Sex with a guy with a Large penis.? and both of us being Virgins?

Sex with a guy with a Large penis.? and both of us being Virgins? Topic: Case sweeties
June 16, 2019 / By Zebina
Question: ok so I'm getting lots of clues that my boyfriend wants to have sex, we have waited for a year and I'm really attracted to him sexually but obviously I had to keep it to myself and so did he, but all the signs are there. We both want to have sex we are both virgins, but I know for a fact (I've seen it) that he has a above average/ on the large side penis and I'm kind of.... afraid of the pain that might come from that, so I need some advice on what to do in my situation. Plus, any advice you may have, because we are both inexperienced. and I know that we need to use protection and be careful and all, so thanks! :D
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Sidney Sidney | 9 days ago
Lots of lube, lots of fingering, lots of foreplay and lots of PAIN (sorry sweetie, it's unavoidable). Oh and don't forget your condoms lol (and maybe plan B in the morning in case the condom broke) Good luck! Answer mine please :) http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120727203545AA6JKc1
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Sidney Originally Answered: Is it all that odd for women to be virgins these days?
No it isn't weird that your a virgin, in fact I see it to be highly respected. Unfortunately people start losing the virginity in late middle school nowadays and it's really sad. Your virginity should be something your proud to have because your not ready and your probably waiting for the right person. I know a lot of people who are still virgins and are happy to be one, and I know a lot of people who aren't and wish they still were. Unfortunately now a days society isn't as responsible as it used to be, so it seems like there aren't a lot of virgins. 23 is still a pretty young age, it's not like your a 40 year old virgin, you have time to decide. I'm a virgin to and I'm proud to be practicing abstinence because that means there is a 0% chance of me being pregnant anytime soon. If I were you I would wait till I was married to the person I trust, to lose my virginity. But Hey! it all depends on the person.

Oli Oli
id suggest lots of oral on u before he moves in.. or if hes not into that, then lube. its still probably going to hurt a tiny bit ur first time, but i promise u, it will get better, then ur gonna love that he has an above average, ;)
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Lavern Lavern
First you may verify you're waiting emotional. which potential you are going to be 18+. ok that is all nerves of anticipation. enable her relax and ignore related to the "penetration" area of the deal which may well be particularly frightening. This of it from her view even if if unconscionably an unusual looking merchandise is going into your physique. How can that no longer make somebody worrying. Lube is good be sure you get the fabulous one and use it, right that's what you may do: Stimulate her and turn her on this is a significant area with the aid of fact lady could be inspired the two bodily and mentally. a million. attempt stimulating her clitoris and including your palms and in basic terms make all of it approximately her for slightly so as that she forgets related to the frightening area. 2. prepare the vagina including your palms until she is moist and dilated. 3. do no longer rush watch for her to be waiting. additionally do no longer enable her rush she may well be in a hurry to get it over with. So verify she would not rush the two and makes a speciality of taking part in herself. 3. together as you are trying this communicate over along with her tell her she is rather and appealing or perhaps if else you could think of to coach her on. in case you employ lube be sure you warmth it up including your palms earlier you place it on her. 4. do no longer make her sense compelled via doing the above as in case you have been in basic terms doing it to get her waiting. enable her comprehend which you have a good time with it and you prefer her to have exciting even if in case you dont get to have intercourse. 5. concentration on her exhilaration and attempt to comprehend that intercourse has many social implications for lady too many stuff o think of approximately. being pregnant being spoke of as a **** getting used via a guy who in basic terms needs you for intercourse. verify none of this concerns are on her concepts. coach her you care approximately her, which you do no longer prefer to harm her and which you will manage her with admire. that is all approximately her head as quickly as she is mentally waiting the physique area could be greater trouble-free. i'm hoping my answer isn't too photograph. good success ohhh Use protection.
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Jaanai Jaanai
it's painful and he is gonna stretch u out :/ sex isn't good if the guy is a virgin. but good luck i guess :)
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Jaanai Originally Answered: Calling all male virgins?
@Chaos: Uh...the guy is a married man now, and had serious issues long after the affair. Guess someone didn't read the article. That is beyond sick. The law should have locked Susan up and left her to rot. A pedophile is a pedophile. OP: "Sure, he was really young, and this was a neurotic relationship, but it makes me wonder if allowing boys to fool around damages them as well as girls." The problem here is that several older women took advantage of him (especially the second one) when he was too young to understand sex and relationships. Teen sex is one thing; that's two horny teenagers acting on hormones. It's something else entirely when an older person exploits the vulnerability of a child who isn't at the point where s/he is seriously considering sex. Sounds like he was bragging about it to the guys in order to cover up just how much it messed him up, and he had the wonderful stereotypes of masculinity on his side to further repress his insecurity. It also warped his views of the opposite sex, which is exactly what some child sexual abuse survivors go through; they might not be able to see the opposite (or same) sex in non-sexual ways. A simple act of kindness, for example, might be interpreted as a request for sex. Article: "Susan would demand from me declarations of devotion and a firm intention to marry her as soon as possible." This woman is disgusting. Reminds me of the South Park affair between Ike and his teacher. Too much sad truth in that episode.

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