What makes people think there's a best martial art?

What makes people think there's a best martial art? Topic: Words meaning come to a conclusion
June 16, 2019 / By Jordon
Question: Do they think people have been practicing different martial arts since the globalization of modern society because we just like practicing ineffective garbage? Or is this tied up in their own desire to have everything quickly -- that is, do they think the best means that it's easy and quick to master? (Not saying, of course, that any arts are, but that they believe that one must be) I understand that those who genuinely train and honestly explore what else is out there may come to a conclusion that one is the best option for them (and best here may refer solely to it being the one they have the most desire to pursue), but I'm referring only to the concept that there is some ultimate art that's better than all the others no matter who may practice it.
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Georgene Georgene | 6 days ago
first off i want to say that every martial art has something to offer, even if its knowing what someone else is capable of doing people think many things that aren't true about martial arts, especially traditional ones. and sadly, many people are practicing ineffective garbage simply because they do not bother to deeply research martial arts, or haven't had the luck of finding a quality teacher. the quickest thing to learn isn't always the best, its just a substitute that isn't really reliable. im not saying there is a best martial art, but there are many stylists that limit themselves by not fully understanding every aspect of their art. sometimes these people go on to teach a limited art. this is how things get watered down and the traditional arts quickly lose their essence. some people give the word "traditional" a bad name, maybe because they think that traditional stuff doesn't apply in this modern time. or that forms are useless, etc.. traditional martial arts were passed on through family and closely trusted friends for generations, these arts had to be practical in order for you to survive and pass on the art. they would not put things in the style if it wasn't useful. they would however not teach you the complete style or the "essence". so in other words, if you want to get technical, in laboratory conditions, two men of equal physical stature/ability, one training in a style that only teaches punching and kicking that has trained for 20 years, vs someone that has trained in a style that teaches punches kicks elbows knees throws takedowns ground fighting for 20 years... if both men are equally skilled at what they have been shown, then one style is obviously "better". true traditional arts teach much more then punches kicks elbows knees throws takedowns and ground fighting. so in lab conditions, the more complete system will come out the "best" one. a style that lacks in effective fighting/training theory is a crippled style in my opinion PS i hear so many people say tai chi is a really good martial art but say that it takes too long to master it, yet these people that love martial arts end up training 20-30+ years in a ridged watered down style, when they could of spent that time learning the art that would make them more skilled. its a shame that the people with talent and ability and a love for martial arts would limit themselves by doing this. this is getting too long
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Georgene Originally Answered: Calling people who have taken martial arts?
You're correct in saying there a lot of martial arts. And they're so varied it's hard to give any kind of general answer. But... mostly, You can turn to a ready position, and that all depends on what your next move will be. Probably the most classic position would be from Kung Fu, check out the Panther form. As stated earlier, Eskrima is defiantly more offensive, along with Tae Kwan Doe, Muey Thai, and even Juijitsu a little. The problem is, if you attack first, your opponent has a extremely vast arsenal of posibilities of how to counteract that. for instance, Ninjutsu, and aikido are mostly just counter attacks, so as soon as anyone attacks you, you attack pressure points or do a take-down, they're on the ground and you walk away. As for anything important, remember, in real life, fights usually only last about 5-10 seconds Hope I helped

Della Della
No, look at Chuck Liddell in dancing with the stars lol. Some people naturally have good rhythm and move well, I think martial arts would help this, so if you are a natural at martial arts you won't be a lame dancer.
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Bunty Bunty
I think it is a combination of things thatadd up. First i would say people that actually train, especially beginers, feel that their style is definetly the best, and heaven forbid that there is another style out there that is better, because that can't possibly be because they don't take it. The UFC fans that don't train and the posers/wannabe's that insist that if a style is not predominant in the UFC or other fighting leagues that it can't be any good. The people that watch tv and have seen fight quest and human weapon, or seen something on here and accept it as gospil. I mean befor eit aired on Human weapon most people had never heard of kyokoshin karate, yet now that's all anybody recomends when they recomend a karate style. I think a huge portion of it is gulibility, another part is ego, and the last part is ignorence.
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Allison Allison
I would have to agree with you on the belief that people are in pursuit of immediate gratification... as well as being popular or within the lines of the social norm. I tend to lean more towards the social acceptance as being the biggest pull for this. People who want to be liked through intimidation as opposed to being liked for being who they genuinely are. It's something that I believe to be brought about by the internet and television. I'm not generally a person to say that TV and internet is going to make people behave a certain way. Especially since I have been exposed to that while in bad schools and neighborhoods while growing up. I turned out pretty... OK, so there's the other side to that argument and why I generally steer clear. However, in light of growing trends I have to say that I am becoming a believer of the negative influences of these two sources and their content. This is seen as an obvious issue with videos posted often on sites such as youtube. I think that the persona of the fighters from UFC, K1, Elite, etc is seen as something to follow in reality by the impressionable youth; because of the over-confidence and fear that the fighters instill in the self-conscious youngins. That's why I think they search for the best, and those that say what the "best" is... Well, they do just as we think, live as a heard of cows, blindly following the bull. They want to be liked by fitting in and just say whatever is the hot topic of the moment.
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Uzia Uzia
It's mostly being ignorant and the fact that the people who say " is the best" don't actually do any martial arts lol. All they know is from TV and Online. To me this is like the media, people believe everything they are told.
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Uzia Originally Answered: Need help for writing from martial artists, what martial art would fit an insane person?
Since this is a fiction story you can make up a martial art. Be creative as you develop your storyline. If the Gracie family can be creative by saying the 5% of all fights go to the ground and that BJJ is superior to all other fighting system because it is ground fighting, certainly you be be just as creative. It would be no different than the MMA fan boys saying MMA is better for self defense than training that actually teach self defense instead of just a sport. That is like saying playing a game is better than real life.

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