How much do you believe in God? Why do you believe? What makes you believe?

How much do you believe in God? Why do you believe? What makes you believe? Topic: Join on case statement
June 16, 2019 / By Ervin
Question: For me, I have been in many situations where I just question his existence. And if he does, why do so many suffer. Even when they believe in him? Also, I hear people say "God has a plan for everyone". My friend dies young. What was planned for him? He had dreams, going to school, and had a girlfriend who loved him deeply. Why did he have to die? All we did was loose a good person. And sometimes, I question if I have a purpose or not. Alot of times I feel empty, with no purpose. I wanted to join the Marines, I could die doing something honorable. All I had in my mind was "If I die, who would care?". Started thinking about a girl I loved. She left, and she never really talked much to me anymore, and has a boyfriend now. Would she see me if I was hurt? Would she even care? It's like "damn, why do I keep living?" I feel like nothing goes anywhere. I feel like that inside alot. Although with friends I act like I am care free. I tend to find myself drinking and smoking just not caring anymore. I drive wrecklessly(when there are not other cars on the road). Overall, I think I'm on the verge of destroying myself. Anyone ever gone through something like this? Another thing is, I am growing far from my brother. He's growing up, has his girl now. And we are not close like we use to be, and I even find him pushing me away. For many, what gives them hope? How do they keep their fate and sanity? Sometimes it's hard to believe that someone is watching after you. Thanks for the responses. And yeah bagsy84. I did think about her being happy. I just thought to myself "as long as she's happy, then I guess it's best to let her go." But at the same time, I was thinking "yeah, he probably deserves her more, and she'd rather be with him. Screw me, I ain't worthed". I guess it's more of, I respect people, and I really dont hate anyone. I just have the idea that others matter, but people like me dont. It's like when you watch a movie, the people who matter, live. The people who dont matter are the ones they kill off early in the movie. BTW: I'm 21, and I was born a Catholic.
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Conley Conley | 9 days ago
I do believe in God, I believe because I have seen the miracles he has done. He gives me the will and the way. He gives me the freedom to make my own decisions. What makes me believe is that I'm here today, out of many of things I could have died. And everyone questions God's existence at some point in there life. And we may turn our backs' on him, but God will never turn his back on us. And things happen, and people may die, or get cancer, suffer because of the devil. People often ask, "Why do bad things happen to Christians?" And my pastor made a very good statement about that. He said, "Why would the devil do bad things to people that worship him? The devil wants to do bad things to people who don't worship him and to people that believe in God." And in that case the devil is trying to make a believer out of you, he is manipulating you. Saying, "See, God doesn't care, if he was really here that wouldn't have happened." The devil can take any form. And trust me, if something happened to you, people would care. And just because you feel like they wouldn't, and you may feel alone at this stage in your life, people would care. And God would care. I hope this helped in some kind of way. -Danielle
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There is not any fair reply as to how the Universe would violate it is possess bodily legislation and with ease pop into lifestyles. This and the truth that the Universe *HAS* bodily legislation within the first location strongly shows *layout*. Design shows a Creator. Not best that, however this layout of the universe is so problematic that it thoroughly defies the thought of it originating via random risk. Those who *real* depend on clinical reasons don't base their conclusions on random risk. Many scientists even admit to believing in God seeing that of the high-quality-tuning of our universe. It is in a position with constant bodily legislation and with ordinary constants which can be accurately and preferably fitted to help a planet like ours and all of the lifestyles on it. For example, the detailed settings of the 4 major bodily forces (electromagnetism, gravity, powerful nuclear drive, and vulnerable nuclear drive), have an impact on each item within the universe. They are set and balanced so accurately that even mild alterations would render the universe useless. This with ease confirms the good judgment of what can already be "naturally perceived". (Heb. three:four; Rom. one million:20)
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Twila Twila
The life that has been dispensed into my being, His life, is the reality of realities. Many things came into existance due to the rebellion of the enemy and the fall of man. God uses those negative things to carry out His original purpose although there are a number of efforts to thwart that. I take Him as my faith because my natural faith is short and limited and becomes worn by things that happen but His life is fully able. So I continually come back to the One who is able. May you experience Him as grace
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Sandra Sandra
I believe in God %100. I believe in Him, because it gives me hope that things will eventually get better. As for how, I'll admit that I have had my doubts, but its a matter of faith. And as for bad things happening or feeling empty inside, God is testing his people, trying to see who will lose faith, and who in the end will come out more faithful than ever.
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Noelle Noelle
About the death. It seems that nobody bothered teaching you some of the basics. No offense. You can't win the prize if the race doesn't end. For a true Christian, death means going to heaven. Q then why not suicide? A Suicide is questionable, because you can't ask for forgiveness when you're dead. And forgiveness comes with repentance. Theres more to it, just wanted to let you know in advance. But. Paul went to Rome knowing they would kill him. It sounds like suicide but he did it while following God's will. about the army. personally I don't think Christians should be in the army. specifically the ones where you kill people " just because your commander said so" people ask.. if God told you to kill your mother. would you do it.. well.. if a human told you to kill someone's mother... and father... and son... and daughter... would you do it? sadly... thats the position that army people are in.. they KILL people... just because SOMEONE said so. try to find the book " irresistible revolution, by shane claiborne" if you can at the library or borrow it from someone... talks about how to live as a real christian, without the religious BS. ____________________________________ If the apostles never died, we wouldnt have any martyrs, rome wouldn't have converted to Christianity. If Jesus never died, we would have to take the death penalty for our own sins. ____________________________________ My friend passed away last year. She was one of the coolest Christians ever. She made friends everywhere. She was muslim, her parents cast her out and DISOWNED her when she accepted Jesus. She didn't go to school. (muslim families) she didn't have a stable job, she was a nanny. she was allergic to sunlight... sunlight gives her skin cancer.. her skin was filled with it. it spread to her insides and that killed her. but despite all this, she lived a happy and full life. probably more than most americans do. she always hang out with us, whatever we did. we would talk about God, and how to help other people etc. she always said to her problems " God will take care of it" and she never looked problematic. and was always happy. God's peace isn't about making us rich and immortal. God's peace is about giving us his kingdom as an inheritance for all eternity. knowing that whatever happens to us and no matter how much we suffer.. our eternity is going to just get a lot better. thats the true plan that God has for us... everything else simply makes us better citizens of heaven. a better character. a more faithful person. and the ability to think of others instead of thinking of ourselves.. for example. personally. I struggle more than you.. I don't know how old you are.. My first love... I waited for her for pretty much 5 years.. and I come back to my country to find that she has 2 kids. i had a girlfriend for a couple of weeks, but we broke up because I wasnt a strong enough Christian. we became best friends from then on.. even today. right now I'm learning to look at women more than just wanting to have a girlfriend. God is teaching me to appreciate girls as my sisters in the faith. as friends. not just " i want to marry her" before you can move to romance, you need to know the person as a good friend.. if you cant do that, you skip a very important part... you'll end up divorced... most likely. having kids and having to pay child support.. and hurting every time you see her new husband... etc... This is a link for Joyce meyer's sermons, downloadable. http://www.joycemeyer.org/OurMinistries/... she has really straightforward sermons. in summary. Christians need to toughen up, stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about others... i would suggest you find house groups... real sincere house groups... I'm sure theres plenty of CRAP ones out there.. dont let that discourage you... Pray about it and ask God to bring you into community.. a good one... or more... also, dont let fake or weak christians disappoint you.. God is the model.. not the hypocrites.. dont use their hypocrisy as a basis for your quitting faith.. who knows, they might be satan's spies. anyways. I don't want to say it.. but I don't believe you really love the girl.. You see... If you think about what love really is.. you would be happy for her to get something she wants... its not about YOU. its about HER. You might notice guys saying " i love you forever". then the girl dumps them.. from then on.. they dont even want to see the girl ever.. " i hate her i hate her" or " she betrayed me" blah blah.. the right response? I'll pray that she gets the best in life. EVERY NIGHT! thats TRUE LOVE. that surpasses SELFISH Motives. (how would you feel if someone killed themselves because you didn't become their boyfriend?) (do unto others what you want others to do to you) 1 Corinthians 13. try biblegateway.com Firstly, as a believer, you need to have standards.. meaning. you wont get married to a non believer... - theres good reason for that.... secondly. if you do go after people of the same faith.. realize.. God won't let you marry his daughter if he doesn't know you... meaning... you need a good standing relationship with God, before he can trust you with the heart of his beloved daughter.. Q how close are you with God? meaning... do you even plan on living life for God? not becoming a priest or pastor.. something like.... I want to make lots of money so i can donate it... or... i want to be a nurse to help people. or something along the lines... not like.. i want to get married.. be happy.. and dont give a flying @#%$# about anyone else... get old.. retire.. die. think about being productive and in community.. Genesis says. its not good for man to be alone... so... unproductivity and loneliness is bad for men. you need to find community, and do something for God.. or maybe you need to start with the basics.. like studying evidence of God's existence. try more than a carpenter... by josh mcdowell. or evidence that demands a verdict.. there are many apologetics books out there.. 1. have foundation for your faith.. look for evidence that support's God's existence.. talk to people of faith. like you're doing right now.. but personal is better.. get to know people... i know my friend was posessed by evil spirits when she was a child... her family were atheists, she was jewish by descent.. and she accepts Jesus now.. she also had a close friend who died... his wife came in the hospital and prayed over him.. he came back to life... well.. theres more stories.. the girl with sunlight allergies.. she was given a few weeks to live ....... a few years ago.. hah.. i think it was 5 years ago? not sure... but the gap was huge. 2. pray alot.. pray pray.. pray! pray! ask God for anything, and everything. more .. ask him to draw you near to him and let you KNOW him. well . I got more to share.. but I think your eyes got tired halfway... I hope you take this into consideration.. email me if you want.. I'll be more than happy to clarify stuff or anything else.. if youre in illinois i can try to introduce you to my friends... im near north of chicago/ arlington heights vernon hills.. etc. ____ i sent 2 messages thru email.. tell me if you didnt get them.. ___
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