Some help for Paris, France trip?

Some help for Paris, France trip? Topic: Case student health plan
July 21, 2019 / By Alvred
Question: Hi, My name is Jonathon and I will be 19 in June. For my whole life I always wanted to travel to Paris for a small vocation but never had the funds ( and I was too young at the time.) However, I was able to save up a great deal of money and will be using some of it to go on the trip from late December '12 to early January 2013. That said, I am confused on how to budget my trip and how much it will cost me to go ( There is a possibility that 2 of my friends are coming with me). I heard that the plane and hotel prices are also cheaper during the winter and that is why I am going to go in January. Plus, the winter is not much of a problem with me as I like the cold. Basically, what I'm asking...... Taking these things in mind.... 1. Hotel 2. The price of food 3. The price for any city transportation 4. Plane tickets 5. Extra money to shop and explore the city 6. Emergency money How much would I need for ONE person for a 10 day trip. Merci in advance!
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Thomasine Thomasine | 6 days ago
Hi, 1 - Hotel : as you're staying 10 days on a budget, 2 options : a hostel (I think that this would be a good option considering your age) : the website of tourist office of Paris give a complete list http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-hotels/you... there's an inexpensive one near Bastille http://www.bastillehostel.com/ another one http://www.fiap.asso.fr/ rent a flat : http://www.vacation.lodgis.com/ http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-hotels/furnished-rentals/ Hotels : count at least 70€ per night plus breakfast http://www.cygne-hotel-paris.com/ 2 - Food : Cabal's answer is right. Inexpensive chain of restaurants http://www.chezclement.com/ Chain of Supermarkets in central Paris http://www.monoprix.fr/ In general, there's a day special for lunch that costs cheaper. Count at least 15€ for lunch (without drinks, you can ask for tap water : une carafe d'eau, as we all do in Paris) and a bit more for dinner. 3 - Public transport within Paris : buy a "Passe Navigo Découverte" (no information available in English). 1 Passe valid 1 week, from Monday to Sunday, zones 1 & 2 costs 19,15€ plus 5€ fees to get your card done (bring a ID picture) 1 day pass, "Mobilis" costs 6,40€ To go to Versailles, you'll need a "billet origine destination valid zones 1 to 4, costs 6,50€ return. You have to take the RER C train, direction Versailles Rive Gauche, 35' from the Eiffel tower, get the ticket at any tube station. Transport from the airport http://www.aeroportsdeparis.fr/ADP/en-GB/Passagers/Home/ 4 - Plane tickets : as Cabal said, look on the web ... lastminute, for example. 5 - You need an international credit card, Visa is the most popular in France. Bring your student card to get discounts at museums and monuments. See the website of each place you wish to visit, you'll find all the info and be able to plan your visit. Entrance tickets cost an average of 9€ 6 - You need a student traveller health insurance. In case of emergency, Western Union may be useful to receive money fast. http://www.westernunion.com/
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great that you are selv tought / taught :) let me start with telling you that the best you can do is not go to paris , yes some years ago everybody had to go to paris , but just because you spend time in paris it will not make you a painter . also the art Academy in Paris is very difficult to get in , so you would end up at some second rate private school that live of young hope-full people that want to learn to paint in paris so i would suggest drop Paris , but if you still insist , write all the things you would like to google use google translate ( to french ) and you will find lots of schools they will expect that you will speak french . the best thing to do is , work for your self and make a plan how to get respect , or take a art school in the US first

Roseann Roseann
There's no way anyone can answer these questions Plane ticket - From Tombouctou or from Anchorage? Look up a price comparator on the net for the same period, expect to have to pay a bit more in a year time Hotel - same thing, number of days you're staying etc, what this board can help with is if you ask if such and such area is nice after you have researched the hotels Price for city transportation. here is the site for the public transport, buses and underground trains is the fastest, easiest and cheapest http://www.ratp.fr/en/ratp/c_21879/touri... Food. Expensive, count 8 Euros a meal for sandwich and soda, you can have a full meal at cheap restaurants catering to tourists and students for between 12 to 15 Euros Visits. the price of the entrance is found on the net, if you are a student you might be elligible for the student discount, to check on the net as well Emergency money. You need an international credit card, Visa, Master, Amex... If you are nervous about losing it you can put 100 Euros in the safe of your hotel Here is the tourist information site of Paris. you will find plenty of additional information: http://en.parisinfo.com/
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Mya Mya
that's a visit of an entire life. My spouse and that i went to Paris, France in 2005 and it substitute into an academic journey. The historic previous and custom which you learn from different international places is a as quickly as in an entire life 2nd. With the possibility, you toddler's techniques will improve via twicefold and open her eyes to a diverse international. foodstuff and lodging are very high priced and to have a handbook is a superb factor. i could in basic terms motivate her to analyze Paris and the various aspects like the Louve, Eiffle Tower, the fountain the place Marie Antonniette substitute into killed, Champes de Elyse. (Excuse my spelling) there is in basic terms too lots to describe. additionally you may desire to ascertain she has a sturdy digital camera and a handbook e book. go searching for the superb deals on the Euro. from time to time you may get great replace costs in case you seek previous to time. 2700 isn't something whilst in comparison with a as quickly as in an entire life 2nd. whilst my daughter gets older and has the possibility, you may guess that she'll be there.
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London London
The budget might be vary depend on what level of vacation while you go there, are you budget traveler? Or someone who seek Paris luxury vacation? 1. Assuming that you are looking for decent price hotels, 3 stars hotels in Paris cost around $200 - $400 a night depend on season and location based on my experiences and tripadvisor.com Paris hotels http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g18714... 1 bedroom vacation rental for 3 people cost around $180 - $400 per day based on lodjee.com Paris section http://www.lodjee.com/paris 2. I am agree that you might get cheaper option if you go to local grocery market rather than spent 10 days eating on bar/restaurant as it might be expensive. Here for good resources about food prices in Paris http://www.parisescapes.com/paris_cafes_... http://www.numbeo.com/food-prices/city_result.jsp?country=France&city=Paris 3. One way ticket for rem and metro cost around 1.7 € , for complete list, links below might help http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g187147-s303/Paris:France:Public.Transportation.html http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city_result.jsp?country=France&city=Paris 4. Like other answer, you should search for plane ticket, sometimes there are cheap flight promo offer to Paris, optimize your search engine 5. As much as you can 6. As much as you can
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Karyna Karyna
Do: ask travel agent forr flight & hotel prices Use internet for finding out transportation costs in Paris At your age you should be a don with the internet... I first went like you when I was 19 in 1979. There were less resources back then than now.... Add about 80-100 € to your budget for food and drink if you party a lot. Paris is NOT cheap!!! A creditcard is a MUST for covering expenses. Taking just cash is a risk, what if you get robbed? Travel and health insurance a must, again see travel agent. A phrase book for learning the important things to say. I have covered everything you asked so as its a long way of til you go, why not get cracking now and do your investigating if you are sincerely interested in Paris? I will be there again this April for work reasons. Drop me a line to... [email protected] I have itineries that I can send you to help with your planning when you get to Paris with how to get about and places to see, etc. Good luck.
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Karyna Originally Answered: Various questions about planning a trip to Paris.?
- If going to paris for 5 days, you won't want to stay at Charles de gaulle. Really too far from the city, and trip to the city is unpleasant. - Rather stay somewhere near the Louvre, you'll have access to everything within minutes. - On your second day, get a 5 days pass called "Paris visite", for zones 1-5 (airport is in zone 5). Note though that if you go from the airport to Paris (and back) my prefered way - using the bus, which is called the "Roissybus navette", you'll have to pay for it separately, in which case you can go for a "Paris visite" 5 days pass for zones 1-3 only. Regarding district suggestions: near the Louvre is fine for reaching everything within minutes, the Marais (3rd and 4th districts) is fine if you love old historical houses, and between Odeon and Maubert metro stations you'll find also some historical parts of Paris, plus the students area, and lots of shops (that's the part of Paris where most US and UK celebrities went at the beginning of the 20th c.).

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