What makes a good counselor?

What makes a good counselor? Topic: Psychology coursework
June 25, 2019 / By Roni
Question: I've been musing becoming a counselor. What makes a good counselor? What must you be able to do naturally? How long will I have to go to school? What are the pros and cons? What can I do with a 4 year degree in Psychology?
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Monat Monat | 7 days ago
In order to be a good counselor it is a good idea to work on your stuff first, know what your issues are in order to be able to separate the client's issues from yours. So I advise seeking therapy. (if you have not already)..Also being patient,non-judgmental, a good listener, and allowing client's to figure out issues on their own versus giving them the answers. With a 4 year degree in psychology is a good starting point, depending on where you want to work. School settings might also require a credential in order to work in those settings, so that may work. But If you want your own practice as a counselor you need more schooling(Grad School)...A lot of work settings require a master's minimum because, in some cases you must have Masters in order to bill insurance companies. The first 4 years of a psychology is mainly coursework/ the grad school portion you get into experiential stuff(Hands on) Where you role play being a client/therapist and actually see clients and you learn techniques versus theories and you get weekly supervision from teachers for like 3 hours or so. Hope that helps.
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