Im going on a school trip to France.can you help me understand the process, im clueless about everything?

Im going on a school trip to France.can you help me understand the process, im clueless about everything? Topic: Suitcase size for planes
July 17, 2019 / By Abia
Question: im going to france and then london on a school trip and i am very confused.......i dunno what to bring, wear, buy, but the most confusing is all the tsa rules and stuff....can i/ should i wear makeup on the flight date?? and what makeup is allowed on the plane....should i wear khaki converse with black skinny jeans and a black tee shirt that says ''love'' with a Victoria Secret's hoodie that's yellow and says ''love'' also? should i bring money? how much ''spending/incase money'' should i bring?? is this a good suitcase? http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http… how about carry on? http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http… how many bags are allowed for 1 person...is it best to not bring liquds..should i do the whole, check in a suitcase thing or should i just do a carry-on??
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Best Answers: Im going on a school trip to France.can you help me understand the process, im clueless about everything?

Stevie Stevie | 3 days ago
You obviously are still young, at school, so bank cards and bank accounts do not apply. You do not say how long you are going to be in France, but generally these trips are for a week. Meals and hospitality expenses will be taken care of by your tour operator, and entries to museums or monuments by your teachers, but you do need pocket money for small things like ice-creams, the odd drink, postcards and souvenirs. France is on the Euro and one scoop of ice-cream is €3 minimum. A post card is €2. France is very expensive compared to America.You also will need some dollars to buy yourself something such as a drink or a magazine at the airport whilst you are waiting for your flight to be called up. Your luggage should be in the hold and you should put any liquids like perfume, shampoo, toothpaste, etc in that luggage. Liquids are banned in hand luggage except for perhaps a mini bottle of skin milk, or cologne, in a transparent container that can be pulled out of your handbag and shown at check point. Nothing more than those tiny bottles one find in hotels, or they will be confiscated. No scissors or sharp objects such as metal nail file.You can have lipstick, eye shadow, and a small tube of blusher. Bear in mind that French girls your age do not wear much make-up , if any at all. You will have to put hand bag, perhaps your shoes, any belt that has a metal buckle, your camera, your cell phone and MP3 and any metal jewellery in a tray for them to go through the scanner. If you are wearing clothes with studs or metal zips these may trigger the overhead scanner bell, then a female checker will run a special detector all over you. They recognise the metal things on bra straps, etc... I could not open your google references for suitcases but in general you can have one large case and a medium or small one in the hold and the smallest size of suitcase for carry on as it has to fit in overhead lockers. You may be instructed to put your handbag in it so as to have just "one" article to carry on when you check in, but you can pull it out when you get to your seat. Take something to occupy you on the journey: there are films but one gets tired of them over seven hours plus. As to what to wear, at present the weather is variable in Paris: cold one day, hot the next,so take an assortment of clothes that you can easily take off if you are too hot. You do not say where you are going : it is hotter in the south than in the north. Take something waterproof or a mini telescopic umbrella in case of rain. You can wear make-up and whatever clothes you want, but skinny jeans may be uncomfortable for the flight, and you will need really comfortable shoes. The rage in France for teenagers at the moment are light slip ons. You will not have the opportunity to wear high heels and with a lot of walking to do they are better avoided. Clothes are more conservative and in less bright colours than in the USA, but people are used to tourists wearing brash colours or odd fashions so they take it in their stride. In any case it is summer so there are more flowery or light coloured things than in the winter. When you enter a shop always say "bonjour" and "merci" even if you are not buying anything and just having a look. Say "bonjour" to everyone before you talk to them. Do not touch everything or fling things back any old way. When with your school friends try to keep the volume down. I was with a party of American school girls in a plane last week and they were horribly loud, and school parties are notorious for making noise, but shop keepers do object when a bunch of girls descends on their shop and shriek at the things they see at the top of their voice, likewise when you enter churches and art galleries. Have a really great time, wherever you are going. I wish you all the best. PS. I came back to your question as I remembered after writing the above that you are also going to London. There you should not have any problems with language and things will be more familiar as quite a few things are similar to America. However, remember that it is not the same currency as in France, as the UK has kept the Pound sterling and not adopted the Euro. If you have any Euros coins left, you will not be able to use them. Banks only change banknotes as it is not worth their while exchanging coins. If you are just going to Paris and London, be aware there are pickpockets operating particularly in the underground and at the busiest tourist spots, so it is wise to carry your money in a belt purse or an inside pocket. In the provinces, it is OK but big European cities have now been swamped with gypsies from eastern Europe and beggars, many of whom prey on tourists. My daughter had her camera stolen in the London underground, and one of her friends got her purse stolen in Notre -Dame Cathedral.
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Stevie Originally Answered: What should i bring on my 10 day trip to France?
Please ignore the first answer. Extra socks and underwear never hurt. It is warm in June, but bring a sweatshirt just in case. Aside from clothes of course, don't bring any liquids. They are not allowed on planes. So no toothpase, perfume, water etc. Just buy small travel size portions of toothpaste and the rest when you get there. Have your passport. It can take months, so if you don't have it yet - start now. Get a travelers necklace pouch. You can put your passport there and keep it under your shirt. Under no circumstances do you want your passport lost. A camara. A french english dictionary. An open mind. Travelers checks. A frommers guide to France. Don't pack too much - you will have to carry it. Act like a good representative of the USA. Try to practice French as much as possiblw whiile you are there. Try and avoid american food while you are there and just go for the french food. Soon enough you will be back and you will be around all your old food again. If you wiill be with a french family give them a small gift from your State. IE: if you are from the north east give them some maple syrup because maple syrup is made in north eastern states.

Paise Paise
When I was your age, we didn't go to Europe. We walked barefoot in the snow to school because the school district required that you live at least 3 miles away before the bus would come for you and only a few families had tv (almost always black and white). There was no internet and we communicated with paper letters. Rich ppl sent their letters by airmail (inside the US). Believe it or not, in 2011 there are still adults who have never been on a plane (and will never visit Europe). Go to your airlines' website. That website will answer most if not all of your questions about what you can bring. Make up is fine. Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes. Don't overpack clothes-- many French girls have only one hoodie or one sweater and they wear the same thing day after day. You can wear the same blouse/jeans 2 or even 3 days in a row. Try to use a small roller bag with wheels. UK and French train stations do not have porters at any price and some don't have elevators (you have to climb stairs). You can also use a light weight duffel/flight bag with no wheels if you aren't carrying 2 much. Spending $ is up to you. I presume that the hotel and transportation is prepaid. If you are frugal, $40-50/day should be enough. It will also depend on how much shopping you do. Paris is like NY. You can just buy small things like postcards and keychains. OR high fashion which can be really expensive. You can ask the teacher planning the trip (or your parents) for advice. When you get on the plane, get as much sleep as possible. If you stay up most of the flight watching the movie, you will be exhausted when you land. Some experienced travelers even skip the supper and go straight to sleep. It's up to you. Try to figure out how to solve your problems and how to organize your luggage. This is part of growing up. Making a list helps. Don't get too stressed out. London & Paris are great!
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Lindsey Lindsey
Read your fight ticket, that will tell you all you need to know about the luggage restrictions and the carrying of liquids and other things. If you like wearing makeup then wear it on the flight, but remember you may not be able to touch it up during the flight (see restrictions above). Your tops do not have any offensive language on them so that's OK. Make sure that you are comfortable wearing your selected outfit for up to 12 hours (remember you have to check in, fly, go through immigration and travel to your hotel before you can change clothes). Check the local arrival time and weather, (as this question is in YA USA, I'm assuming that is your location) since you may need to have warm clothing for the other end. Wear shoes that are easy to remove as some security checks require people to remove their shoes. As you are going on a school trip, talk to your teachers about how much money to take with you, they've done it before (and if not, know people who have). Again as you are on a school trip, you will travel as a group so unless EVERY member of your party is just using carry-on then you'll have to wait in baggage reclamation for them (or in the arrivals hall), which is the usual reason for only carry-on. If you can make sure that your mobile phone can work in Europe, and possibly enquire about which European carrier to use (Pay-as-you-go SIM cards are available at most airports)
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Jaron Jaron
You can wear make-up, but you can't have anything with liquids in your bag. Of course you should bring money. You can also bring a credit card, but cash is much more useful. It's possible to use your ATM card in the ATMs in other countries, but you need to check with your bank in your own country first, just to make sure that you can. Allow enough time to order a new card if you need to. You simply withdraw whatever you need on location in the local currency and the equivalent is taken from your bank account at home, and of course there is a fee for this, but it is a lot safer than carrying around wads of cash that can easily be stolen from you. They use the Euro in France and Sterling in the UK. As regards carry-on weight, check on your ticket. That information should be included. If you're flying with Ryanair, check-in luggage is a bit more expensive. As regards what to wear, whatever you think looks good is fine.
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Fredrick Fredrick
As anyone who used to be bullied myself via the entire grades through one institution of men and women or an extra, I particularly think for you. Sometimes it's fine to suck it up and preserve going for the period of the day/week/month/12 months, however fact be informed, it will possibly aid to speak to a counselor at college approximately it - principally in the event that they get bodily in ANY method. You can ask the counselor not to inform your people and preserve it inside the college, and relying on what different bullying is happening, they is also capable to hinder it, if not anything else, they may be able to have a couple of extra outs watching nearer for it to give up it because it occurs. It is difficult, it sucks in such a lot of exclusive methods, however it isn't inconceivable. In plenty of methods, over the years this may increasingly depart (principally when you get out of college) however there'll continually be one or 2 jerks available in the market seeking to spoil anybody's day they may be able to - it's finding out that what they are saying does no longer subject and it is going to no longer difference who you're (within) if you don't permit it difference you. I will say this - permit anyone within the college recognize what's going on, and I do additionally recommend your mother and father, however don't be discouraged from what they different children say. . . Myself, I used to be continually an excessively massive child, and used to be picked on always for lots of matters - then I graduated and gave no longer a type of children the delight of getting them get to me. In reality, I joined the US Army and exceeded all of them. Keep your chin up! Smile, and don't deliver them the advantage of having to you. And such a lot importantly, well good fortune.
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Fredrick Originally Answered: Student Visa in France Validation Process.Can I leave the country?
Like you, I stayed in France for a few months on a student visa. I had no problems when I traveled to the U.K. from France. Your passport should show that you have the appropriate visa. My passport and visa were checked in both France and the U.K., and no one questioned what I was doing. You'll have your round trip train tickets, and you'll probably be asked to show those. That is all.

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