All about France and the French educational system. (MBA Prospect)?

All about France and the French educational system. (MBA Prospect)? Topic: Free management case studies
June 25, 2019 / By Athelstan
Question: Hi Everyone, I am currently living in the United States and would really love to Study for my MBA in France. The Problem is I know nothing about the educational system there. Though I have done a couple researches as to find out about reputable schools out there, it seems like a daunting task right now. There are some questions I would like answered: - I was told that education in France is free; I don’t know if that is true for only French and, EU citizens or if it applies to international student too. -Can an international student get scholarship or some kind of aid/grant? - What is it like for a black foreigner in France? - What is the cost of living like—(pick a state) in comparison to a state like California? -The same question applies to getting a job out there. So, if there anyone out there with some knowledge of the French higher educational system, Kindly respond please. Any help would be highly appreciated. Just to add a tad bit of Information. I'm African by birth but have lived in the United States for sometime...So technically, I’m not African American, but Nigerian American. Since, I have both citizenship. Are you saying that even for a MBA program all classes are taught in French? I mean, I would love to learn, appreciate the culture and the lingo, hence my wanting to live there. Right now, my knowledge is limited. I'm not adverse to studying/working hard and earning good grades. That shouldn't be a problem. Should I get a job, it would be a bonus. My mindset is to just go to school fulltime. Right now, I’m saving for it. I forgot to ask, can one acquire a dual degree. MBA and something else. Right now I have 2 BAs and would like to kill two birds with a stone again. Thanks for all your answers, I humbly appreciate.
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Verthandi Verthandi | 9 days ago
Education in France is indeed free (or very close to it) for everyone, including a student from the United States. Fees vary from 150€ to 700€ depending on the university and the different levels of education. (licence, master, doctorate) Of course you will have to find lodgings and feed yourself. There is an organization called CROUS which, among other things, runs cafeterias where you can eat cheaply. Check out their website.http://www.cnous.fr/ I'm not sure about grants for foreigners. I know that there are grants and stipends for French students. A black foreigner who is an American college student will be treated just fine. The situation of African immigrants from France's former colonies leaves much to be desired. Paris which is the city I am most familiar with, has a cost of living much like New York City. Students can legally work although you should be aware that employment may be difficult to find. You should also be aware that you will have to demonstrate fluency in French to be admitted to a French university. (Ask yourself if you can translate your question and this answer into perfect French without using a dictionary..if not then you are not sufficiently fluent). I should also point out that the French University system is different from that in the United States in many ways. Degrees are different (medicine is, for example, an undergraduate degree) for one thing. Universities are much smaller and offer almost no extracurricular activities. The teaching and research functions which are combined in Universities in the USA are generally separate in France. University professors are teachers and not researchers. Research is conducted in separate institutions. You will also find that educational institutions in France are far less forgiving and, from an American point of view, vastly more difficult. Since university is very inexpensive and because anyone who passes the baccalauréat has a right to go to university, they deal with the influx of students by flunking most of them out. In other words, no one is going to cut you any slack. Still, the value of getting a degree from a French University, the additional language skills that you will acquire, and the benefit of becoming socialized to a European environment are clearly very valuable. So don't let me discourage you in any way. But being forewarned is to be forearmed. EDIT: Well, it is France so yes, French Universities teach in French. After all, how many American universities use French as the language of instruction? Of course there are cooperative programs with American Universities for "junior year abroad" types of programs but doesn't seem what you're interested in. There are also some privately owned, for profit, institutions, mainly concerned with hotel management, that give graduate degrees and instruct in English. But they are not a part of the regular French University system and, again, I get the impression that this is not what you are interested in. [email protected] Okay, I admit that I may overstate the situation but the fact is the University research is generally undervalued in France compared to the USA. Its the national research agencies, such as INSERM, CNRS, and INRA that are better recognized. Perhaps things have changed with the 2005 Pacte pour la Recherche in ways I am unaware of, in which case I stand ready to be corrected.
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Serenity Serenity
Not much to add to Rillifane presentation of our system except to give you some sites where you can get names of schools which specialise in MBA and receive international students. You also have a program called Erasmus which accepts foreign students. http://www.mba.fr/ http://www.mba4success.com/rank_fbs.php CROUS is also a place where to ask as they have the list of all the French schools and their specialities. Click on living in France for all the information about lodging, health cover, work etc... http://www.en.cnous.fr/index.php?lg=en And last but not least, you can write to the French Consulate or Chamber of Commerce and ask for information.
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Ona Ona
Just to rectify one thing said by Rillifane. He said that teaching and research functions are generally separate in France. It's false ! In France, the research budget is divided among several institutions. It's true that we have institutions only dedicate to research like CNRS for example. But in University, professors are teachers and researchers ! [email protected] : idk the situation in USA, that's why I can't compare with french system. But I persist in saying that in french universities Maîtres de conférences and Professors are teachers-researchers and not since 2005. Their recruitment is based on theirs publications, they are members of Laboratoires or Groupes de recherche and the financing of these groups depends, to a great extent, on the number of scientific publications. Are CNRS etc better recognized ? May be in some sectors but certainly not all. For example, I never be impressed by their publications in social science. And to speak only of the research in Law (my activity), I can tell you that the most efficient institution is definitly university...
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Maegan Maegan
If you want a reputable MBA, it's best to do it in the States. The concept is slowly starting over here, but even the French recognize the best MBA's are in the US. There are however different business degrees that are well known in France, but these are NOT MBA's.
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