Another but different wedding announcement Q?

Another but different wedding announcement Q? Topic: How to write a good project acknowledgement
June 16, 2019 / By Briar
Question: okay, i have totally decided that i am gonna send out announcements but i want to have fun with it as both our families are casual kind of people. totally laid back. small town arkansas if that helps any. i want to get creative with the announcements. i want to have fun with them. i wil lbe making them myself and would absolutely LOVE it if anybody had some creativeness about this to share with me! don't get to have my wedding but i'm now excited about some kind of project having to do with getting married. we were married nov 16th in another state that we moved to without family or friends if that helps any. help me have fun with this so i can have something to look forward to since the wedding is not on anymore. thanks y'all!
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Ahian Ahian | 2 days ago
Are you any good at poetry or writing at all? You could do it like a little booklet. Using photos of you both seperately then together then finally married accompanied by funny poems, anecdotes etc. You could scan in pattern of the outfit you wore/he wore and use it as the background (with acknowledgement in small print at side of page), a picture of where you both now live. Wow, there's loads you could put in. If it's not too private, why you chose to get married the way you did, what the weather was like, how you felt on the day. Leave a page or two for your husband to write too so that both your families who may not know you or your husband get an idea of who you are. I did something similar for my sister on her first anniversary. I made it all myself and she still loves it and displays it on her bedside table. It was about 7 pages A5 in size. Of course it was a one off so I could go a bit mad. But you could certainly do most of it up on computer and then put personal touches to them like stick piece of cinnamon or white material or a bow or gingham etc. on it to give it a small town/country feel. I LOVE these kind of projects and can sense your own excitement at it so ENJOY.
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Susanna Susanna
Hi Kimmy and congratulations on your recent marriage! I know you said you want something fun and creative. I can't think of anything. If you are putting lots of effort into this, what I would do, since you are not having a wedding, is to make them elegant. Do you have a picture of the two of you ON your wedding? I would do something with a picture like this: http://www.photoaffections.com/index.asp... I love that one! It can be on a single sheet like it is listed or....if you want to make it...why not make it a tri-fold? Two small front flaps that open up with the picture and the wording on the middle. Here is another example: http://www.ccannouncements.com/es805k.ht... I like the wording that is in the first example that I gave you. Something like: Michael Robert Smith and Lauren Michelle Johnson are delighted to announce their marriage, which took place on November 16, 2007 We will make our home together at [address], city, state, zip code Personally, I would make it elegant and beautiful instead of something casual and cute.
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Rain Rain
I agree with Green Eyes. I think that you should include a photo of you and your husband on the announcement. This is especially nice for those people who don't get to see you that often and for them to see who you actually married :) Try going to the website www.theknot.com Here you can check out images of other peoples announcements and that may give you some ideas. Good luck and have fun.
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Melveen Melveen
If you get creative, you're likely to just confuse people -- they won't understand that you're announcing your marriage and new address. So, if you must, you must, but make sure the porpose of the communicationis clear, that it explicitly says it's an announcement of your marriage, who you and the spouse are, by full names, and where you're living now. I would think letting everyone know such big news would be a big enough thrill.
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Leighton Leighton
A friend of mine is notorious for sending glitter in cards. After years of glitter falling all over the floor when opening her cards we got into the habit of opening them over the trash, but for your unsuspecting audience it would be very cute to put glitter and the little wedding glittery things in the announcement too. Congrats.
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