Best smartphone for a teenager?

Best smartphone for a teenager? Topic: Case smartphone
July 21, 2019 / By Bart
Question: He needs great messaging and fast web browsing for a so-so price or in other words a middle end smartphone. it needs to be with verizon.
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Zandra Zandra | 2 days ago
You're going to get a bunch of "SAMSUNG EPIC II" and "IPHONE" and those are NOT inexpensive. My iPhone cost me 350$ and it was used but in good condition, etc. So I'm going to go look on the website and find one that I used to use that I loved and stayed for a long time with a lot of capacity and a cheap price, or an expensive one that's used on ebay for a decent price for verizon. http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/controller?item=phoneFirst&action=viewPhoneDetail&selectedPhoneId=5774&deviceCategoryId=1&CMP=ILC-VDAY2012 iPhone 4S 16GB for 200$ as long as he's sealed in with a 2 year contract with free overnight shipping. This is the best phone around with a crystal front and back that's actually pretty fragile, so I got a plastic case for mine. This is 4g and really cool with lots of features, and you can find them on ebay for about 50$ less. If this is too expensive I have a long list of other ones that are cheaper but long lasting and good quality, so you can email [email protected]
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Zandra Originally Answered: Which non-smartphone would be best for me?
Intensity 3 by Samsung. The Intensity 2 lasted me all through high school. Try researching the new one. Hope that helps a little bit.
Zandra Originally Answered: Which non-smartphone would be best for me?
In idea you would possibly want to get the phone unlocked and then you does no longer must have a expertise equipment, yet why? Are you particularly going to have between the major characteristic packed phones on the marketplace and by no potential use any options. you'll now no longer have the aptitude to get any applications for it. you does no longer have any cyber internet connection. you would possibly want to be able to to boot in effortless words use a uncomplicated previous turn telephone.

Shelby Shelby
If you don't mind buying on contract, the Galaxy S 2 is a great phone, generally going for around $ 50 (in canada at least). I'm 17, and have the galaxy s 2 - its fast, thin, big screen, and comes with swype (slide across words instead of poking each later...much faster). Also very fast. If your looking for something a little cheaper than that, the Galaxy W is still a good phone that is pretty cheap, and should be fast enough for a teenager. Also has swype.
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Paulette Paulette
THE IPHONE!!! i'm a teen, and even though i don't have a phone, every single one of my friends says iphone is the best, especially 4s, although those are expensive. if money is an objection, go for earlier models like the original and version 2. those can be pretty cheap, if you order them onlive. The blackberry and HTC are good too.
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Paulette Originally Answered: AT&T Smartphone without data?
1. There is no iPhone 3. Its either 3G or 3GS. Going to guess you meant the 3G in this case. 2. No you can't have a smartphone minus the data plan. Once they detect the phone on the network the data plan is applied.

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