Do ALL dogs view each other as the same size?

Do ALL dogs view each other as the same size? Topic: Different case sizes
June 25, 2019 / By Stef
Question: I know we hear it referred to all the time. On The Fugitive, Detective Gerhard said "Don't argue w/ the BIG DAWG! the big dog's always right! rooroo!" On Underdog, Riff Riff, the Rottweiler tries to bully Shoeshine the beagle. But truth-as they say-can be stranger than fiction. Domestic dogs don't seem to have a size based casting system. Little dogs chase big dogs off their turf all the time. Whether dogs are descended from wolves or not, they're very likely all different breeds of the same species(or sub thereof) & thus-by default- the same size. If it's universal amongst domestic dogs, it's almost certainly NOT universal amongst Canids of different sizes. Coyotes pick on foxes, wolves pick on coyotes(as well as on foxes, but they benefit from the pressure wolves put on coyotes more than they lose from the pressure the wolves put on them, I understood(the enemy of my enemy....) So, are dogs just more impervious to size than-say-domestic cats? The latter are just as aggressive & territorial, but I've only been subject to an unprovoked threat twice from a cat, compared to being barked at all the time by dogs just 4 passing their owner's property while in public domain. This even happens from dogs who are smaller than the cat's, who won't threaten or attack unless I corner, restrain, or handle them against their wishes. I think a wolverine would be much safer to handle than a cat thus provoked. So do big dogs ever "bully" little dogs, like folklore suggests? I've heard they train pot bulls to fight by pitting them against weaker breeds, but that could just be a case of not allowing for the smaller dog's disadvantages-assuming there's a difference.
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Qiana Qiana | 10 days ago
My Whippet/AmStaff doesn't like dogs around her size or larger, but gets along fine with smaller dogs like the JRT. Then again, she's been attacked by quite a few Labs and dogs of their size, so it's been a bit of work to get her to stay calm around those dogs and not worry about getting attacked.
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Mckenzie Mckenzie
Generally size does matter, the pack leader is the stronger and bigger dog. Sometimes though if we treat the small dog very differently and extra special, the small dog can become the pack leader over the bigger dog causing a lot of trouble mainly for the owner. Good Luck
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Laurine Laurine
my papillon has been attacked by bigger dogs and will hide away from them. while peferctly find with her size or smaller. have seen great danes and that size back off from seeing my pap otis a yorkie-poo will play with any size dog he meets, doesn't care if he has to take a running jump to reach them. think it is just the dog
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Joann Joann
k, dogs are way different than cats. k, idk, but I'm saying this: My dog plays really hard with big dogs, but is careful around small dogs.
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