Thoughts on the face veil ban in France?

Thoughts on the face veil ban in France? Topic: For banning homework
June 16, 2019 / By Adaline
Question: I am writing a very open-ended paper on this and I am trying to take multiple perspectives into account before I state my opinion. Please let me know your opinion and let me know of any sources that you think would be helpful in my research. I am not asking this because I want people to do my homework for me..I am genuinely interested in what people have to say about this. Thank you!
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Taegan Taegan | 1 day ago
I think it should be illegal to force the issue either way, whether it's government, religion, or family trying to force it. If you had to though, government ban has the strongest arguments. @Zen fan: that. That is exactly one of the arguments I mean.
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Peers Peers
It's only common sense in a free, democratic society where it is to be expected that citizens--ALL citizens--think, speak, and act openly. Hiding women behind masks, while popular among certain repressive regimes, perverts the ideal of civic responsibility (and is very unhealthy for the human spirit).
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Louis Louis
Personnel thinking Muslim and non Muslim [Christan] are rival with each other from centuries in France. They do not like muslim because of long time muslim ruling in France. "Thoughts on the face veil ban in ONLY in France". They just annoying muslim from time to time. I'm 100% sure that they will never harm Muslim.
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Jaylon Jaylon
Anybody that comes into my store with a face veil or burka gets march right out again. I they won't leave they are arrested. That's all I need is a robber who can't be identified by the video because of a veil or any other face cover.
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Galen Galen
Muslim women, right? At least the French realize the need to at least see their faces, who knows what is going on in their minds.
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