13 year old boy lots of Blackheads on face(Pimples) HELP?

13 year old boy lots of Blackheads on face(Pimples) HELP? Topic: Pillowcase sizes to make
June 16, 2019 / By Jesimiel
Question: when i was abit younger i had only 2-3 of blackheads now i hit puberty and they started comming out.from 2-3 they are now 5-6 of them.i searched on google how to get rid of them but i didint understand anything.im scared that i might have alot of them look ugly and nobody will like me please help me get rid of them .i wash my face cuz i dont wanna get more.and can i get more of them if i touch my face with dirty hands.PLEASE HELP ME they are on my cheeks and around my mouth i want to get rid of them so bad.HELP !! :'(
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Glen Glen | 4 days ago
Any kind of facial wash, you're leaving something toxic behind, it's not a matter of convenience, it's a billion dollar business that can do more harm than good to your acne. And sometimes we feel entirely virtuous about our skin-care regimen because it's full of SPF-- all year round!-- and cleansers and such. But the truth is, we may not realize that we're overdoing (or underdoing) something that can lead to the very thing we're trying to avoid: dryness, breakouts, accelerated aging, New York dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf. (I've been giving this same advice for decades, but she's proof enough!). Take a shower everyday, use washcloth to exfoliate and bath & body wash. Hydrogen peroxide does wonders for acne. Visit their website for more tips & other uses. ONLY $1. Acne medication could worsen what ever allergies you have, so instead of trying out one product after another, you're actually spreading it around. The less products you use, the better for your skin. Use a bath & body wash like Suave, Irish Spring, Dove Body & Face wash in the shower, use a washcloth. Treat your face like the rest of your body, take a shower everyday or wash your face everyday. The secret is keeping your face clean and oil-free. I also don't use liquid on my face for anything, and very little moisturizer, not even a dime size. Since my face is not dry. Good skin also comes from your good genes. Increase your fresh fruits & vegetables 3-5 servings per day. And programmed your mind to do this day after day, for the rest of your life. The beauty industry is a trillion dollar business, they know acne is everyone's problem, but instead of saying soap is drying for you, they have to invent an acne product that can worsen the skin as MANY TEENAGERS have experienced during hormonal change, but as you get older those are completely a waste of time & money! Sometimes just the oil on your face from make up and lotions, even from your hair can travel to your face causing acne to come out. Others, from stress, hormones & diet or foods. Google: FIVE FOODS TO EAT FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature. If acne's a problem, your pillowcases may be part of the cause. "They collect skin oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess night creams," says David Bank, a professional Dermatology @ Columbia University/New York-Presbyterian Hospital. "But if nothing changed by 6 week the product will never work for you. Time to move on." "If you have breakouts, dairy is the devil' it is inflammatory and will add hormones to your already hormone-rife system. Get calcium elsewhere, or try nonfat organic dairy products. For PMS breakouts, avoid dairy and bakery items the week before your period - sugar and flour are both causes for pimples and collagen." Dr. Jessica Wu, M.D. University of Southern California School of Medicine and author of the new book Feed Your Face. SOMEONE WROTE TO ME the other day, ASKING IF THIS BRAND IS BETTER THAN THAT BRAND - FOUND @ DRUGSTORES THEN WROTE ME BACK & THANK ME, SHE LOOKED @ HER MOM'S SKIN AND THEY WERE GOOD, BUT SHE USES ONLY WATER TO WASH HER FACE. There you go, an update. Lea Michele recently revealed her secret to clear skin—She gives it room to "breathe." "Maybe I'll put on a little mascara. But other than that I try very hard to just let my skin breathe," she told people.com. "I care more about letting my skin breathe than how I look." Another good example is Lily Collins, actor, writer, artist: "When I travel to Europe, I go days without putting anything on. It feels healthier. I just never understood the idea of caking it on. The more you have on your face, the more there is to smudge and go wrong." Glamour - Sept. 2012. Sources: I have 5 decades of great skin care starting @ age 9. My aunt & uncle are doctors.
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Glen Originally Answered: What's a good product for eliminating blackheads on my face?
THIS WORKS FAST & CHEAP!!! I used Tetracyclin, Proactive, Retina A and had many expensive facials with less than good results. This has worked for me and many many other happy people. Go to pharm.,Drug store, or Walmart, buy "PURPOSE" bar of soap - Blue box - Made by Johnson & Johnson - wash your face with this 2-3x's per day. Also pick up a LOW strength Benzoyl-peroxide cream, apply the cream by dabbing to the individual blemishes.... DONT rub it in works using a oxidation/reduction reaction..It will unclog dry it out and bring it to a head...DONT over use this or put anywhere else on your face. It will cause drying and make you look worse. Salicylates such as found in regular asprin among other products work very similar but also remove layers of skin... other over the counter creams with this product will dry out pimples but maybe too hash and cause surrounding skin trauma.. I have seen many people recommending crushing asprin and making a paste which probably will dry out the blemish but again pretty strong and probably will cause more tissue damage and bigger scars as an anti inflammatory probably would take the reddness out... again pretty harsh for sensative skin. Also, If need which probably will for moisture ASK FOR "NUTRADERM lotion" - the orginal not the new stuff, this works great and wont clog pores or leave a residue on your skin...Any lotion that is completely oil free and hypoallergic should work but again I recommend Nutraderm. I have heard from people online that "Purpose" also makes a lotion that is good, Nutragena, and Nivea make good products also. I recommend Nutraderm from experience and my dematologist. "Purpose Bar" & "Nutraderm" are oil free and hypoallergic they contain no perfumes and are great for both men and women. I have also heard great reports of this soap helping improve skin tone. Some people recommend the "Purpose luqid soap" saying that the bar did dry out their skin some. The rational behind using the bar is that there are no ingredients in it that will clog pores, and according to dermatologists they recommend the Bar. I have also heard good responses from "cetaphil soap". These products are safe for all skin colors and tones. I highly discourage use of Proactive and other harsh chemicals for people with some natural color in their face due to the bleaching and drying effect it has shown in many many people. Additonal TIPS: acne, pimples, etc are frequently cause by a bacteria or hormone issues that cause clogging of pores. DONT PICK POP POKE (your hands are the dirtiest part of your body) and will cause: infections, spreading of germs, more breakouts and scarring DONT EVER listen to people online who tell you to scrub your sensative skin or use harsh chemicals such as: Lemon juice, vinagar, alcohol, etc... DONT EVER use that APRICOT CRAP!!! DONT USE PROACTIVE- this is expensive and harsh it may kill the bacteria cause also Benzoyl based wash but will irritate skin and cause bleaching of face and neck.... Other similar treatments may work.. also things such as Accutane but have SERIOUS side effects such as Major Depression, & birth defects in unborn children, among others If you wear make up make sure it is oil free, & hypoallergic...Eating healthy...Drinking plenty of water.. changing pillow cases freq. etc ...avoiding dirty sports equp. such as helmets...can not hurt...Acne/pimples again are caused by pores/hair follicles becoming plugged up, this plugging then causes an inflammatory reaction - reddness and infection (pimple)..black head is dirt trapped in pore, while a white head is the same thing you just dont see the dirt instead you see white pus (lymphocytes that accumulate in the area to fight the infection) It has been shown in many studies this most often not caused by what you eat (chocolate etc... or how clean you are) but most often by either excess oils plugging pores or a bacteria on the skins surface. - Proactive works in some people because it is a strong Benzoyl peroxide based washed but is most freq. to strong for people with sensative skin - this is why alot of people get excessive drying and flaking, rashes, bleaching or breakouts from the product. Retina-A does decrease the bacterial growth on your face but also removes dead/living skin, this can work well in some individuals and has been shown to reduce wrinkles and scars but again I feel this is pretty harsh on sensative skin prone to breakouts. If you choose Retina-A never use this product during the day only at night due to the sensativity it will give you to the sun. You must also get a perscription for this product and I really don't believe it is worth the damage it does to your skin. In some rare cases for very deep/large boils and cyst types of pimples oral antibiotics maybe needed but I would first recommend trying "purpose" and a low dose "benzoyl-peroxide cream" along with a good oil free moisturizer "Nutraderm... etc" this does work well. THIS WORKS FAST AND CHEAP!!! I no longer get expensive facials, take oral antibiotics, or even NEED makeup... I am very happy - Have very good skin... and have many many other happy friends... THANKS again to my WONDERFUL DERMATOLOGIST... TRY THIS!! GOOD LUCK.... PS. "PURPOSE" costs about $3 ----------------------------------------... ----PSSS---sorry I have to keep adding more information to this to address common questions that always being asked....

Dougal Dougal
1. Eat healthy. 2. Wash your face atleast 3 times daily. 3. Use lesser chemical products on your skin as they clog pores unnecessarily 4. If you put on make up, check it's compatibility with your skin. 5. Go natural. There are a lot of ayurvedic medicines for acne like Evergel 90 by Prakruti JiyoFresh. Peace!
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Brennan Brennan
Okay, leave them alone. Try masturbating two or three times, but not often. Like once a week, and stop the masturbating. They will start disappearing slowly, do not poke them too much.
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Ahaziah Ahaziah
Try purely natural Acne No More system. Check right here : http://tinyurl.com/impartialgash55 . It might completely assist everyone!
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Ahaziah Originally Answered: How to get clean face? (I have pimples)?
mate if you listen and do as i say i swear your pimples will go away and wont come as long as you stick to it. STOP EATING OILY FOOD that means fast food and any other fried food eat lot of vegies its better raw so make salad wash your face in the morning once and while taking a shower after washing the face in both cases use oil less fast absorbing face cream. if you go out too much ans sweat wash your face and apply cream. and never ever scratch or touch a pimple no matter what seriously man do this i swear your pimples will vanish literally i had pimples and all i had to do to make them go away was that if you work hard and stick to it it will take 2-3 weeks but if you have bad *** pimples it might take longer dont give up it will be worthit in the end

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