Difference between universities in France and US?

Difference between universities in France and US? Topic: Grading system in education essays
July 20, 2019 / By Gypsy
Question: A guy from France told me that universities in France are "very different" from universities in the US, but would not tell me in what ways. How are they different? I've thought about the costs (high in US, low in France). Also I've thought that US universities have a stronger collegiate culture coming from greek life, dorm living, college sports, etc - true?
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Dix Dix | 5 days ago
Hello, I can tell you that the cost of the universities depends on the level of the university whether you wre in France or in the US... but usually in the US it is a little bit more expensive. Yes you have more greek life in the US than in France... you don't have much of that in France. They called them "associations" or student groups... but I think that the spirit, and the involvment are not quite the same. Dorm living, i would say is a little bit similar. Classes and education system is totally different. The rating system is different as well as the exams. For example, in France, your grades are on a scale between 0 to 20, and in the US, it is A, B, C... Also, in the US you have a lot of MCQ (multiple choice question), and in France, you have more essays. I think that's it... but I would say that whether you come from a US university or a French one, I would say that you are lucky: you had a good education, and you will probably go far in your pofessional life.
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