*Why do us teenager's always have issues or problems*?

*Why do us teenager's always have issues or problems*? Topic: Why do we write letters
July 17, 2019 / By Goodwin
Question: Why do we always have personal issues like depression, girlfriend/boyfriend problems, self esteem issues, ego problems, rebelion, anxiety issues, ect. Why
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Best Answers: *Why do us teenager's always have issues or problems*?

Duane Duane | 3 days ago
Because its the age of started thinking by yourself and came to know about every thing. Its like when we are going to school we don't know anything when we started learning the letters it seems to be difficult for us and sometimes we wrote it wrongly. Teenage is also something like that you started thing by your own but you don't know well whats right and whats wrong.You will go according to your thoughts. Failure told us how to live the life and how to overtake the problems.Success leads us how to achieve heights. Its life......Don't think more about teenage. Think more about how to overcome the bad habits and how to get success in your life. Have a bright future.
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Britton Britton
because life is hard. we want to seek approval, we compare, others have this, I dont, then they go into depression, at least thats me! why cant we just be happy about what we have, even if you do get judge, so what? its annoying, I can find so many ways to fix my brain into thinking positively, but I always end up falling into the some mess again. I hate myself for doing this, it kinda makes me a bad person. I dont know about others. SOme are laid-back, they are good people
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Aidan Aidan
It builds us up for tougher things later on in life. The things we experience right now are nothing compared to what happens to us in the "real" world (in like 5, 6, 7 years time)
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Suse Suse
Because you make huge issues out of the stupidest things, you watch way to much reality TV (which isn't reality), and you think your smarter than you really are.
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Randi Randi
its a tough age for everyone. but it really helps you learn how to cope with challenges you'll face in the future... just make sure you don't give up. you gotta come out on top.
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