switch around : skirts, slacks, T shirts and one or two smarter outfits for going out in the evening. Tourists are not expected to be dressed like fashion plates and whatever you wear people are not bothered as long as it is decent. In May it is quite pleasantly warm in France except in the very North and already very warm in Southern Spain. Colours of clothing are brighter in Spain than in France, but in either country the "boho" look with distressed clothes etc.. is frowned upon and bare midrifts or too revealing clothes as well. Bear in mind that most churches ask tourists not to wear shorts, and to cover shoulders and upper arms. If you have strappy dresses then take one of those gossamer type cardigans than you can fold in your bag, pull out and wear inside a church. Pastries are numerous and differ between France and Spain, so you will have to go by the look. You will find them much lighter than in America, but also quite expensive. There is no end of different dishes to eat in both countries and it would take hours to enumerate them, but if you google French / Spanish cuisine you will get a general idea. Gifts also vary according to where you are going and there will be dozens of souvenir shops wherever you go. In Spain Toledo jewellery is quite distinctive and very pretty, also Lladro type figurines, hand embroidered articles and leather goods. In France anything from local costume dolls to local artifacts like silk scarves, jewellery or tooled leather, pottery or crystal ware, and obviously things like mini Eiffel Towers etc.... If you are religious there often is a small shop attached to or in a side isle in big cathedrals selling things like prayer beads, religious figurines and, in France, little crib characters called 'santons'. In southern towns there generally are arcades with little shops sitting cheek by jawl selling all sorts of things which will make good small presents. On the whole you will find ordinary things more expensive than in the USA and clothing in particular. Beware street sellers, and only take with you money for a day at a time leaving the rest in your hotel safe or drawing out money as you go. Always hang on to your bag and keep it shut. In big cities beware pick pockets. There is a wave of them originating from eastern Europe that have spread to western Europe since the lifting of frontier checks between EU states. Enjoy your trip.
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Tawnie Originally Answered: How could i study in spain?
it depends on how old you are, then you can chose the best option for you. If you are in college and you want to do an exchange program the best option is to contact with your college administration and they'll tell you what are the right programs for students. A lot of universities have exchange programs, you just to need the one that it's best for you. If you are a high schooler, you should contact an exchange program agency. I was a foreign exchange student from Spain and I went with EF, they do the same (i mean, if you are from the US you can find a program to go to Spain as a foreign exchange student). Also, if your case it's none of the above, you could contact EF or any other agency similar to it, there are a lot. For working in Spain it depends on the kind of visa you have, they'll know this better than I do in the Spanish embassy. Anyway, if you want to visit, the EF page is: www.ef.com and the Spanish Ambassy in the states: http://www.mae.es/Embajadas/Washington/en/Home/ Good luck! ;)
Tawnie Originally Answered: How could i study in spain?
There are university programs where you study abroad and you could spend 4 months in Spain. If you are still in highschool, then I'm sure there is some sort of foster family program offered, there are many highschools that have it. Spain is beautiful...Good luck!!!

Roberta Roberta
Given the quantity of travelers already in Paris (adding americans, judging from their accents), I do not consider There have now not been any demonstration, permit by myself riots for a couple of weeks now. May/June is on the whole the quality season to talk over with France.
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Roberta Originally Answered: 12 days in Spain- help with planning?
Go to frommers.com and barcelona-tourist-guide.com. Going to Barcelona and Madrid in September. I did all my research through both theses sites. Was really helpful
Roberta Originally Answered: 12 days in Spain- help with planning?
I read Mitchner's "Iberia" and planned a route similar to his. Went for 16 days. Stayed at Paradors, Monasteries, castles, etc.Hired a tourist agent in the states who specialized in travel to Spain. Also bought Fodor's Travel book which was a great help. Went to Madrid, Avila, Seville, Granada, Salamanca, and Toledo, the place to buy silver. We always went off the beaten path to find somewhere to eat. One little cafe was run by father and daughter. We sat in a small dining room with another tourist who was from Germany. We conversed in Spanish. There were fresh flowers and linen tablecloths and they were playing 78 records. I ordered an Omlette with white asparagus. It was delicious. When I wanted to use the rest room, they insisted that I go upstairs and use their personal bathroom. When we were ready to leave this delightful place, the family and their help lined up to say goodbye to us. This experience is etched in my heart forever. Be adventurous! Rent a car. Got a parking ticket. Ignored it. Didn't want to go to jail! Bought a classical guitar in Granada. Stayed at the Hotel Christina in Seville. I have a signed recipe from the hotel chef for Gazpacho, a cold yummy vegetable soup. I even had french fried minnows. Was like eating potato chips. Like I said, be adventurous.. Went for a carriage ride, and saw a Flamenco show. Went to a bull fight. Always felt safe as there were always guards on most corners. Take a collapsible suitcase so you can bring back souvenirs. Also, take a mesh bag for the oranges that you will want to buy. Be sure to wash them well and don't eat the skins. Street vendors don't supply any bags. When we arrived in Madrid, we decided to take a nap at 11:30 AM as we were exhausted. We woke up at 5 PM! Jet Lag! This was OK as most places are closed for Siesta from about 1 or 2 PM until 5 PM. Everything closed up.Went to a department store and bought some beautiful leather shoes. Oh, take a cover for your head when in cathedrals. I bought a Spanish lace mantilla. I could go on and on. I loved Spain. In fact, I wanted to buy a condo there. Have a safe and super fun filled trip.

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