Can someone help me on this Persuasive Paper I am writing in English 11 On High School Start Times?

Can someone help me on this Persuasive Paper I am writing in English 11 On High School Start Times? Topic: Writing the body paragraphs in an essay
July 20, 2019 / By Aleen
Question: Can someone explain to me how to write the introduction,Body paragrapphs and conclusion,I am so lost and Its due Friday!!I am not asking anyone to do it for me because that wouldnt be right im asking to either give me advice,Explain how to write one on high school start times or give me a link to an example,Thank you Soo Much For your help,im in 11th grade a junior in high school and only have tonight and tomorow to write this thing,Its riding on my grade so I must do good,Thanks In Advance!
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Triston Triston | 1 day ago
It is a persuasive paper, so first you need to establish your idea by asking the question: What are you trying to persuade people to do? What about school start times are trying to get people to agree with/change/keep/etc. For an example, I am going to argue that high schools start way to early and should be changed to a later time INTRO PARAGRAPH: Start off with an opener. Introduce your topic (High School Start times) Then introduce your view on the topic (For mine, I think they start out too early) Then this should lead to your thesis, which is where you introduce the ideas that support your argument and what your body paragraphs will focus on. (Example: High School Start times should be changed to a later time because kids are too tired to learn, its a hassle for parents, SUPPORT 3, SUPPORT 4, etc. (A traditional 5 paragraph essay will only have 3 ideas) BODY PARAGRAPHS Use FACTS to support your argument. It is effective. Use them to build the argument. Don't just analyze the facts. Clarify HOW your facts relate to your argument. Remember, you are persuading. Pretend you're a businessman trying to sell your idea, rather than a product. EXAMPLE 1st BODY PARAGRAPH: In my thesis, the first idea I introduce is "kids are too tired to learn" That is what the first paragraph will be about. "Studies show that teenagers only sleep 6 hours on average. Scientist Smith has proven that the brain cannot take in as much information, or remember it when it is tired. Therefore, kids are not learning as much as they could unless they are sleeping a full eight hours. The high school start times are too early and interfere with the eight hours teenagers should be sleeping to benefit from school" (I made the numbers up. This is just an example of how facts should be used to build the argument" CONCLUSION: Summarize and review your argument. Don't just end it. Restate your main ideas. (but not your thesis.) You want to end strongly and the conclusion is like a reminder to the reader about what you have just written. Good luck with your paper. C:
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Reuben Reuben
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