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July 16, 2019 / By Brande
Question: Over the years I made approximately 10 yahoo accounts. 7 of them I can't remember the Yahoo! ID , the password is the same for all. Is there any way I can find out the ID's of those accounts? All accounts are made with the same name, birth date, etc. If I mail the support and tell them the name and birth date, can they tell me all the existing accounts with that name and birth date?
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Alea Alea | 8 days ago
Here go to the link below to find what you need to do and here is also some other tips just for you. The following is good for most all windows PC computers, But Most of the times we find the problems with Email, is found in the IE Browsers. You can With to another Browser if you have to see if you still are having the issues. Here is what you can do to fax most Computer and or Browser problems. ; Please, you need to perform this once a week and you should see a noticeable. You will see a difference the first time. NO downloads to load. >OPEN Your Browser and CLICK ON CTRL-SHIFT-DEL If this dose not work drop down to 1. >Now you should see a window call DELETE HISTORY. > Now Click on all boxes but leave the top OPEN. >Now DELETE >RESET YOUR COMPUTER. Part 1. Open you internet browser, To perform this you have to open TOOLS, once OPEN look for INTERNET OPTION, note Browsing History check the box and click check all but the top favors. This will clean some but not all errors When you Click DELETE. Close you BROWSER and were going to Clean up Your PC Part 2. Next on START, All Programs, click on first directory ACCESSORIES, look for SYSTEMS TOOLS and click on system clean up, check all boxes and this will remove a lot of junk errors, where you have been surfing the internet. Perform this a few times Until you are seeing all “0”. Part 3 Now return to step Part 2 but after "system tools" click on fragmenter. Here is a bit of understanding of what is going on, more detail below to understand why. You're Hard Disk is spinning at high speed and as files are loaded as a mex of numbers and letters. they may go in (EXAMPLE: D.H.Y.A.N.B.O.A.) With no order to them at all .and over time this creates a big problem as it becomes hard for the computer to find what you need. (PC RUNS SLOWER) . The Computer is trying to read the hard disk most, of the time. Think of it like this, we all know ABC through XYZ and 123 to 789. Right?. De-fragmentation puts them into order on the Hard Drive and closes the gap between free open space.. When it is written into an order the computer can understand. Then the PC can find the data with a faster response to your input and this helps it, to run quickly, faster for you..So if this is a bit simple, please forgive me. An informed PC user knows what to do and "WHY" it needs to be done. This is the bast way I know to help everyone understand, WHY.. Now you may need to run the following about (SIX- 6 time or more to clean errors) The computer needs a clean-up or workout once a week or more times as it will pass over errors the first few times that makes passes and fix issues.. By running it a few times a Month, it has time to find and clean up errors, history, cookies and bad files. Once complete reset by rebooting the hard drive. Every time you search the web your computer stores pictures, links, fines and more called cookies, history ect. To make your return searches work faster. But if you’re not going back it becomes junk and needs to be removed. What you are doing is removing them so your COMPUTER has more room to work, The computer needs free memory to work faster. Enjoy A good virus program which everyone should have. I like the new Norton 2012. There is a valid Yahoo email where you can forward such scam emails. I'll try to find it for you if no one else provides it. Otherwise, you can simply delete the scam mail. EDIT: One way you can report that email is by using this form: http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=cont... If you have any difficulties with that form, try this one: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/ym...
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Alea Originally Answered: Why cant I receive e-mails from another yahoo e-mail account?
I have been having trouble receiving my e mails also,I even sent an email from another yahoo e mail account,, to one in question, and still haven't received it,, This has been an ongoing problem now for a few weeks,, I even subscribed to yahoo mail plus thinking this might help the problem,with no such luck,,I havent gotten any e mails in this account since last Friday,, and I know my friend has been sending them,Just like I sent one to myself and didnt receive it,,, Right now my entire account is blank, the area to click composed is just a blank area , so is nothing to click on to access compsed, and write an e mail,, And when I clicked on an old e mail in account ,entire account just went blank, nothing there,,, This is what Iam paying for ??? I clicked on call a yahoo representative, and they now charge $29.95 to contact them,, To have direct phone access for a whole three days,,,LOL What a joke,, do they create problems , hoping people are dumb enough to pay for this service?? Sorry I couldnt help you , thou Iam experiencing same problems,,, If you find an answer let me know !!
Alea Originally Answered: Why cant I receive e-mails from another yahoo e-mail account?
I'd create a new Yahoo email account & keep it active. Inform people of your new email address. If you must have that Yahoo account again, contact Yahoo Customer Service & ask them what the issue is. If you haven't used the acct in a while, Yahoo shuts it down.
Alea Originally Answered: Why cant I receive e-mails from another yahoo e-mail account?
help the other person learn how to actully use the internet...or at least give them your true e-mail address

Alea Originally Answered: How can i get rid of those spam mails? seem like the more i UNSUBSCRIBE; the more i SUBCRIBE TO? HELP?
By clicking on the unsubscribe it just tells them you have a working email address and they most likely sell it to everyone they can so you end up getting more. Best to just delete the annoying things and they do seem to get fewer by ignoring them. , Now for some reasonyahoo has changed things so you can't click on the full headers and forward the letters to [email protected] unless you go thru copy/paste each time. they say because most are from other countries no one in the USA can stop them. You could change email srvers all you have to do is notify people you are changing emails, like go thru your whole address/contact list to tell them and then use yahoo as alternate for anything that requires an address and then the spam will come to yahoo and not the neww email address.
Alea Originally Answered: How can i get rid of those spam mails? seem like the more i UNSUBSCRIBE; the more i SUBCRIBE TO? HELP?
nconfused is right. the unsubscribe option is just included to make sure the email address works. I get a ton of spam with this email, fortunately most of it goes to the spam folder. You only get 20? Lucky. How I deal with them is blocking the address, or the domain depending on how much spam I'm getting from that domain. You may want to change your email, and just use this one as a spam acct, you can always use it to continue signing up for those things that are too good to be true, and hey, if you get more spam, it won't be a big deal. I'm sure everyone in your address book would be happy to send to the new email, as well as this one.
Alea Originally Answered: How can i get rid of those spam mails? seem like the more i UNSUBSCRIBE; the more i SUBCRIBE TO? HELP?
Probably are drunk... Just kidding. Actually the majority of Spam mail is written by people from various parts of the world that don't speak good English. The reason? It's cheaper and most of these countries don't really care to hunt down spammers. That's pretty much it. If you don't want to get spam, I would suggest using a good email provider. The best web mail provider I have found is Gmail. Since I have had an account with them, I haven't had to deal with any spam.

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