Were the NAZI's really as bad as history makes them out to be?

Were the NAZI's really as bad as history makes them out to be? Topic: How to write a good memorial
June 25, 2019 / By Brittny
Question: I've been seeing a lot of extremes on this matter. On one hand, the History books speak of the NAZI's as savages without a cause, relentlessly killing anyone who looked slightly different and performing sick, horrible experiments on the Jews, and pretty much just trying to ruin everyone's day. On the totally opposite extreme, there are those who suggest the holocaust didn't happen, and that the prison camps were intended more for Soviet prisoners, and further, that the deaths in said camps were due to disease and were not intended. I've heard similar extremes towards Hitler, as being very respectable and influential, and as a fanatical racist. While the Evil-Nazi view is pretty much the only one taught in schools, most likely to prevent any kind of neo-nazi gangs, the not-as-bad-as-you-would-think-Nazi view considers the fact that a war's victors are the ones who write history. What I mean is, historically, the war's winners exaggerate the evils of the enemy and victimize themselves to improve patriotism/morale during reconstruction. More direct cases are in the propaganda posters describing the enemy as ferocious villains, rather than a very similar group of people. So my question is, is one or the other correct, or is there a solid middle ground we all finally agree on. I'm strongly German-American, and am interested in German culture and history, but this is a big hole in the timeline, because it doesn't seem to me like the Germans would go on an all-out rampage without some at least decently rational reason for doing so. I never really said I agreed totally with the anti-holocaust belief. of course it happened. But seriously, I'm sick of everyone saying the germans were inhuman, unworthy of living, and that they should have been destroyed before they saw the light of day. it's that kind of thinking that started WWII in the first place with the Treaty of Versailles. I'm not saying the Nazi's were good, I'm just saying to realize the Nazi's were a group of people. HUMANS, HOMO SAPIENS. How does saying they're inhuman make you any better? Good answers, guys. That last addition was pointed at the first 2 answers. one for assuming I thought the holocaust didn't happen, the second for not even wanting to consider anything but the default point of view.
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Alisia Alisia | 8 days ago
Even if one is able to not take into consideration the horrors of the Holocaust, and the starving, freezing and working to death a similar number of people (notably some 2.5 million Soviet POWs), then yes, the Nazis were every bit as bad as they have been painted, if not, worse. Just to give you two small examples: In France, in retaliation for the kidnap of an SS officer, the entire town of Oradour-Sur-Glane was killed: the town remains in ruins as a memorial to the dead. http://www.oradour.info/ In occupied Belarus, the Nazis destroyed 628 villages, and their inhabitants - most were not Jewish. This was repeated across the areas of Eastern Europe that they occupied. The rationale was that these towns and villages provided help for the partisans. Be proud of your German heritage, and don't forget that not all Germans were Nazis.
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Alisia Originally Answered: Research paper for history about the rise of nazi and the rise of hitler, please help?
Adolf Hitler and Nazi Party prevented further trifurcation of Germany by France in 1923 which led to their rise and consolidation of Germany. In the beginning of 1923 the French invaded Germany, occupied the Ruhr district and seized several German towns in the Rhineland. This was a flagrant breach of international law and was protested against by every section of British political opinion at that time. The Germans could not effectively defend themselves, as they had been already disarmed under the provisions of the Versailles Treaty. To make the situation more fraught with disaster for Germany, and therefore more appalling in its prospect, French carried on an intensive propaganda for the separation of the Rhineland from the German Republic and the establishment of an independent Rhenania. Money was poured out lavishly to bribe agitators to carry on this work, and some of the most insidious elements of the German population became active in the pay of the invader. At the same time a vigorous movement was being carried on in Bavaria for the secession of that country and the establishment of an independent Catholic monarchy there, under vassalage to France, as Napoleon had done when he made Maximilian the first King of Bavaria in 1805. The separatist movement in the Rhineland went so far that some leading German politicians came out in favour of it, suggesting that if the Rhineland were thus ceded it might be possible for the German Republic to strike a bargain with the French in regard to Reparations. But in Bavaria the movement went even farther. And it was more far-reaching in its implications; for, if an independent Catholic monarchy could be set up in Bavaria, the next move would have been a union with Catholic German-Austria. possibly under a Habsburg King. Thus a Catholic BLOC would have been created which would extend from the Rhineland through Bavaria and Austria into the Danube Valley and would have been at least under the moral and military, if not the full political, hegemony of France. The effect of putting such a plan into action would have meant the complete dismemberment of Germany; and that is what French diplomacy wanted. By the autumn of 1923 the separatist movement in Bavaria was on the point of becoming an accomplished fact. General von Lossow, the Bavarian chief of the REICHSWEHR no longer took orders from Berlin. The flag of the German Republic was rarely to be seen, Finally, the Bavarian Prime Minister decided to proclaim an independent Bavaria and its secession from the German Republic. This was to have taken place on the eve of the Fifth Anniversary of the establishment of the German Republic (November 9th, 1918.) Hitler staged a counter-stroke. For several days he had been mobilizing his Nazi battalions in the neighbourhood of Munich, intending to make a national demonstration and hoping that the REICHSWEHR would stand by him to prevent secession. Ludendorff was with him. A meeting had been announced to take place in the Bürgerbräu Keller on the night of November 8th. The Bavarian patriotic societies were gathered there, and the Prime Minister, Dr. von Kahr, started to read his official PRONUNCIAMENTO, \ proclamation of Bavarian independence and secession from the Republic. While von Kahr was speaking Hitler entered the hall, followed by Ludendorff. And the meeting was broken up. Next day the Nazi battalions took the street for the purpose of making a mass demonstration in favour of national union. They marched in massed formation, led by Hitler and Ludendorff. As they reached one of the central squares of the city the army opened fire on them. Sixteen of the marchers were instantly killed, and two died of their wounds in the local barracks of the REICHSWEHR. Several others were wounded also. Hitler fell on the pavement and broke a collar-bone. Ludendorff marched straight up to the soldiers who were firing from the barricade, but not a man dared draw a trigger on his old Commander.

Upton Upton
http://listverse.com/2011/01/31/top-10-things-the-nazis-got-right/ Check out point 9 and 10. Nazi's are the killers? If the nazi's would've won and still be in power today instead of those selfish capitalists they would have saved much more than 6 million just by banning vivisection alone. Plus these were ideas they had around 1930, something the capitalists (allied forces) still don't have the apathy for to even consider them today, imagine how much further we could have been when it comes to rights for non-human animals when the Nazi's would have been victorious instead of those greedy capitalists. We might have lived in a vegan world by now, living in balance with nature and not be stuck with problems like pollution, mass-extinction, overpopulation and so on. It would have saved billions. Yes, a few human lives would have been sacrificed for the greater good but it's a necessary evil. If we don't do it nature will if we keep raping her and that won't be pretty. You're all so afraid of death and so indoctrinated that a human life is the most important thing in the universe that you would sacrifice everything else for it. That makes you a much bigger monster in my eyes than the nazi's ever were. And ask yourself, why is our life important? So we can go to work from monday till friday and work our asses off earning the huge paychecks of the elite capitalists, the ones Hitler and even Jesus rose up against? Do you think our leaders give more about your life than the Nazi's would have? They only care about the money you earn for them. That all they care about and if everything has to be destroyed for it so be it. That are the allied forces, the capitalists that still our in power today and have made a pretty damn mess of it. I'm not a Nazi myself. They're too pro-human to my taste and humans are clearly evil but if I have to chose between the 2 well I chose animal welfare over human any day so to me the Nazi's were the lesser of 2 evils. Not saying they're good, they did bad things but the other side was and mostly is much worse. 6 million jews in 5 years compared to more than 150 billion non-human animals each year. That's all I need to know to realize who are the biggest monsters.
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Robbie Robbie
The Nazi party did horrible damage. They did kill more than 6 million Jews as well as many other races, denominations, nationalities, and orientations who they saw as 'unclean'. However the German people cannot feel the total blame for this. Propaganda was a major tool used by the government at the time, and furthermore if you opposed the government or refused to participate in the atrocities you were asked to commit you would be shot yourself. German leaders such as Hitler were angry about the loss of WW I and felt that the world would be stronger under a single unified Aryan race. The fact is, the Holocaust did happen, genocide was their intent, and that was what they got. Playing the blame game does not help though, very few German citizens knew what was really happening in the camps, and those who did were blinded by propaganda and fear for their own lives, and the lives of their families.
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Micah Micah
On the one hand the Nazis brought a struggling nation out of a massive depression, gained huge amounts of territory and restored Germany's national pride. The Treaty of Versailles following WWI broke Germany's back. It could have virtually no military and had to give up large amounts of territory, on top of MASSIVE reparations paid mainly to France and Britain. The Nazi party picked Germany up out of this depression, stuck its middle finger to France and Britain and rebuilt the Army. A feat few political parties share in such a small time. On the other hand the Nazi's waged war on Europe more or less unprovoked, stabbed Russia in the back, with whom Germany had a mutual non-aggression pact, and are responsible for the deaths of 6,000,000 Jews in the concentration, work, and death camps alone. Add in other peoples killed in the camps and the tally moves up to 11,000,000. Then add the people killed behind the lines in Poland, reprisals, people who died of disease and starvation locked in the ghettos, and the bloody swath the Einsantzgruppen cut through eastern Europe and the tally, so historians believe, moves up to an astounding 17-19,000,000 people killed, in FIVE years. And we wont even get into the war casualties. So if you can find a middle ground in that i commend you, but to me it seems pretty one-sided... To note, I hate the Nazi party, but take no issue with Germany as a whole or the German people. A lot of good has come out of that country, and it seems to get tarred with the former half of the last century.
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Joss Joss
in many circumstances ridiculousness of this degree is reserved to cyber web talk. Godwin's regulation distinctly lots covers the assessment to any style of issues to the Nazis. yet, regrettably the ridiculousness of this situation has spilled out of the paranoid delusions of cyber web trolls and into the "decent" media or maybe the halls of government. to reply to your question the Nazis have been worse than history portrays them. we hit upon it no longer undemanding to have faith or credit basically how undesirable they have been and Arizona's new regulation or maybe the interment of the jap in international war 2 would not even mindset a assessment with the regime that rather utilized assembly line principals to slaughtering human beings. i assume the suited suggestion i grants you is that as quickly as somebody says {insert team right here} is as undesirable via fact the Nazis, you may distinctly lots write them off as too lots of an fool to pay any greater desirable interest too. except the team in question is busy murdering thousands and thousands of girls persons and childrens in assembly line style, they do no longer evaluate with the Nazis and it belittles of the deaths of thousands and thousands of folk to attempt to make this style of insulting and ridiculous assessment. i do no longer declare that Arizona's new regulation is a robust ingredient. i individually think of that has yet to be shown one way or the different. yet i visit declare for the checklist that anybody who compares it with the works of the 0.33 Reich is the two an fool or thinks all and sundry else is idiotic adequate to purchase their rhetoric. they're the two stupid or they suspect we are. In the two case they now no longer advantage our interest previous the attention we regard any pest or irritant.
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Harding Harding
The holocaust is EXTREMELY well documented...by the NAZI's. They kept excellent records. Plus, you have the camps you can visit, the photos, the servicemen who reported what they saw, the survivors...anyone who believes it did not happen is screwy. The Nazi's killed something like 25 million people during the war. Both in death camps and from the war itself.
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Elada Elada
If you're looking for bad ppl the worst were r So called allies...stalin killed many many more people than hitler...b4 and after ww2..us and uk were ******* bout it cos it suited them..sorry to break your bubble...and holohoax is another story ...6 million killed by gas?????....only n asshole wud even start to bekieve that...but then how wud hollywood milk the myth??
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