Information on applying for a marriage license?

Information on applying for a marriage license? Topic: Legal form of a business plan
June 16, 2019 / By Meagan
Question: I know it’s different from state to state, but I’m curious & the office won’t open again until Wednesday so…. I’m in West Virginia, I know my fiancé & I have to go together but other than that I’m trying to piece together information. Will we need a witness to be with us to sign then? Some information I’ve found says we need 1 witness with us that day, but some say just 2 witnesses the day of the wedding need to sign. If so, can that be family? What forms of ID do you usually need? I even found a site mentioning tax information (???). I figured something like a birth certificate & photo ID would be good enough. And speaking of birth certificates, will they accept copies? My fiancé & I both have photo copies, but will they accept copies or will we need something with a raised seal like originals have? Again, I know all states are different & I do plan on calling the next business day, but I’d appreciate any info you could provide me with. Thanks! About the birth certificates... The reason I ask is that my copy has always been accepted, that's all I've ever used but it's always caused a bit of a problem as far as people having to check to see if they can or can't accept it.
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Lavender Lavender | 6 days ago
You'll Need: Driver's license or certified copy of birth certificate $36 (cash only) for the application Parents' full names, including the mothers' maiden names, and the states where they were born Plus: If either of you is under 18, bring your parents or legal guardian to sign consent (they'll need proper documentation and identification, too). There's a three-day waiting period after you apply. If either of you has been divorced, you'll need to know the final divorce date. If one of you is a widow or widower, you'll need to know the date of your spouse's death. And, You Must: Be married by someone who is authorized to perform the marriage rites in West Virginia. Be married within 60 days of the date on your marriage certificate. Be married in West Virginia. Apply in the same county where you live (if you live in West Virginia).
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Joceline Joceline
ID Requirement: You will need to present photo identification such as your driver's license, state ID, or passport. You will also need to know your parents' full names, including your mothers' maiden names, and the states where they were born. Residency Requirement: You do not have to be a resident of West Virginia. However, if you are a West Virginia resident, you must apply in the county where you live. Previous Marriages: Most counties will require documentation to prove a previous marriage has been dissolved either through death or divorce.
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Gabrielle Gabrielle
They will not accept photocopies. A photocopy is not a certified copy that can be accepted ANYWHERE. (defeats the purpose that it was to be used for) For us the witness was the person who helped fill out the forms. You will need a piece of valid photo ID (an expired drivers license wont be accepted) and your birth certificate of both people. (again, not a copy, it will be refused) According to the web sites, you do not need blood tests. Congrats :) Edit: I used to work in a government office and government cannot accept photocopies like that for security concerns since 9/11
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Dawn Dawn
I just went through this in Maine, but again, it varies state to state. You will need either a birth cert. or a photo id...like a license (not a sams clulb card lol), bring along the birth cert. if you have them, and most importantly, if you have been marreid before you DO need proof that you are divorced and not still married...oh and plus there is a nominal fee for this...all you really have to do is look up marriage licenses under the state of West Virginia and they will tell ya all you need to know...good luck. It really is painless, you may also have to prove residense...happy new year!!!!
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Brett Brett
I went with friends to the county registrar's office when they got married. In CA 2 witnesses are needed, but I think that people in the office will suffice. They needed a photo ID and money to pay for the license. It was pretty quick and simple.
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