Who makes sony comuters? and Hp computers? (I heard that japan makes sony computers)?

Who makes sony comuters? and Hp computers? (I heard that japan makes sony computers)? Topic: The sisters thailand
July 17, 2019 / By Theo
Question: I'm talking about all the hardware in the computer as well as the designs of the computer and all the software in the computer... I bought an HP TouchSmart PC Here's the video of the one i bought... http://www.truveo.com/HP-TouchSmart-IQ500/id/841751156 ..... cool but im pissed off.... it was cool for the first few days.... and i still think its very cool but the problem is that after a few days like 5-6 days... i started getting a weird behavior from it... then my sister was using it, suddenly it froze and she couldn't do anything... she turned it off and I turned it back on like half an our later..... and i get this message that it was not successfully shut down... and that recovery data was lost... something like that, it said i could recover it but then the screen went blank and it proceeded to the windows logo thing, when your computer is starting up...... so log in and I open the internet, click on the window and it wouldn't bring me to it its like i didnt even click on it. also i want to know it the error was in that one computer, if it was a glitch, bug whatever you want to call it or if all hp computers are like that and if sony computers are better, and what computers are better than HP computers.... Thanks for all your help... (I bought the computer at bestbuy... ) if it helps i bought the HP TouchSmart IQ506
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Price Price | 7 days ago
Sometimes a new rig will be flakey. The first few days you have one they are always updating themselves etc. Could be sis shut it down in the middle of an update. Go to Windows Updates and get all the updates and go to HPs site and get the latest hardware drivers. If you then have issues contact HP. Sony is based in Japan. Chances are thou that, if you look at the CD drives hard drives etc in any computer it will say it was made somewhere in Asia. Western Digital and Hitachi hard drives are made in Thailand, Fujitsu in the Philippines, Pioneer Rom drives in Japan etc etc.
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