I am visiting Paris, France next summer, will it be expensive?

I am visiting Paris, France next summer, will it be expensive? Topic: One suitcase summer
June 25, 2019 / By Roxana
Question: I don't think it will be expensive because the tickets can be like 600-800 for a round trip (depending on when you go). And If I bring 2k for two weeks for food, living, museums and bus fair I should be good? I plan on bringing one suitcase or backpack with oatmeal packets, snacks, and four outfits. I am trying to visit so I can get a visa and citizenship. I am a U.S. citizen. And please do not call me a guy lol I am coming from Los Angeles and do plan to stay in hostels, I can reed french but not perfectly. *read, And check google flights! It is even $399 for a round trip flight with WOW airlines. Awesome
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Nanna Nanna | 1 day ago
You don't need a visa to visit if you are a US citizen, you can stay visa free for 90 days, but you cannot work during this time. But, if you want to live in France you must apply for a visa before you leave home. There are just two visas you would be entitled to: Student Visa - to get this you must be enrolled in a French university or other accredited educational institution - and you must study when you get there or the visa will be revoked; Work Visa - to get this you must apply for a job before leaving home. To get any job you myst have high level qualifications and work skills that are in short supply in France. The employer must prove to the government that there are no other French or EU citizens available to fill the position. You are not entitled to French citizenship, unless one of your parents is a French citizen.
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Nanna Originally Answered: Any advice for going to Paris, France?
You should have a great time. In February you should take a raincoat and some shoes that stand up well to water. Not knowing french shouldn't be an issue, I have been many times and know how to say hello, goodbye, excuse me, thanks, count to ten and my special fods or drinks (the au lait) and have gotten along fine. Something you can take that is useful is a small book of pictures of things, so you can point to he pcture to get your point across. You can also get the desk clerk to write out things for you. The metro is easy to use once you get oriented. My advice is to take clothes suitable for about 40˚ weather with rain. On your first day there, your primary goal should be to get over jet lag. try to sleep on the plane, and then when you get to Paris, stay wake the first day to get over jet lag. Walk around the area you're staying, or head to the river and walk along it and stop for a coffee at a sidewalk cafe. Find a nearby bakery. Don't do anything that requires any great thinking. Go by the nearest metro and get a map so you can start figuring out the trains, they are your best way around the city. You can take train into town and then the metro to get to your hotel, but since its your first visit, I'd recommend taking a taxi to your hotel. You'll get to see the city, and you don't have to think much. It may be the scariest car ride you'll ever have. Use your credit card as much as possible, and use it to withdraw cash when you need it, forget traveller's checks. Get a week metro pass and a weeklong museum pass. Then you can get into the sights at the head of the line, and go back to favorite places whenever you want. It s nice to be able to drop intot the Louvre on the nights it is open and just roam, or visit the Van Gogh room at the D'Orsay when ever you like. Must sees; Notre Dame, Ste Chappelle, the Louvre, the D'Orsay, the Eiffel tower (Not included in the museum pass), Sacre Couer, Place St Michel Walk along the Seine. At the Louvre they have amazing paintings, sculpture and antiquities, if you know what you are interested in it can help you plan your visits. Forget seeing it all, its too big. You can get a museum map and schedule of when various areas are open at the main kiosk. Not everything is open everyday. several shorter visits are better than one long one. Other things to see/do : the opera house, window shopping in the fashion district, the Pere Lachaise cemetery, the catacombs (if you're not claustrophobic) , the artists square up in Montmartre, the ferris wheel near the place de concorde, Cluny museum, Pantheon, and numerous churches and cathedrals around the city Other interesting things

Lorie Lorie
Don't bring food. You're going to a country where excellent food is the norm. You can visit for up to 3 months, but you won't get a visa this way. In fact, looking for a job as a tourist is illegal. You have to be in your country of origin and look from there. And unless you are highly skilled in certain fields and speak French very well, you can forget about getting a visa. I would advise the equivalent of €100 per day for Paris as a tourist, after your travel and accommodation is paid for. It's an expensive city.
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Kath Kath
Paris is famous for its cafés and restaurants, its theatres and cinemas, and its general feeling therefore take a bite of the ambiance beginning with with Hotelbye . In Paris are 1000s of restaurants to select from in addition to a lot of French restaurants but are also a huge selection of Italian restaurants, pizzerias, Vietnamese restaurants, and restaurants helping food from almost every state in the world. Getting break fast in Paris is anything special so give you the opportunity to feel like you're are living an attractive history and take some time visiting this wonderful city.
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Heleen Heleen
Where are you flying from? There' haven't been tickets for 600-800 in quite a while. The lowest fares are from New York and Washington. Are you flying from one of those. Hotels are expensive in Paris. You can look at AirB&B for cheaper accommodations. There are plenty of inexpensive snacks available in Paris. Stop in any Monoprix or one of the little markets with produce outside.
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Heleen Originally Answered: Some help for Paris, France trip?
Hi, 1 - Hotel : as you're staying 10 days on a budget, 2 options : a hostel (I think that this would be a good option considering your age) : the website of tourist office of Paris give a complete list http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-hotels/you... there's an inexpensive one near Bastille http://www.bastillehostel.com/ another one http://www.fiap.asso.fr/ rent a flat : http://www.vacation.lodgis.com/ http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-hotels/furnished-rentals/ Hotels : count at least 70€ per night plus breakfast http://www.cygne-hotel-paris.com/ 2 - Food : Cabal's answer is right. Inexpensive chain of restaurants http://www.chezclement.com/ Chain of Supermarkets in central Paris http://www.monoprix.fr/ In general, there's a day special for lunch that costs cheaper. Count at least 15€ for lunch (without drinks, you can ask for tap water : une carafe d'eau, as we all do in Paris) and a bit more for dinner. 3 - Public transport within Paris : buy a "Passe Navigo Découverte" (no information available in English). 1 Passe valid 1 week, from Monday to Sunday, zones 1 & 2 costs 19,15€ plus 5€ fees to get your card done (bring a ID picture) 1 day pass, "Mobilis" costs 6,40€ To go to Versailles, you'll need a "billet origine destination valid zones 1 to 4, costs 6,50€ return. You have to take the RER C train, direction Versailles Rive Gauche, 35' from the Eiffel tower, get the ticket at any tube station. Transport from the airport http://www.aeroportsdeparis.fr/ADP/en-GB/Passagers/Home/ 4 - Plane tickets : as Cabal said, look on the web ... lastminute, for example. 5 - You need an international credit card, Visa is the most popular in France. Bring your student card to get discounts at museums and monuments. See the website of each place you wish to visit, you'll find all the info and be able to plan your visit. Entrance tickets cost an average of 9€ 6 - You need a student traveller health insurance. In case of emergency, Western Union may be useful to receive money fast. http://www.westernunion.com/

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