Well Hello, what I want to ask is how I should a teenager like my self can publish a book?

Well Hello, what I want to ask is how I should a teenager like my self can publish a book? Topic: How to write a good book synopsis
July 16, 2019 / By Lawrie
Question: My name is Ninsi, I am 17 years old and I have always loved to write and read. Since i was in 9th grade I have been writing a series of books. I have writen four books so far. The name of the series is "The chronicle of the New Prince of Darkness", my friends at school have read and my teachers too, and they love them. They are always telling me that I should publish them,the problems is that i don't know how and i don'treally have the money to publish them. so please anyone who knows anything about publishing , please give me a hand and help, tell me what i should do. thank you.
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Best Answers: Well Hello, what I want to ask is how I should a teenager like my self can publish a book?

Jachin Jachin | 6 days ago
My dear Authorhouse is one of the worst possible choices you could make. In fact, any self publisher is. Self publishing is a financial black hole. Authorhouse is consistently rated in the Worst 10 Publishers lists. Always check a publisher or agent out. Go to Preditors and Editors or Absolute Write Water Cooler's Bewares and Background Checks for information. You will find Authorhouse is a no-no in the industry. You want to get yourself a copy of Writers Market and read it first. Then start searching the smaller publishers and agents for ones accepting material in your genre. Learn how to write a query letter and a synopsis and start sending out queries. Remember -- unless it says "multiple submissions" in their submission guidelines - only send ONE at a time and wait for a response. If it says multiple submissions, send two simultaneously, but you MUST state in the letter you have sent to another agent or publisher as well. Expect a lot of rejection. That comes with the territory. Gone With The Wind was rejected 50 times. A couple of pointers - NEVER tell a publisher or agent you are writing a series. That makes them very nervous. They will not buy more than one book from you at first. They don't want to get stuck with a multi book contract with you in the event the first book doesn't do well. Then they owe you more books published and that wouldn't be profitable for them. One at a time. It is to your benefit too. If the first one does well, you can negotiate a better deal for the others. That means the first book MUST be able to stand alone. Secondly when you start searching through publishers and agents in Writers Market, there is an important number to look for. That is the percentage of new clients in their stable. The higher that number is, the more likely they are to accept a first timer. Look for 50% or higher. Third - NEVER copyright your material. It is copyrighted as soon as you write it according to the newest version of the Federal Copyright Laws. However that means it is your responsibility to do everything you can to avoid plagiarism. NO posting online and NO sharing with people who ask to read. They can read when it is published. If and when you sell it, as a part of the Standard Writers Contract, the publisher will copyright for you at their expense. Copyrighting yourself is considered amateur, unprofessional and rude. It shows publishers and agents you don't trust them to read your work and that you fear they will steal it. Trust me - a reliable agent or publisher will absolutely not steal it. They make their money selling books for others. If you go to my profile, you will find I star all good Q and A regarding publishing and writing. Many successful authors have offered assistance to novices by posting here. Feel free to use this information. Scan through the starred answers and print out any you feel may help you. Pax-C
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Jachin Originally Answered: How do you publish a book as a teenager?
Once you finish writing it, you have to edit it over and over again; so it'll take a year at least. Nonetheless, it applies the same to you as it does to adults. However, you will need your parent's signature for something to do with publishing as you're under 18 (I've just read up on this). There are many sties helping you on how to publish, and of course, this question has been asked many a times so all you have to do is search it in in the Y!A search bar. It would help to get an agent, but you have to track down a publisher and give them a short snippet of your story and you're lucky if they even read that. It's a tough process. I wish you all the best :)
Jachin Originally Answered: How do you publish a book as a teenager?
The exact same way you get published as an adult. There aren't age categories in publishing. You just have to write better than everyone else who is trying to sell their manuscripts to the publisher, most of whom will be adults. Um...to the person who thinks getting rejected 12 times is a lot...it isn't. That's a remarkably small number of times. Many people get rejected _hundreds_ of times. It's a standing joke that writers who are trying to break through and get published paper their walls with the rejection slips.
Jachin Originally Answered: How do you publish a book as a teenager?
The same way you publish a book as an adult. You write a good book, you have it edited for grammar and spelling, and you submit it through the usual channels. Check Writer's Markets 2011 to find out the addresses of publishers.

Fingal Fingal
Hey congratulations you wrote a book, that is awesome! Can u send me some of it, I love to read new things. try this for publishing it hopefully. http://www.authorhouse.co.uk/
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Fingal Originally Answered: How to find a kids book publisher in Canada and what do i need to publish book?
When you say everyone suggests you get it published, are you referring to friends and family? Because their opinions don't count. They are biased and they don't want to hurt your feelings. Join a writers/critique group and get some real feedback from people that aren't afraid to crush your dreams.

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