What does it mean if you dream of lots of different spiders on your bedroom ceiling?

What does it mean if you dream of lots of different spiders on your bedroom ceiling? Topic: Homework music mix
June 16, 2019 / By Ahiram
Question: I had a dream that started off with one then two spiders on my bed. I think I killed one but the other escaped. I was trying to get ready for a music event in which I was performing. Then I felt drops of what i thought was water but when I looked up there were a lot of spiders on my ceiling. But only in the corner above my bed big, small, hairy, striped, etc. They where hanging in bubble looking things. There were eggs and some looked like they were opening. I freaked out and ran to my parent room and grabbed the vacuum. All the while thinking that I was going to be late for my show. I planned to trap them all inside the vacuum and throw them in the trash but just as I turned on the vacuum I woke up. Any clue as to what this could mean?
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Susannah Susannah | 4 days ago
Hi Sandra. Seriously, I was about to post the same question but with a little difference. Well, most of what dream is what we like or dislike, fears and emotions. Half the time dreams help to keep our brains and bodies under repair, but half the time, they are instructions that lead us to solve problems. In you case could mean a mix of both, you have arachnophobia, and you constantly are thinking on spiders, while at the same you are attracted to them, like it happens when one is obsessed with something or someone. The other part of the dream, and this is the most important, is showing one element, the fear, when those bubbles were about to hatch you felt the maximum fear. But the fear it was not about the spiders or other things that could be inside them, it was the fear of getting late to your play. It's the typical dream of students who abandon college and want to return, or had difficult times at the high school, homework reprobate specially and that lesson that always wanted to give to the most annoying teacher. My evaluation of this dream is purely based on psychological aspects where I'm an amateur. No witchcraft or magic. Try harder for your goals dear, and this kind of persistent dream will be part of the past.
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you might want to put this question in a different section to start. and just put together what you just said into an actual sentence!

Ralphina Ralphina
I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that spiders and spiders webs represent lies. So someone or even many people are lying and spreading rumors about you or gossiping about you. Do you have problems within your circle of friends.
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