Why do you compare science to religion?

Why do you compare science to religion? Topic: Antithesis of many one
June 25, 2019 / By Fredda
Question: To those that do, and many on here do because many keep asking stupid questions they could look up if they really were interested. Science and religion are on two opposite ends, you should be comparing your religion with other religions if your bigotry doesn't get in the way, This is science: Tap the nearest wall to you. Now, with the action of tapping you will experience a number of things, assuming your body is working correctly. You WILL feel a surface. You WILL feel a temperature varying between hot and cold. You WILL feel the texture varying between rough and smooth, and depending on how hard you tapped it you may hear a sound. A crude explanation but nonetheless still factual. This is religion: First off.... god did it, so anything that happens is done by god. Unless it doesn't go MY way, then it was the antithesis of my god i.e. satan. This is what I believe because someone told me. Though I can lie, joke, make up stories, and be incorrect sometimes, and everyone else can lie, joke, make up stories, and be incorrect sometimes, I believe these people weren't lying, joking, making up stories or being incorrect. Though I can't test it, and there's really no evidence of it being true at all, I'll still believe it. Even though I know I can only believe, I'll tell everyone that it's factual in hopes that they'll believe too so that I'm not the only one who believes. In some instances I may become verbally or physically or psychologically abusive, this is because I desperately want them to believe. If they wont believe, then they can just die, and I may even kill them. I want a world where everyone believes what I believe. If you have a problem with scientific theories go and research it. Many scientists have problems with them and they are far more knowledgeable than you. Asking here makes you look like an idiot, this isn't even the right section, and, why not ask your god about it, he has all the answers right? Oh he doesn't? Oh, he's just not talking to you.
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Darla Darla | 2 days ago
Science and faith in God are not polar opposites, nor mutually exclusive. Science affirms the truth of God when science does not attempt to suppress the truth and is intellectually honest. Recommend you read "The Biblical Basis for Modern Science" by Henry Norris. Science and religion, however, may be opposing, depending on the religion.
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Darla Originally Answered: If you never studied a second religion, how could you compare their true core to your first one?
If you never study the bible and compare it to as many religions as possible, how can any one began to know anything about all that was here years before we were born? The Pharisees with their religions were there before Jesus, he compared it to the Old Testament and told the covetous rich religious Pharisees that could pass right by a very sick man named Lazarus and not even give him the time of day or a crumb from their rich table food, as they seem to consider him already the living dead, but when the rich man became the living dead, and Lazarus got the promise, Gen.18:18, all nations are blessed because of Abraham, as Jesus told them, no such thing as the living dead, Luke 16:14-31; If they do not believe Moses and the prophets, they would not believe one raised from the dead to tell them, the dead are asleep, as David is at Acts 2:27-35; when Jesus is resurrected and will ascend back to his God and Father, John 20:17. It pays to compare belief systems of religions to the truth in the bible. How can, "heaven or hell," come from 1Cor.15:22-28,51-53,"As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive,"... all in order, heavenly for heaven, earthly for earth? The reign of Christ Jesus ends all evil, those that remain are heirs to all made new.

Breann Breann
I think you let your bigotry get in the way... to use your terms. A scientific theory is not on par with feeling a wall.
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Alesha Alesha
Do you presume naturalism and falsifiability? If so how could science accept the truth if it were supernatural or non-falsifiable? Those two philosophical assumptions require belief without evidence. Ergo, science requires faith. Logic teaches that just because you don't observe something does not prove it false.
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Truman Truman
God is the author of true religion and science. God created science and the laws thereof. God creates, science discovers!
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Religion has people praying for rain in a drought-stricken state: Texas. Science has people building irrigation systems. Which one has a proven track record?

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