My boyfriend is on dating sites. He cams with girls when I'm not there but says it's not sexual?

My boyfriend is on dating sites. He cams with girls when I'm not there but says it's not sexual? Topic: How to write about yourself on a dating site
July 21, 2019 / By Jill
Question: He says it's not sexual, but most of his friends on MSN he's made from sex websites. He talks to them a lot and cams when I'm not around. He says he doesn't do anything sexual but yesterday I went over and our lube was out and he said it was just that he was talking to this girl about it but I don't trust him. I moved out of his house 5 days ago to get some space cause we've been arguing lots. He's had sexually explicit conversations with some of my 'friends' in the past and I've found out about it but he said it was just messing around and it didn't mean anything. We've lived together 6 months and whenever I'm not around, he's on these sites, and telling girls about his massively high sex drive and bragging about his sexual prowess. Yet we have issues with sex cause it seems like he never wants it anymore until I'm not in the house. It bugs me, and I try talking but he always gets defensive, and says it's just like me using Facebook. Which it reeeeeeeeaaaaalllly isn't. Help me.
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Frankie Frankie | 6 days ago
He's not worth a thought. Dump the loser; clearly, from what you've written, he takes you to be a lovestruck idiot. Prove him wrong and find a guy that'll give you the attention you deserve. 1) WHY is he even ON dating sites? If he weren't there for SOME form of sexual gratification, then he would be on somewhere else just chatting or something. 2) Camming when you're NOT there...hmm, that's automatically suspicious. 3) Lube? What else would he be doing? Reading the ingredients? Showing how it's applied? He's not an infomercial. 4) Facebook....really? Last I checked, facebook wasn't created strictly for finding other, single, seeking people. GET RID OF HIM. He thinks you're stupid, and is taking advantage.
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Somebody already correctly answered this, but I'll say it again: It was a SETTLEMENT, meaning eHarmony decided that rather than go to court, they would rather offer same sex seekers a website as well. There was no court or government agency mandating they offer this service and I'm glad no government force did, since that would be an improper infringement on a private company IMO (same as how a religious group or person like a pastor can't be forced to marry someone he doesn't want to or believe in another religions beliefs). You forget eHarmony is a BUSINESS and above all wants to make a profit, so they probably figured that they'd rather PROFIT and MAKE MONEY off a gay dating website than waste money on lawyer fees for the lawsuit.

Darcie Darcie
He could be thinking about cheating or using the pictures the women have posted as like a porn site. You only know your relationship and what he maybe capable of. But you need to tell him you know he has a profile and that is enough for you not to trust him. Don't give him the benefit of the doubt because he hasn't emailed anyone because that's all it really takes the women on those sites are ready and willing they don't care he has a pregnant girlfriend.
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Brandi Brandi
You don't need any help you have already done the right thing by moving out. He is addicted to Cyber sex and possible real sex with some one else.Think about it, if he is talking sex only this will make him want sex more with you. But since he doesn't this mean that he is getting his kicks somewhere else. He is a player and the sooner you realize this and move on, the better off you will be.
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Alease Alease
sweetie when a guy cams with another girl u think they are just waving to each other and blowing kisses?? NO NO NO obviously not.. he probably jerks off when he sees her tru the web-cam and the girl does stuff too..sorry but might be true. i think is wrong that people do that kind of stuff tru a web-cam with strangers. if he really loved you he wouldn't even do that stuff, i guess it wouldn't be that bad if he was single but u guys live together which is a different story so DUMP HIM u deserve someone better.
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Tristin Tristin
And why are you hanging on to this guy again?? I think it's been way past due for you to leave this relationship alone. If he's happy with you, then he wouldn't be meeting girls on any website nor having web chats/videos with them. I think it's time for you to move on my dear. Just from what you've mentioned, it seems like he's not being that honest. Don't be naive and tell him that you're not dumb and you know what's really going on. If he can't quit talking to these girls and web camming with them then your headed out. You deserve better than that.
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I'm not saying you are not intelligent at all OK but as a single woman that is only interested in intelligent men try writing your notes/emails using proper grammar as oppose to text style abbreviations. Also try not singling in on their appearance the first email, state a comment about their profile that shows you actually read it whether its an interest or favorite food etc. You have to figure if she's attractive she's receiving a lot of mail already telling her how hot she is, remember we are interested in real people not fake. Please know I am not referring to you at all. I hope this enlightens you a bit. Good day..

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