We tried having sex, missionary. My penis doesn't seem to go in her. Any help please?

We tried having sex, missionary. My penis doesn't seem to go in her. Any help please? Topic: Std research articles
June 16, 2019 / By Nettie
Question: We both have spent time talking about having sex for a long time. Now that we tried, we are sort of disappointed about this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! I am normally shaped. I have done as much research, videos, articles...man I sound desperate lol. But both of us are hopeful for this. I would appreciate ANY little or big advice. We both have spent time talking about having sex for a long time. Now that we tried, we are sort of disappointed about this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Everything about me and her are normal. We have done the fingering, oral, we are not comfortable with, as with the STD's associated with it.
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Best Answers: We tried having sex, missionary. My penis doesn't seem to go in her. Any help please?

Lunet Lunet | 5 days ago
Make sure she's completely relaxing her muscles. Strange but it really might fix it. When she's tensing it can make it hard for it to go in.
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Lunet Originally Answered: For those who've had lds missionaries or been an lds missionary?
Missionaries get moved around a lot within their mission area, so his address could change every month or two and without any notice. He might get letters from lots of people in those 2 years and it would not be feasible to inform every acquaintance who might possibly send him a letter of a new address every few weeks. You might send the letter there and he might move before it arrived, delaying the mail further. The mission office knows where he will be at all times, so it makes sense to just use that one address for all correspondence and then pass on the letter to where he is. They do not read the letters.

Kaylee Kaylee
dude she probably just has a tight p ussy which can be fixed because you can finger her like start with one finger then 2 then 3 until you get 4 and it should be stretched out and if it doesnt work after that try a s hit load of lube
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Hortense Hortense
ok same prob happend with me and my bf on our first time. just both relax and use alot of lube foreplay is the key make sure shes real wet and poke her alot to strech owt her vagege, then just shove it in. if it hurts her take it out and try again. keep doing it until it works right.
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Edith Edith
there is so many options you have, missionary isn't the only available position, you can experiment and find something that works. for now i would recommend oral sex or fingering, she will enjoy it and you will get confidence
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Edith Originally Answered: Returned Mormon Missionary?
USC has the best film directors school in the world. George Lucas who was the Director of the first Star Wars movie, and also was the person who owned the the rights to Star Wars, went to USC. Gary Kurtz who was the producer of Star Wars, and was essentially a backup director on the original Star Wars movie, and the first sequel, went to USC. Gary Kurtz is a Mormon who went to Vietnam as a cameraman. Gary Kurtz was a Marine as well. Gary Kurtz was vital to the entire concept of Star Wars. Ed Catmull started the company Pixar. He runs all Animation at Walt Disney currently. Walt Disney purchased Pixar, a company that had made Computer Animated Movies that Walt Disney had been distributing anyway. So Ed Catmull is the king of Pixar, and therefor, the King of all computer Animation. He went to college at the University of Utah. Ed Catmull is Mormon. Ed Catmull said that BYU has the best animation department in the world. Some of the students animated movies Ed Catmull said was top flight, the very best. Ed Catmull would know. Of course there have been many Mormons who over the years who have been Directors or Producers of animated movies, or worked in the art department at Walt Disney, or at other companies. So there is two tips. USC has the best film school. BYU has the best animation school. Now days there is a lot of cross over between animation and movies of all kinds. So you might consider going to BYU for a few years and get to know things about animation. And if you are still learning you could continue there at BYU, but if you want to learn something else, at another college, then you could transfer to the other college, if that is what you want to do. BYU is very inexpensive for someone that is LDS. Also don't worry about the expense. You can use a fund called the Perpetual Education Fund. This will help you defray whatever college expenses that you have, and then after college you can pay the fund back. As far as a job is concerned my niece visited me a few months ago. What she did was go to places all over the world and teach English. While she did have a few years of college under her belt, she told me that that wasn't necessary. You do not have to know a foreign language, you just have to speak English. People around the World want to learn how to speak English. So you might want to look into that. You having been a Missionary this might be an advantage, because they obviously want sensible people to hire. So you could put your two years of being on a Mission, on your application. Another thing is the LDS Church has an employment website. Also there may be an LDS employment center where you live. If there is, you might want to visit. As far as going on dates is concerned, going to college now days is interesting. There are more women going to college than there are men that are going to college. The average is about 60% women and about 40% men going to college in the United States. So whatever college you go to, there will be plenty of women. Certainly this is true at BYU as well. BYU has a very big ballroom dancing program, and many students get to know someone of the opposite sex because of that program... and people learn how to dance as well. You might consider taking correspondence courses from BYU. This is doubly true if you plan on going to BYU (I personally think that would be an excellent idea, considering your career goals... and I think it is safe to say that you want to get your M.R. degree as well and you don't have a lot of money... thus BYU is a great choice for you.) Even if you go to college at BYU, taking correspondence courses for mathematics is a good idea, because you can do it at your own pace. The thing about mathematics is if you miss something or get behind, you get buried. With a correspondence class it is at your own pace, and you still get the college credit. For other classes it would make no sense at all. So that is something to keep in mind as you map out your college strategy. When it comes to your career plans keep the world economy in your mind set. The United States is having some real economic problems right now, but, the World economy is roaring ahead. China and Brazil, and certain other countries are really pushing forward economically. So if there is not as much opportunity in America as you think there will be when you graduate, have no fear... the World economy is important. Don't get stuck in a rut. If you need to go to China or Brazil to do a gig, then that is where you should go, if that is where you need to go because of your profession. Additionally there is a lot of opportunities in Directing. Here is a movie that you might be interested in looking at. This link is the future of independent movie making. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yx9NRX37SM Good Luck and God Bless.

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