Moving to spain! Answers please?

Moving to spain! Answers please? Topic: Example of application letter for accounting
July 21, 2019 / By Garnette
Question: I'm looking to move to spain and work abroad. Is there anybody who has done this and knows exactly how to go about it and whether or not its worth it. For example, where do you go about applying for vacancies and renting accommodation. Do you need to apply for a visa? And what about bank accounts? Other information welcome. Thanks :) I am from England. Does this change anything? Is the bank statements proof of ID or is it to monitor income?
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Debbie Debbie | 7 days ago
And from what country are you from? What documents will be required? – fully completed visa application form – two passport photographs – valid national passport & one copy – original of valid resident visa – confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage & one copy – proof of group travel/ hotel booking in Spain/ airline reservation for Spain & one copy – Closed round-trip or tour ticket – current bank statement & one copy – reference letter from your employer/ education institution – Document certifying the existence of commercial, industrial, or other – visa fees for Spanish Visa. Time required to issue a visa: The maximum period for processing short stay (Schengen) visa applications is fifteen (15) calendar days from the date the application is submitted. This period can be extended to a maximum of 30 calendar days in specific cases, especially if a more detailed examination of the application is required. By way of exception, in specific cases in which additional documentation is required, this period can be extended to a maximum of 60 calendar days. Visas are not granted on the spot and should be applied for well in advance in order to allow enough time to process them. The foreign national must collect his or her visa within two months of being notified that it has been granted. In the case of a resident’s, work, or student’s visa, the holder must obtain a foreign national’s identity card within one month of his or her entry into Spain.
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Debbie Originally Answered: Anyone here from Torrevieja Spain?
Start by getting a grip, six years study and you are only basic, you are idle, no wonder you have had crap jobs. learning is fun ,you are in the place to learn real spanish as it is spoken, use the advantage. you could be in England learning to speak book spanish ,working to put yourself through uni, doing a crap job. my advice would be get a job were you deal with the public,on a daily basis, see how fast your language skills will improve, speaking and writing in the preffered language of your employer is an advantage ,especially since english is your mother tongue. this to can be a distinct advantage ,especially in the tourist industry, the commerce, or international companies that operate in your area, think about what you have already got to offer, stress the importance of continuing any educational courses you have started, sell yourself, if you cannot who can, good luck ,and do get off your butt. regards LF

Britannia Britannia
--I've heard it is one of the vital least expensive European nations, is that real? Ooooooh no longer anymore! One of the extra costly nations...approximately the identical as France. To uncover a role, they're in recession proper now, so, lovely problematic in the interim, however those matters constantly cross in cycles, and as they arrive out of the recession, you're going to see extra jobs being created. For the citizenship query, name the closest consulate. They could have probably the most correct understanding, however I'm going to provide you with a warning, purple tape in Spain is an brilliant nest! Even the Spanish have no idea what the foundations are on a few matters, given that they difference, close to with the temper of the character you're speakme to. If language isn't an drawback, and also you wish to reside wherein they do not talk plenty of English (and they're ALWAYS unfailingly inspired whilst you'll use verb varieties safely, and many others.) cross inland, or north. Stay clear of Barcelona, Madrid, and the visitor facilities, as far and wide you cross there is English audio system. For a real Spanish revel in, reside in Central or northern Andalucía, or the West, or one of the vital small towns within the Eastern side of the nation, like Zaragoza. Hey! you possibly competent to get paintings on the expo... Your degress gained´t make you that great, however are mainly marketable. I didn´t ought to fear approximately all the ones main points whilst I lived there. Times have been one of a kind, and I was once, in any case, a pupil. No activity, no paintings visa, and none of the ones issues...however for those who fairly wish to make the transfer on a everlasting groundwork, you must assess with the Spanish experts. They can provide you the most recent understanding, and begin the forms, given that I understand that Visas are becoming more difficult and more difficult to come back by means of.
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Alice Alice
Being English, you can just go. All you need is your passport. Have a look around this web site. (Quick Links) http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/ The job situation is grim in Spain. Renting is easy. You do not need a visa but you have to register after a while. (read the website). Bank accounts are easier to open than in the UK. - all you need is money and an address.
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Tyson Tyson
I did this myself 8 years ago, and am still here - so yes it is do-able. However, everybodies circumstances and opportunities are different - what is right for one person may not be right for another, there are simply too many variables and unknowns for anyone to advise you correctly what you 'should' do. To start with you do not state your Nationality - EU Nationals can freely and easily live and work in Spain without the need for a permit (just applying for residential status after 90 days >> http://www.tumbit.com/how-to-guides/articles/2-applying-for-residential-status-residencia-eu-citizens.html ) Other nationalities have different requirements.
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Riley Riley
Great idea, that...move to a country where the unemployment is 20 - 40%, depending on the sector you want to work in...and look for a job. You'll be heading home, with your tail between your legs, looking for your parents to support you, as soon as your money runs out. Good luck with that. As an EU citizen, you don't need a visa, though there is tons of paperwork once you arrive, assuming you can find work in a country where fully one fifth of the country is looking for work. Bank accounts? Don't bother. You won't be there long enough to make it worth while.
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Riley Originally Answered: Why is the philosophy section of yahoo answers filled with more thoughtful questions and answers then the?
Excuse me, but I'm offended by this question. I'm sorry. Philosophy is an ancient discipline. It is the height of arts and humanities. I can't imagine another human being discussing it as "disreputable"????? Psychology is an EXTREMELY YOUNG pseudo-science. It is still the Dark Ages. Psychology deals with fixing mistakes, problems. Philosophy deals with contemplation and comprehension of people, the cosmos, the lack of those. Almost anyone with, excuse me, an IQ over 110 can get a degree in psychology. Ask those same people to sit quietly and even begin to comprehend the complexity of the philosophers. I'm sorry, but I am literally shaking my head. It's the school system, Stupid--I'm saying that to me, not to you! Wow! It's apples and oranges. You may as well tell me, and many will, that accounting is now more "reputable" than poetry. IT IS NOT. This mentality is materialistic to the max. It's about JOBS; not about the mind, reasoning, elegance of thought, brilliance in analytical and critical thinking, which, by the way, none of the lesser fields of study can do without, whether or not they may think they can. All learning stems from the philosophers. Mathematics stems from philosophers; so does physchics. And what could be more pure in his/her discipline than a philosopher? How wonderful to BE that person who seeks wisdom, understanding, reason; who MUST, as an actor must act, a musician must play music, MUST. And lastly, do you even think that Freud is on the same par with Socrates or Plato or Aristotle? If so, think again. Do yourself a favor. Read a book of Freud's. He's a wonderful writer. Read his best, "Interpretation of Dreams." It's very accessible. Very. Then read "Being and Nothingness," by Sartre, or try, and I have faith that you will stand in AWE of the genius it took to write, the twisting and turning of the mind to come up with the profound ideas in Sartre's book, as compared to the sometimes intelligent, sometimes silly, concepts in any decent psychology book. Read Teilhard de Chardin's books on the phenomenon of man, Ortega y Gasset, Unamuno.... Philosophy, for those not meant to be philosophers--as singers must be singers, yet Answers makes karaoke out of philosophy--is so deep and DIFFICULT, it is to thought as higher math is to arithmetic. Psychology is maybe, maybe somewhere around geometry.... THIS IS PHILOSOPHY: (de Chardin) Mega-Synthesis The coalescence of elments and the coalescence of stems, the spherical gemometry of the earth and psychical curvature of the mind harmonising to counterbalance the inidividual and collective forces of dispersion in the world and to impose unification--there at last we find the spring and secret of hominsation. But why should there be unification in the world and what purpose does it serve? To see the answer to this ultimate question, we have only to put side by side the two equations which have been gradually formulating themselves from the moment we began trying to situate the phenomenon of man in the world. Evolution=Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness=Union effected The general gathering together in which, by correlated actions of the without and the within of the earth, the totality of thinking units and thinking forces are engaged---the aggregation in a single block of a mankind whose fragments weld together and interpenetrate before our eyes in spite of (indeed in proportion to) their efforts to separate--all this becomes intelligible from top to bottom as soon as we perceive it as the natural culm ination of a cosmic process of organisation which has never varied since those remote ages when our planet was young. First the molecules of carbon compounds with their thousands of atoms symmetrically grouped; next the cell which, within a very small volume, contains thousands of molecules linked in a complicated system; then the metazoa in which the cell is no more than an almost infinitesimal element; and later the manifold attempts made sporadically by the metazoa to enter into symbiosis and raise themselves to a higher biological condition. And now, as a germination of planetary dimensions, comes the thinking layer which over its full extent develops and intertwines its fibres, not to confuse and neutralise them but to reinforce them in the living unity of a single tissue. Really I can see no coherent, and therefore scientific, way of grouping this immense succession of facts but as a gigantic psycho-biological operation, a sort of mega-synthesis, the 'super-arrangement' to which all the thinking elements of the earth find themselves today individually and collectively subject. Mega-synthesis in the tangential, and therefore and thereby a leap forward of the radial energies along the principal axis of evolution: ever more complexity and thus ever more consciousness. If that is what really happens, what more do we need to convince oursleves of the vital error hidden in the depths of any doctrine of isolation? The egocentric ideal of a future reserved for those who have managed to attain egoistically the extremity of 'everyone for himself' is false and against nature. No element could move and grow except with and by all the others with itself. THIS IS PSYCHOLOGY: Gestalt Prayer I do my thing, and you do your thing; I am not in this world to live up to your expectations And you are not in this world to live up to mine; You are you and I am I, And if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful. If not, it can't be helped. —Frederick ("Fritz") Perls, Psychologist Now you tell me that psychology is more reputable than philosophy. You answer that for yourself, okay? I hope you're laughing. I am. One has to admit, it's funny, no?

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