Ok im going to a new school next year, wat should i do to get lots of friends?

Ok im going to a new school next year, wat should i do to get lots of friends? Topic: In over your head homework for kids
June 16, 2019 / By Kameron
Question: since i was in 2nd grade ive always gone to a 1 room school house.last year the school had 33 kids .the head teacher caught cancer so the school shut down .there was only 3-4 teachers there.next year im going to a real school. see i didnt even have homework there during the week ,only during the weekend (so you could'nt go to youre friends house during weekends).my new school has over 500 kids it probaly doesnt seem like alot to some of you but it is to someone who only had 33 kids in their whole school. i only know 1 girl there and i want to get alot of friends! wat should i to get alot of friends
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Best Answers: Ok im going to a new school next year, wat should i do to get lots of friends?

Haven Haven | 1 day ago
It's difficult to start attending a new school. Everything seems to be so strange, and you don't know which direction to go for your own classes. Making new friends can also be hard, because everyone seems to have made their own cliques. Take a deep breath. You shouldn't be so nervous, you're going to a new school, not to the gallows. Remember that in your new school you will find kids your age. You're going to meet people like you there. Don't stare at others before you get to know them. Be yourself. Never change who you are to try and fit in. If your friends don't accept you for you, they're not really friends. Be hygienic. Nothing makes a worse first impression than a bad breath that could knock someone over. Shower daily, , brush your teeth, and wash your hair . Designer clothes aren't everything, but look neat. It can make you seem friendlier and more approachable. Be inviting. A smile goes a long way. When you walk in the halls, don't hunch over your books or keep your eyes on the floor. Stick your chin up and make eye contact with other people. If you see someone you know, give a smile or say hi. Introduce yourself. Tell them your name and where your from. Ask a question: "What do you do for fun?" Chat about the new school: "Have you been here since kindergarten?" Make the first move. Anywhere, in the bathroom, near your locker, or at the water fountain, you can find someone that has things in common with you, all you need is to know how to approach them. Strike up a conversation, smile and compliment them, and, of course, introduce yourself and tell them where you came from! You never know where you can find a nice friend. Do something nice for someone. Save someone a seat. Say "hi" in the hall. Give congratulations for a job well done. Pay a compliment: "I like your backpack." Good luck!!!!!
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Chad Chad
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