English paper 2! 4.June2009 AQA?

English paper 2! 4.June2009 AQA? Topic: Exam english papers
July 16, 2019 / By Isolde
Question: HI there. Can anyone tell me what is going to be on the English paper 2 exam on 4 june 2009 .. AQA board.. It would be very helpfull so I know what to revise for.. THANK YOU! 10 points for the best Answear!
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Eliza Eliza | 1 day ago
poems from diferent cultures (from the anthology) spend an hour on that and then writing to inform explain or describe. spend 45mins on that good luck!
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Why do you suppose it needs modifying? What's the discipline subject? We aren't right here or as a minimum i'm not right here to do someones homework. If there's a precise subject that you just want support with i will be able to are attempting. Can you be extra distinct? If it is the fine work you feel you can do you then will have to reward it. That means you aren't dishonest yourself out of studying. I have been there.If you're having problems within the class maybe you want some additional support. Is that this for school or put up graduate work?

Chonsie Chonsie
Section 1: Poems from different cultures (either cluster 1 or 2 in your anthology) Section 2: Writing to inform, explain or describe. Good luck (: x
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Aubrey Aubrey
Poems from lots of different cultures mostly. Then writting to explain, describe and inform. Good Luck Harriet x
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