I know this is lots of drama; do you think she will call again or am I free?

I know this is lots of drama; do you think she will call again or am I free? Topic: Free writing courses by mail
June 16, 2019 / By Jock
Question: --I met a lady in Aug 08 and we saw each other once a week pretty casual till about March 09. --March 09 she said I am perfect for her, she loves me etc. But then told me about a roommate she has. Since I first met her she had been upfront about having two daughters (5/9). She is divorced, after she got divorced she met a guy, They moved into together after 2 months. She got pregnant and lost the baby at 6 months (this was all before I met her). She said they continued to live together in separate rooms as roommates for finances and her daughters liked him. She says I helped her through the lost baby (even tho I didnt even know about it) because I was nice to her and listened to her. --March 09 she says she is leaving roommate as soon as lease ends. March to Oct she says she loves me, best ever, etc. --Early Oct she tells her daughters they are getting a new place. Oldest daughter gets upset and says she hates her Mom. I get a text saying "I dont want a future with you, let me go, dont call me or visit me". --Well I call and say you cant break up with a text, lets meet in person to say good-bye. We meet she tells me real reason for break-up - that she wants to show her daughter that she will give the roommate one more try. She said she would try for 3 months and if didnt work out would call me. --I leave, dont make any contact. 3 weeks later she texts that she misses me. We speak and she says she is moving out from roommate and wants to be with me. She says she needs me in order to feel happy. -- We see each other for about a 10 days. Then another text "I thought it was right to be with you, but I dont want to be with you, good-bye, dont call me or visit me, I promise to return your key next week". --Of course I call and say whats up - she says that she is getting married to roommate because she got pregnant in the past month when we were broken up. She went on about how this is wrong, she doesnt love him, doesnt want a baby etc. She said her roomate threatened to go to court and take the baby if she left him -- I say good bye and best wishes. 6 weeks later I text and tell her that I hope she is Ok and that I felt badly because I never properly said good bye to her and that I wish her well and that I may get a job cross country. She writes back when are you going, will you come back, I worry about you. I tell her I will leave in Jul. She writes back that she may lose her baby, same problem as last time. I write and tell her I wish her good health. --Few days later on Christmas she texts Merry Christmas hope your wishes come true. --Mid-Jan I write to her and tell her I need my key back as I am moving in Jul and ask her to mail it to me. She writes back that I can pick it up the following week, that I put a magic spell on her as she misses me very much and that it would be a pity if I moved cross country and never came back. --I see her the next week to get key. We spoke for about 1.5 hours. She said it was first time in 3 months she was happy, I asked why she never gave key back - she said "I kept it because I knew you would have to write to me to get it and come see me at some point and by not returning it I knew that you would be thinking of me". She said that she is not getting married, still having problems with pregnancy and that things not good at all with roommate - her brother told her "you dont love this roommate, follow your heart". --She asked if sometime I could bring her the pictures that I had of her. I said no problem. The next week I text and tell her I got her copies of the pictures, she wrote back asking to get them the next day. -- The next day she texts "sorry I cant today" - this was a Tuesday - no word till Fri - I text hey know you are busy just let me know a good time to give you the pictures. -- By the next Thursday no word - so I figure Ok maybe she has second thoughts and realizes its best to stay with roommate. I so I text I havent heard from you so I figure that you dont want the photos and dont want to contact me. I understand and that is OK - I wish you all the best. -- Later at like 9:15 pm I get a text - I dont want the photos, I am in the hospital, and that she lost her baby, dont call me or visit me please. I write that I am sorry for her and is there anything she needs, she says thanks, I need nothing. I write I wish her good health.The next day I write that I hope she slept OK, I will respect her wishes and not contact her, and I wish her well. --I dont plan to contact her as she is clear she does not want me to - why would she text me just after losing her baby then say never contact her???
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Best Answers: I know this is lots of drama; do you think she will call again or am I free?

Gregory Gregory | 3 days ago
Im sorry about that,but you have been going through a lot...you seem like a nice man..and you dont deserve to be going through all of this for her... she needs to make up her mind because she cant have both. to me...she doesnt seem to care,its like a way to cover a hole in her heart when she needs someone else..yeah shes probably happy when she sees you but I wouldn't waste my time going through all this just because she CANT make up her mind.. your probably frustrated,I would be dont waste time,you deserve better move on.
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