Cheap Wedding Ideas for fall?

Cheap Wedding Ideas for fall? Topic: How to make a paper tree with branches
June 16, 2019 / By Kaylin
Question: So my wedding is coming oh so fast and I cant make my mind up on anything.. I think that it is more the cost vrs the mind making if you know what I mean! So my options are fall colors because the decor is soo amazing and cheap or Choc & teal. I love love love that teal, pool color but I cant seem to fit it into my fall colors! I have gave up on my dream wedding because the place had to be catered and we just dont have the money. I have 3 kids and I am planning my first wedding!! It just dosnt fit the budget!!! Can anyone tell me where a money tree is or how to do this with a water budget of about nothing!! Ok maybe I needed to put in a few little details. I have found this church that is very nice and it is sooo reasonable and I have already booked it. It was only 100 bucks and the great preacher told me that he would work with us on the rest I think that the total is 250 :). But, that is still cheap & it has gotten us more involved in church! I dont think that is a bad thing.. The place where i have booked to reception site is like a club type thing.. like legion, eagles, moose. something along those lines that is super duper cheap 200 & I get 100 back. I have made the glass bowl things and we even learned how to stien glass them with tissue paper! ( I want it family invloved) I just want it to be like a dream wedding!!! Do you think that fall leaves is dorky?? or cheap looking?? Or do you think that I should go with choc/teal!!
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Hunter Hunter | 2 days ago
Ok first your dream wedding is not gone. You can make this wedding a new dream, and all that really matters are the memories and feelings of the day anyway. I had a fall wedding in Maine. I did the deep reds (not maroon), cream and chocolate colors. It was beautiful and fit the season perfect. My favorite cheap thing I did was create this tree for people to hang marriage advice and wishes on. All you do is find some tall branches without the leaves, wrap in twinkling white lights, and place in a pretty (large) vase. Make cards and punch holes to wrap ribbon through so they can be hung on the branches. I did deep red ribbon and it looked beautiful. Lot's of candles and warm drapes. You can do a wedding on a budget. Just look around. Craft stores, target, even walmart. Oh and bubbles are great for the kids. Good Luck. Hope I helped (: Oh one more thing if you need table cloths try buying twin sheets in the color you like. They are cheap and if you need them smaller cut and use hem tape. so easy. and the tree I recommended can be used as a money tree just buy clips instead.
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Hunter Originally Answered: Is it cheap to have paper and plastic ware at a wedding?
Yes it is cheap,but in a good way lol. I am of the opinion that spending a whole lot of money on just one day is plain stupid so I think it's a good idea to use paper and plastic products. Your friends guests aren't there to look at fancy plates and shiny silverware, they are there to celebrate the union of two people who are completely in love. You can get some very nice paper or plastic plates from party supply stores or websites that will ship things straight to your house (such as partycity.com, which has the food supplies, or beau-coup.com, which has some really nice favors and centerpieces).

Edwina Edwina
A wedding is a dignified event, it is supposed to be a very special day in your life, and when you use the word CHEAP to describe it (or things associated with it) you have degraded this very special day to something that is measured in $$$, and has very little meaning to you. One of the most beautiful weddings that I was ever associated with cost $100 (renting a gazebo in the park and the marriage license). The Bride did not wear a white gown and the Groom did not wear a tuxedo. There were no bridesmaids nor groomsmen. There was no disc jockey nor photographer nor a three-tiered wedding cake. One hundred and fifty people stood and watched a ten minute ceremony on a bright, sunny Saturday morning in the park. After the ceremony the Bride and Groom got in their car and drove away (no reception). This is a couple who could have had any type of wedding they wanted because they were both young professional with good jobs but they decided their love for each other was much more important than wedding favors, decorations, how many gifts they would receive, and fancy gowns. If you have very little to spend on your wedding and reception then you should consider just having a "dessert" or "cake and punch reception." You don't have to have a disc jockey . . you don't have to buy liquor . . you don't have to serve a three course meal to your guests . . and you don't have to buy decorations that will be thrown away the next day. Keep it simple! Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant
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Charley Charley
Dont have a traditional wedding/reception. Go to the justice of peace and get married. Then use all of ur budget to have one hell of a reception. Find a golf course that has a nice country club or something. Usually you can get them for cheap. Also, if you do most of your own decorating, make ur family help, that cuts down on costs as well. As far as the cake, dont get something big. Get something small and pretty, but have the baker make sheet cakes for ur guests to eat. It will save on money AND ur guests will be able to eat it. Wedding cakes are covered in fondant, which is edible, but tastes like crap. Also, I think the teal and choc would be great. Theres no reason not to use them for fall colors. Use fake flowers and add a couple of the teal, pool colors in with ur browns, oranges, and whatever else you are going to use and it will be a nice pop of color. Go on theknot.com for ideas.
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Ariana Ariana
The first thing you have to do is prioritize! - What's important to you? List them in order - For most - music and pictures are the most important followed by food and liquor - If you really want to have a good atmosphere you MUST have a good DJ (or music) and everything else is secondary - Food can be very simple - call different places in your area and find out the "discounted seasons" - plan it on a Sunday (cheaper) and have it early - after lunch but before dinner - ceremony and reception can be from 2:00 - 6:00 - this way you can serve a light meal and not splurge on food What you can not spend any money (or at least not a lot) are on the following: - invitations (do them yourself) - centerpieces -flowers -priest (get a judge - in my state they aren't allowed to charge - ppl just tip them) - have a beer, wine, soda party (unless liquor is very importatant) - aisle runner and other wedding accessories (no one really pays attention to them) - wedding cake - do buttercream - who cares about fondat - Favors - think of cheap ones - most ppl toss them anyway
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Zander Zander
My husband and I did our wedding literally on less than $1,000.00. Here's what we did: Location: We had the wedding at my parents' home so that we did not have to pay a location fee. Saved us big bucks. The reception was also held outside there (for tables, we asked the local rec center if we could rent them from them - was much cheaper than an actual rental place). Attire: I shopped the closeout section at the bridal shop. I ended up getting the perfect dress at 50% off because it was a discontinued style, and the last one just happened to be my size. My husband got a cheap tux rental from a local shop. Bridesmaids bought their own dresses (and so they got to pick them out) and groomsmen did their own rentals. Reception: Held the wedding at 1pm so that we didn't have to do anything more than appetizers. Did homemade decorations - all ourselves. Music was just a stereo in the corner. Food was pot luck so family members all helped out. Cake was a wedding gift from a friend - so no expense to us. Official - We had a friend that was a notary, and so he did the wedding ceremony for us. All in all, the wedding was very cheap (done in September) and still looked like a million bucks :)
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Zander Originally Answered: Does anyone have any ideas for a wedding shower?
Well...you could ask for others in the wedding parties to pitch in with some money or to help out w/ some of the things you need for the party. Someone or a group could help w/ food and others decorations and others the invitations - anyway you can get others to help you is good...even if they can't afford to help w/ money maybe they could come early and help set up or stay after to clean up or follow up and call people if they haven't RSVP'd or something like that. You also have the option, depending on each of their tastes to have a potluck style shower. Usually there are games and prizes so you'll have to think about that too. Here are some good ones: 1) no leg crossing - women are given plastic wedding rings (at any party store) one each and if they are caught crossing their legs they have to give their ring to the person that caught them - you decide how long it's played and whoever has the most gets a prize @ the end 2) what was she wearing? - you wait until the party has started, say 30 mins into it or an hour, then have the bride-to-be go into a room and ask everyone to write down what they remember the bride-to-be wearing - whoever is closest wins 3) how well do you know her? - one person should ask questions of the bride to be (favortie color, fav movie, fav song, ever been out of the country, etc) make up a questionnaire to give guests - w/ a time limit to answer the questions right - whoever gets the most right wins there are tons of games you can just google "wedding shower" games online and a ton will come up - good luck. Oh, BTW - its usually cheaper to have it at someones home rather than a restaurant.

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