Undergraduate student graduating in June 2011 and applying to jobs?

Undergraduate student graduating in June 2011 and applying to jobs? Topic: Application letter for work experience
June 16, 2019 / By Jill
Question: Hello: I am an undergraduate student looking to graduate in June 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. I have applied to a few positions in hopes of getting an interview that would lead to something after I graduate. A lot of other positions I have found require things like 3 or 5 years or more of work experience in an engineering field. Should I still apply to those anyway even though I only have less than 1 year of experience from an engineering internship I did? The worst that could happen is they won't respond, right? Do they normally hold on to your resume in case something you are more qualified for comes along? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Frankie Frankie | 6 days ago
It costs stamps (and time) to send job-applications, so you have to be more efficient with the process. First step would be to work with the placement office of your university. Companies usually come onto universities to look for new graduates. Your assignment is to know which companies are arriving, which companies interest you, and then to be among those interviewed. Also work with your engineering department to ask for hints and suggestions. Former graduates do keep in touch with their old school; former graduates let their old school (via the departments) what are the types of applicants they look for in the next hiring season. Next step is what you've just started (using web searches to look for jobs). What you should get will be the names/addresses. Your cover letter should be about your interest in working for the company (and you should NOT mention the job-openings the companies had posted that required 5-years work experience that you, obviously, do not have yet).
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Darcie Darcie
I know it sounds positive to say that you tried and the worst they can do is not respond. Reality is that you're wasting everybody's time...especially yours. If I were you, I focus on entry level jobs...and especially internships. Like the person above said, many companies go to colleges to look for entry level or interns. HOWEVER, you have a good point at the end. You can send a general resume to people instead of applying for open positions. So that when they're is a position open, they may contact you. Realisticly, most likely it won't happen. If companies wanted someone, all they do is post it and people will follow. That's easier than just calling people up that probably have jobs already. Also, try job agencies. They suck, but they often have jobs that you may not find on your own.
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Brandi Brandi
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