English question? Research paper <-?

English question? Research paper <-? Topic: How to find good sources for research papers
July 21, 2019 / By Bettye
Question: It says on my HW paper to choose a topic (I did Obama) and develop research questions. As you research, create source and not cards. Then develop a thesis and form an outline. *The part I don't get is the cards & the thesis and the outline. Have any idea what that means? **note cards sorry**
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Ailee Ailee | 10 days ago
What your teacher wants you to do is as you are doing your research, on an index card write all your information so when you are writing your paper you have something to go back to. For instance lets say you found an article in Time Magazine that you are going to use a quote or information from. On the index card you would write Time Magazine, Sept. 4, 2008 issue, page 37, the authors name, the publisher, the city it was published in, etc.. "Obama said that he was going to blah blah, and he believes blah blah. And, you do this for every source you are gathering information from. Then, when you write your paper you have all the information right on the card instead of having to go back and find it in the magazine. For the paper you will have an introduction paragraph that contains your thesis (they like the thesis in the last line of the intro paragraph). Your thesis statement contains the main ideas of your paper, (what you are going to talk about) and usually consists of three things. For instance, Along with many other important issues, Senator Obamas primary concerns for our country are the war on terrorism, tax reform, and the economy. Then you would have a supporting paragraph on his views and plans for the war on terrorism. Another paragraph on tax reform, and another paragraph on the economy. Then you would have a concluding paragraph, a summery of what you said, and an ending thought like whomever wins, it will always be seen as an historic election with either the countries first African American president or the first female Vice President. For your outline, this is basically for you to organize your paper. Intro. 1) Background 2) Education 3) Experience 4) Thesis a. war b. tax reform c. economy War 1) Position 2) Voting record 3) Etc. 4) Etc. Then do the same for the other 2 paragraphs Conclusion 1) Etc. 2) Now, what I do is if I'm getting info off the internet, I copy and paste either entire articles or paragraphs over into Word, with the link to the article below it. Then as I use the information I go back to the link to get all the proper citing information. For articles in the newspaper, I just make a copy of the article and write all the citing info on it at the time. I never did the note card thing, and only did the outlines if they had to be turned in. I personally didn't find the index cards or an outline to be of any use to me. One more thought, if you are just starting college, buy a copy of the MLA handbook and just hold onto it. It gives you the proper way how to cite everything for both in text and a works cited page. You're going to be writing a whole lot of papers during your college years, so it's good just to have one around. You can get it at your school bookstore or order it online from Amazon, or buy one at Borders. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Ailee Originally Answered: What could be a good research question for my APUSH US History class research paper?
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Tobin Tobin
Usually this is the stupid way in which a teacher tries to "teach" you how to go about a research paper correctly. I had to do it once, and hated it. I don't write my research papers this way. So it means you take stupid little notes on notecards and site your sources, then from researching the topic, you come up with a "theory" about Obama which would be your thesis, then you create an outline from your little notecard notes that proves your thesis and then write a paper from that. Now since that's not how I write papers....I did it backwards. I came up with my thesis first and then I wrote my paper, then I went back and wrote up the outline and stupid notecards.
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Tobin Originally Answered: Im starting the dreaded 5-7 page english research paper and need help on where to start?
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